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Third-World Wind Power: First Look

Third-World Wind Power: First Look

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37 Out-of-this-World Photos: Earth from Above Aurora Australis and Daybreak. The Aurora Australis, seen at right on Earth’s horizon, and daybreak (left) highlight this ‘busy’ photograph taken by one of the Expedition 30 crew members aboard the International Space Station. Photo #1 by NASA The Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission makes global observations of soil moisture over Earth’s landmasses and salinity over the oceans. How it Works Watch this: Watch 3 actual turbines in action! SheerWind’s INVELOX Wind Delivery is simply a better way to harvest wind energy. Wind is captured at the top of the funnel shaped INVELOX system. The omnidirectional intake area allows wind collection from any directionWind is funneled through the systemWind is concentrated and further accelerated in the Venturi Effect* section of the INVELOX system. *The Venturi effect is the phenomenon that occurs when a fluid that is flowing through a pipe is forced through a narrow section, resulting in a pressure decrease and a velocity increase.Wind is delivered to the turbine/generators to convert the accelerated wind to electrical power.

New battery could change world, one house at a time In a modest building on the west side of Salt Lake City, a team of specialists in advanced materials and electrochemistry has produced what could be the single most important breakthrough for clean, alternative energy since Socrates first noted solar heating 2,400 years ago. The prize is the culmination of 10 years of research and testing -- a new generation of deep-storage battery that's small enough, and safe enough, to sit in your basement and power your home. It promises to nudge the world to a paradigm shift as big as the switch from centralized mainframe computers in the 1980s to personal laptops.

Mozilla Firefox Perpetual Futility A short history of the search for perpetual motion. by Donald E. Simanek Popular histories too often present perpetual motion machines as "freaks and curiosities" of engineering without telling us just how they were understood at the time. They also fail to inform us that even in the earliest history of science and engineering, many persons were able to see the futility and folly of attempts to achieve perpetual motion. Sometimes a particular device comes to us with a label, such as "Bishop Wilkins' magnetic perpetual motion machine." Popular articles leave the impression that the inventor believed it was a perpetual motion machine.

Make Your Own Biodiesel Processor In a world where environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important for individuals, businesses, and mankind as a whole, it's always important to be looking for ways to re-use waste and cut carbon emissions. Biodiesel is a great way to do this. You're reusing waste oil and reducing your impact on the environment. This Instructable will take you step-by-step through the process of making a BioDiesel processor.

The Universe Magnified This is one of the most beautiful infographics we've ever seen: a high resolution view of different levels of the universe. Our favorite parts are the jaw-dropping nebulae and then the point where you see the size of Pluto compared to Texas. Puts things into perspective. Microwave wind generator This is a lesson on recycling. Everything here was built from scrap microwave ovens with the exception of the bearings and pivot mount also the plywood. Microwave ovens have an abundant source for the materials used in making an alternator and the rest of the components of an actual working wind generator. Appliance Efficiency and Long-Run Energy Demand Appliance Efficiency and Long-Run Energy Demand Matthew Harding (PI), David Rapson (PI) This project will examine how people make decisions about appliance purchases and the effect that these choices have on energy demand.

Interesting High-speed Video Clips The video clips below were filmed with a special high-speed camera. The super slow-motion playback lets you visualize effects that cannot be seen with the naked eye or with a standard video camera. NOTE: No humans or animals were hurt during the filming of any of these clips.Also, all humans (and my pet dog) were willing and eager participants.Any discomfort was willingly accepted in the interest of science. 3D-Printed Portable Wind Turbine on Behance This project was developed at very end of a bigger project, called Polidesign, that dealt with the application of cutting edge technologies - 3d modeling, 3d printing and mutimedia visualization, specifically - as tools for empowering state high school students. The group of students involved with Polidesign would be teached in multiple creation fields, from 3d modeling to video making, the habilities acquired then being used to create educational material for their own school. While focusing at first in cellular biology, Polidesign was aiming to create material for other disciplines aswell.

Explained lighting schemes Maurice Mc Duff Studio McMomo , from the canadian photographers association QuebecPhotos , have prepared a set of photos with different lighting schemes, along an explanation and visual schematics for each one of them, explaining how he did them. An excellent opportunity to learn about new lighting schemes and to see how each detail in the scheme its later reflected in the final photo. 1. Two superposed softboxes on the left. Value F8 @ ISO 100 2. One light with a diffuser to cut the subject shadow on the background 3.

Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household's energy needs Small wind turbines scaled to the right size for residential and urban areas have so far lived in the shadows of their larger wind-farm-sized counterparts. The power output has been too low for a reasonable return on investment through energy savings and the noise they produce is louder than most homeowners can deal with. A Dutch renewable energy start-up called The Archimedes is working to solve both of those problems in a new class of small-scale wind turbine -- one that is almost silent and is far more efficient at converting wind into energy.

World’s Most Efficient Solar Collector What does a Solar Collector and a Sterling Engine have in common? Well if you mention them together with a company named aptly enough – ‘Stirling Energy Systems’/ Tessera Solar you will undoubtedly be talking about the Maricopa Solar Project and their SunCatcher concentrating technology. The Sun Catcher consists of an array of curved glass mirrors arranged in a parabolic dish shape for the solar collector . In what has been claimed to be the worlds highest-ever conversion rate of 31.25%, breaking the previous record for solar collector performance. Multi-Section ‘Parabolic’ Mirror Solar Collector.

How to Get Cheap Solar Power To make all of these Instructables, download this collection of How To’s as an ebook. Download » Unleash the power of free and cheap solar energy and get your family off the grid with these 14 solar-themed Instructables. Learn how to make your own solar panels for less, build a solar over, solar powered phone charger and much much more! Instructables is the most popular project-sharing community on the Internet.

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