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Basic Electronics Tutorials and Revision

Basic Electronics Tutorials and Revision

QUELQUES COURS ET TRAVAUX PRATIQUES Le KIT TIGER+ et la boussole électronique : CONCEPTION : Proteus 7.2 SP6 pour la génération du fichier Gerber qui a permis la fabrication du PCBMOTS-CLES : boussole, satellite géostationnaire, i2c, bus, Philips, analogique, numérique, microcontrôleur, parabole, nord magnétique, nord géographique, déclinaison magnétique. AUTEUR : Grégory ESTER NOTE : Les programmes développés en Basic-Tiger pour ce TP sont à but didactiques et n'intègrent pas l'ensemble des fonctionnalités du système.Les programmes-sources étant mis à disposition, rien ne vous empêche de les compléter à votre guise. Le système de contrôle d'accès ela ct 1000+L : Questionnaire ( objectif : identifier le système ELA CT 1000+L ) TD ( sujet + datasheet ) : Caractériser les signaux nécessaires à la lecture ou l’écriture des données dans l’EEPROM 93LC56A ( TD de préparation avant TP ) -- Corrigé sur demande -- TD ( sujet + datasheet + 2 simulations sur PROTEUS 7 ) : FS21 : ISOLATION GALVANIQUE ET SCRUTATION

Touch 8 - Custom Control Module based on a ATMEL AVR Microcontroller - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Alberto Ricci Bitti has developed a cool touch controller called the Touch 8. I can see this programmable controller having the ability to replace lots of single purpose controls that are used to control equipment. "Touch8 is a module that integrates a 3" LCD touch-screen and a RISC processor. The processor includes a powerful library to handle graphics and windows. The module also includes a DC power supply and RS485, CAN 2.0B and TTL-serial interfaces to connect to every kind of machinery. There are also I/O pins including SPI and I2C. 20Hz to 200Hz Variable High-Pass Filter Posted Jan 12, 2012 at 9:39 am The circuit was designed to create a high-pass filter that can be variably change to work with frequency range from 20 Hz to 200 Hz. High Pass Filter – an electronic circuit that allows the passage of high frequencies while opposing any unwanted low frequency components TL072 – a low noise JFET input operational amplifier with features such as common-mode input voltage range, high slew rate, operation without latch up, compensated internal frequency, high input impedance at the JFET input stage, low noise, low total harmonic distortion, protected from output short circuit, low input bias and offset currents, wide common-mode and differential voltage ranges, and low power consumption The operation of the high-pass filter in a stereo system is represented by the functionality of a tweeter where a capacitor is connected in series as it provides the treble audio to the speaker.

Scientists Explain Why Computers Crash But We Don’t The hierarchical organization of the transcriptional regulatory network ofbacterium E. Coli, left, shows a pyramidal structure compared to the Linuxcall graph, which has many more routines controlling few generic functions at the bottom. Nature and software engineers face similar design challenges in creating control systems. The different solutions they employ help explain why living organisms tend to malfunction less than computers, a Yale study has found. The Yale team compared the evolution of organisms and computer operating systems by analyzing the control networks in both a bacterium Escherichia coli and the Linux operating system. “It is a commonplace metaphor that the genome is the operating system of a living organism. Both E coli and the Linux networks are arranged in hierarchies, but with some notable differences in how they achieve operational efficiencies. Operating systems are like urban streets – engineers tend to focus on areas that get a lot of traffic,” said Gerstein.

Curso Electrónica Basica 1 entrega Los objetivos de este primer tema serán los siguientes: Conocimiento de las leyes básicas de la electrónica.Que el usuario sea capaz de definir una fuente ideal de tensión y una fuente ideal de corriente.Ser capaz de reconocer una fuente de tensión constante y una fuente de corriente constante.Aplicación de los teoremas Thévenin y Norton para sustituirlos frente a una carga resistiva.Ser capaz de explicar dos características sobre los dispositivos en circuito abierto y en cortocircuito.Conocimiento general de las averías posibles en circuitos electrónicos.Saber la aproximación necesaria a utilizar en los diferentes análisis. Ley de Ohm Leyes de Kirchhoff Ley de Kirchhoff de tensiónes Ley de Kirchhoff de corrientes Resistencias Resistencias en serie Resistencias en paralelo Generadores Generadores de Continua Generadores de Alterna Aparatos de medición Voltímetro Amperímetro Óhmetro Ley de Ohm Cuando una resistencia es atravesada por una corriente se cumple que: Leyes de Kirchhoff Resistencias en serie

untitled Software Download Registration Yorick - A Dummy Head Recording Microphone Yorick - A Dummy Head Recording MicrophoneRod Elliott (ESP) Please Note: PCBs are available for the latest revision of this project. Click the image for details, or select P93 or P88. Introduction "Alas Poor Yorick ..." Well, there's not a lot of alas in this - indeed a lack of alas, one might say. Using a pair of P93 electret microphone amps, this dummy head can be phantom powered or you can use batteries. Speaking of Shakespeare, something that is not at all well understood is this snippet ... The project came about when I came across a polystyrene foam wig holder (replete with wig), and its final use was sealed on the spot. More than anything else, this is intended to be a fun project. Figures 1 & 2 - The Completed Dummy Head Recording System, Front and Rear Views The completed dummy head unit is shown above. Figure 3 - Prototype Control Box The prototype shown is based on the Project 88 hi-fi preamp (details shown below). Description There's not really very much to it. Testing Main Index

Top 50 Free Open Courseware Classes for Aspiring Scientists Aspiring scientists can get a lot of help and knowledge from free online classes. Many universities offer open courseware classes that can help you learn the basics of a number of scientific fields. You can keep up to date on the latest developments, and learn to understand basic concepts. Whether you want the understanding to help you in your current job, or whether you are preparing to enter a degree program in the sciences, these 50 open courseware classes can help you get a solid handle on science. This is one of the most interesting fields of science today. You need to know chemistry for a lot of different sciences. Get a basic understanding of the building blocks of life with these biology open courseware classes. Astronomy is a beautiful and interesting science. Learn about the sciences associated with our planet, Earth. Learn about the basics of the human body, and medical science, with these free open courseware classes. Magazine | Les cours d'électronique de Christian problems wiht avr32-linux-gcc Because some developers here on avrfreaks compile most of the AVR32 toolchain from scratch (myself included), we don't often use the packages (except to install closed-source software such as avr32program and associated libraries). Apparently the current avr32-gnu toolchain distributed by Atmel via the package repository is for standalone development without embedded Linux. The debian packages install a compiler that is intended for running standalone (i.e. non-Linux) programs on AVR32 architecture. Then you need to run buildroot so that it compiles the Linux toolchain, which is avr32-linux-gcc. The binaries for the toolchain, when compiled, should be in the directory /build_avr32/staging_dir/bin In this directory, you will find avr32-linux-gcc.

The Big-E Stereo Parabolic Microphone (C) G. Forrest Cook January 1, 2005 Introduction This device is a stereo amplifier for a high sensitivity stereo parabolic microphone. It can be used for listening to distant sounds. This circuit also works nicely as a remote stereo audio receiver for a video surveillance system. Specifications Operating Voltage: 9-15V (9V Nominal) DC Operating Current: 7ma at 9V DC Theory The circuit consists of two identical audio channels and some basic power supply filtering components. The mini condenser microphone converts sounds into an electrical signal. The 2N3906 PNP transistor is configured as a low-noise class A microphone input amplifier. The preamp output signal is fed into the 1458 op-amp, which boosts the audio to a level that is sufficient for driving a headphone or a tape recorder input. Capacitor C9 provides DC isolation from the 1458 op-amp output, which sits at half of the supply voltage. Construction The volume control can be mounted on the side of the metal box. Use

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