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5 Ways to View PowerPoint Presentation on iPad

5 Ways to View PowerPoint Presentation on iPad
Have a pile of PowerPoint presentation files and wanna view them on your new iPad? Though playing PowerPoint presentation on iPad is wanted for most iPad users, Apple doesn't have a plan to develop any tool for it. The good news is that with some wordarounds, you can view PowerPoint on iPad freely. Below 5 ways are introduced for you to play PPT on iPad. Read on to learn the details. 1. iPad is a superior platform for reading PDF files. 1. 2. 3. After you successfully convert PPT to PDF, transfer the newly PDF to iPad for reading on the go. 2. Since iPad is equipped with a photo viewer, then converting your PowerPoint slideshow to pictures is a good way to view it on iPad. iPad supported image formats are .jpg, .bmp, .gif, and .png. 2. 3. 4. And then the PowerPoint should be exported as images. 3. Nothing is more pleasant than watching videos on iPad. I like this “loseless” way that help me view the video presentation on my iPad. 4. 5.

Invitations, Collages, Slideshows and Scrapbooks – Smilebox And Back To Cuba About a year ago I posted some pictures by Michael Eastman taken in Cuba and I re-visited his site the other day and was delighted to find he had been back. Timeless interiors. Funcionalidades NetSupport School Mantén a los estudiantes concentrados en sus tareas, fomenta la evaluación continua, incentiva el trabajo en grupo, introduce juegos y garantiza a los padres total seguridad en el aula. "Ahora los alumnos se centran más y siguen mejor las explicaciones. NetSupport School nos ha permitido mejorar el nivel de atención de los alumnos en las clases" Àlex Araujo, Responsable del Departamento de Informática de la Escola Universitària del Maresme "Están muy contentos con el programa, ya que permite a los profesores ahorrar tiempo y esfuerzos en cuestiones como los inicios de sesión o acceso a una página web" Manuel Nieto, informático del centro.

26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom 26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom by TeachThought Staff The paperless classroom is a compelling concept for what it symbolizes as much as anything else. While it sounds sleek and futuristic and easy to organize and environmentally friendly, the reality is that paperless classrooms aren’t that simple. The “environmentally-friendly” part, for example, is wildly subjective: the costs of manufacturing–and eventually recycling and disposing of–tablets versus the loss of “renewable” trees and the subsequent waste that is environmentally-friendly. The same with being organized. But what a paperless classroom represents is important. But if you’re looking for tools to give it a go, the following 26 ipad apps for a paperless classroom can help. 26 iPad Apps For A Paperless Classroom; Related Posts 14 Teacher-Recommended Classroom Management Appsby edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education One of the top frustrations of classroom teachers is behavior management.

emaze - Amazing Presentations in Minutes Cuba Ordinarily, photographing the Cuban military is prohibited, and just might land you and/or your camera in a Cuban military hoosegow. But Primero de Mayo (May 1) is Cuba’s version of Labor Day, and there’s a huge parade/march through Revolution Square in Havana with lots of military groups. Apparently, all bets were off on that no-photography rule during the parade. Last week, I made my second trip to Cuba. We arrived at dawn – jumping out of our cabs near the back of the parade staging area. Thousands of Cuban soldiers participated. At one point I was walking backward, taking pictures of a group of 100 or so young soldiers walking along behind me. Cuba’s economy is very dependent on Venezuela, with whom Cuba has a doctors-for-oil exchange program that supplies Venezuela with semi-indentured Cuban healthcare workers, and supplies Cuba with at least a faint economic heartbeat. Posts from my spring 2012 trip to Cuba started here and ended here.

Recursos TIC para profesores Con cada curso online y presencial que imparto a profesores solicito a su conclusión una evaluación y un feedback de los asistentes con el objetivo de ayudarme a mejorar sus contenidos y refinar la forma de enseñar. En muchas ocasiones descubres necesidades específicas que te llevan a incluir más material o prácticas, que no hubieras […] La mayoría de comunicaciones entre miembros de un equipo se llevan a cabo a través del email y en reuniones físicas. Aunque a nadie le gusta conversar y colaborar a través del email, con respuestas apiladas y montones de archivos adjuntos, sigue usándose principalmente para este propósito por muchos profesionales de cualquier sector. Cuando un equipo se […] Con frecuencia deseas subir una imagen a tu blog, a un perfil social o a una plataforma de e-learning desde tu tablet. Como nos pasamos el día delante del ordenador o dispositivo móvil, es fácil distraerse y malgastar nuestro preciado tiempo. La semana pasada el Dr.

7 Time-Saving iPad Tips For Teachers The iPad is a great tool for a classroom . It will soon be the case that any educator will feel as though the iPad is entirely necessary. One of the reasons for this is because it is a tool that quashes inequality in the classroom. Children with disabilities have been able to use iPads and work at the same speed as the other children. Another reason for the popularity of this machine is because it makes the educator’s job easier. They can teach better than ever before, but only if they know how to use it properly. Use your thumbs If one splits the keyboard into two parts then they can easily type by using their thumbs. Definition The iPad has a built-in dictionary, and it is one that students can use themselves. Spoken word This is one of the features that help bring together a classroom of students with differing abilities. Mirroring An iPad can be connected to a screen or projector so that they mirror each other. Zooming This sounds a bit like an extreme sport, doesn’t it?

Zaption - Interact & Learn with Video Lessons Darwin's Nightmare Some time in the 1960's, in the heart of Africa, a new animal was introduced into Lake Victoria as a little scientific experiment. The Nile Perch, a voracious predator, extinguished almost the entire stock of the native fish species. However, the new fish multiplied so fast, that its white fillets are today exported all around the world. Huge hulking ex-Soviet cargo planes come daily to collect the latest catch in exchange for their southbound cargo… Kalashnikovs and ammunitions for the uncounted wars in the dark center of the continent. This booming multinational industry of fish and weapons has created an ungodly globalized alliance on the shores of the world’s biggest tropical lake: an army of local fishermen, World bank agents, homeless children, African ministers, EU-commissioners, Tanzanian prostitutes and Russian pilots. Watch the full documentary now -

Preparing Your School for an iPad Implementation Planning is imperative for any technology initiative - iPad or otherwise. You need to ensure that you clearly understand and communicate how the technology integrates with your overall pedagogical objectives. Too many institutions purchase technology and then search for ways to utilize it ... or leave it collecting dust on the shelf. Planning needs to consider both infrastructure needs and the educational applications of the new technology. Without the proper preparation, technology initiatives are liable to become expensive failures. Campus Infrastructure Considerations Signal Strength: If you’re using wifi iPads then you’ll need a strong and reliable connection to the web. Pedagogical Considerations: Pedagogical Models:Have you discussed how the use of iPads will be integrated into your educational processes? Your iPad implementation plan requires careful thought and preparation.

How To Be A Terrible iPad Teacher I published this off my site: about a month ago. I hope you enjoy the read. Please leave any comments that may be useful. The following is a list, written in the first-person, of ideologies or stances from a Terrible iPad Teacher: 1. I own an iPad and I use it in class. 2. 3. 4. Above: A search for "Education" in the App store yields over 10,000 results. 5. 6. Above: Explain Everything records visual and audio for your classes Above: Haiku Deck offers beautiful (and free!) 7. 8. Above: While the pre-installed apps on an iPad are great, there is just so much more available 9. 10. All of us have been guilty of at least some of the list at least once. Further reading: iPads: Creation vs. iPad is right for PE! iPaddiction: Creation Apps Used on the iPad Do you have any other tips for iPad teachers? Did you like this post? Authors: Steve Lai (@sly111) is a French Teacher from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada in his twelfth year of teaching.