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Root Blog - frequent drool Saturday December 19, 7pm Microscope is very pleased to welcome San Francisco-based artist Paul Clipson back to the gallery for an evening of new and recent Super 8 and 16mm film – screened in their original formats – presented with Mono No Aware. The program of works made over the past three years includes films in which “aspects of memory, dreams and recordings of the everyday are juxtaposed with densely layered, in-camera edited studies of figurative and abstract environments vast and small, all within a flowing formal and thematic experimental aesthetic that encourages unplanned-for results.” The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Paul Clipson.

Properties of musical modes Modern Dorian mode on C Play Early Greek treatises on music do not use the term "mode" (which comes from Latin), but do describe three interrelated concepts that are related to the later, medieval idea of "mode": (1) scales (or "systems"), (2) tonos—pl. tonoi—(the more usual term used in medieval theory for what later came to be called "mode"), and (3) harmonia (harmony)—pl. harmoniai—this third term subsuming the corresponding tonoi but not necessarily the converse (Mathiesen 2001a, 6(iii)(e)). Greek Dorian octave species in the enharmonic genus, showing the two component tetrachords Play Greek Dorian octave species in the chromatic genus Music For Robots yvynyl The following was sent to me as a Letter to YVYNYL, but Mark Trecka also wrote it as “a reflection on travel, in general, and on experiences accrued while traveling in October 2013 while on tour with Angel Olsen and her band.” He is one third of Pillars and Tongues, along with Ben Babbitt and Beth Remis. Listen to their latest End in Memory EP, released last week. On the night of December 8th, 2012, while sleeping in a dank room at a decaying resort in a small vacation town on the southeast coast of England, I dreamed the kind of intoxicating, deep dream that can leave one altered for days and weeks following. In this particular dream, I found myself in a profoundly distant future — perhaps even as far ahead in time as the year 5151 — walking among stalls in a bazar.

Noveller - Desert Fires (Saffron, 2010) Musician/filmmaker Sarah Lipstate, alongside having served as a guitarist in Parts & Labor, creates washes of looped guitar under the name Noveller. Her third album Desert Fires is the first to be released on her own imprint Saffron Recordings, after having her first two, Paint on the Shadows and Red Rainbows, released on Carlos Giffoni's No Fun Productions. Though not as noisy as this album's predecessor, Lipstate offers a more sedate and discernible approach on Desert Fires. The abrasively bowed guitar is used to a lesser extent, maybe even absent on this album and the spacey, confounding song structures are also not as prominent. However, I don't think this change in direction was meant to add any restraints to Lipstate's music; the foreboding, ominous atmosphere and dissonance are still present on Desert Fires. Desert Fires is Lipstate's most diverse effort yet, while also being her most quiet.

songs you taught me If you are a new angler one of the first challenges, before you ever get out on the water, is learning the terminology and what equipment you will need for the type of fishing you want to do. Fishing tackle is the term for everything fishing related, from reels,lines, floats, rods, baits & lures to nets, waders and tackle boxes. The selections and differences are massive, and knowing what you need, and even what is what, can be overwhelming to a new angler. arizona hardcore punk rock flyer archive 1982-1984

Professional Partystarters - By Day & By Night Geplaatst: 8 november 2010, door Chris Spijbelen was zonder twijfel mijn favoriete bezigheid op het voortgezet onderwijs. Mijn voornaamste reden om te spijbelen was om een, wekelijks, bezoek te brengen aan de "rijksdaalder bioscoop". Ik ben dus inderdaad dusdanig oud, dat ik die gouden periode nog heb mogen meemaken. Voor 2 gulden 50 naar de film, welk ander reden had ik nog nodig om klassen te skippen?

Ad Hoc About Ad Hoc is an underground music and visual culture publication created for and by a community of music lovers with a shared ethos: that of building the world you want to see using the materials at your disposal. A collective of ten taste-making music blogs from all over the world, Ad Hoc is a daily destination for MP3s, videos, mixes, interviews, artist's writings, and cultural commentary-- curated for quality, and with an emphasis on emerging artists and musical movements that best exemplify the new grassroots, Internet-fueled DIY. Ad Hoc is also a zine-- available in electronic and paper formats, and full of original art work and long-form features. Resurrecting the curatorial logic of zine culture, Ad Hoc will paint a dynamic, living landscape of the underground music world at large, setting the reflections of professional journalists and critics alongside artists, promoters, and other music-world personalities. Founding Editors Emilie Friedlander Ric Leichtung

Screw Rock 'n' Roll First, the depth of the crisis is masked for the ALP by the electoral system. The two party preferred system inflates the focus on Labor when the real mood of the electorate is one of a cultural and emotional disengagement with the whole democratic system. The crisis is masked again by compulsory voting when representative democracy itself is now part of the problem as new horizontal and more direct forms of democracy permeate our lives, often online. But in Oz, while you are legally bound to participate in a system that, to say the least, is losing its legitimacy, democracy becomes more and more just an edifice. Music Blog, Music Videos, Mp3s Ejecta‘s twinkling, heartbreaking “Eleanor Lye“, taken from one of the best debuts of last year, gets a rather intense and beautiful video, in which we witness the stark, emotional (re)birth of our fearless heroine. Directed by the always wonderful Allie Avital Tsypin of creative collective BANGS: (oh probably NSFW, but don’t let that stop you)

Peter's Blog RECORDS ARE BETTER THAN PEOPLE 19 Ends, le premier album d’AND WE SHELTER, est doublement important. Nonobstant l’aspect “faire-part de naissance” (celui du label/association Tryptik Sound, qui gère également des locaux de répétition), c’est aussi et surtout le manifeste d’une renaissance. Celle de Sébastien Boess aka Benshon qui revient enfin aux affaires musicales suite à l’arrêt de son intime projet KALIAYEV. Grand amateur de voix féminines devant l’Eternel (un point que l’on a en commun), il prend le parti de ne plus avancer seul et de former cette fois-ci un duo avec la copine Magali, rescapée des choupettes d’OESTROGENA ORCHESTRA.

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