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Internet Resources - Writers Resources - Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers - Fiction Writing

Internet Resources - Writers Resources - Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers - Fiction Writing
Mystery/Crime Fiction [/writers] All-About-Forensic-Science.comAmerican Board of Forensic EntomologyAlan Barbour - Collection of Forensic Toxicology LinksKari Sable Burns - True Crime & JusticeKari Sable Burns - True Crime & Justice Resources J.H. Byrd - Forensic EntomologyR. Scott Carpenter - Tennessee Criminal Law -Forensic Science Resources - Good collection. Some links busted. Daryl W. Clemens - Crime & Clues - The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation John Connolly - On writing more than one book a yearDavid Cook, eamp;al. - Forensic Entomology CopSeek.comCrime & Mystery Writing Links The Crime Scene Investigation Crime Scene Investigation ArticlesCrime Space - Resources for readers and writers of crime fictionThe CSI EffectHallie Ephron - Crime Fiction: Tips and Pet PeevesZeno Geradts - Forensic Site - A TOP SITE - amazing collection of links Jiro Kimura - The Gumshoe SiteKim Kruglick - Forensic Resource and Criminal Law Search SiteD.

Fiction Writing: What Makes Readers Care About Your Characters? “Really scary books succeed because we come to know and care about the characters. I like to say, “It’s the PEOPLE, stupid” — NOT the monsters!” - Stephen King What Novelists Should Know About Short Fiction When I first started writing seriously, all I wanted was to publish a novel. I thought my intentions were honourable—that I wasn’t just another wannabe with dreams of making it big—but there was always that little part of me that still wasn’t ready to put in my dues. I wanted it all, and I wanted it right away. Then, something life-changing happened. A Simple Novel Outline – 9 questions for 25 chapters « H.E. Roulo Just as every tree is different but still recognizably a tree, every story is different but contains elements that make it a story. By defining those before you begin you clarify the scope of your work, identify your themes, and create the story you meant to write. At Norwescon 2011 I sat in on a session called Outline Your Novel in 90-minutes led by Mark Teppo. I’ll give you the brief, readable, synthesized version.

Questionnaires for Writing Character Profiles - Creative Writing Help - StumbleUpon Enter your e-mail to get the e-book for FREE. We'll also keep you informed about interesting website news. "I have searched the web and used different worksheets, but none have come close to your worksheets and descriptions of (what to do and what not to do). Both courses I have taken have with Creative Writing Now have been amazing. Each time I have learned something new. Wordiness, Wordiness, Wordiness List absolutely essential = essential aforementioned = DELETE a bigger/greater/higher/larger degree of = more a considerable amount of = DELETE OR BE SPECIFIC a decreased number of = fewer a distance of 28 kilometers = 28 kilometers

150 Resources to Help You Write Better, Faster, and More Persuasively It doesn't matter if you're a student or a professional writer: there's always something new to learn and ways to make your writing more refined, better researched, and more effective. Writing is essential for students who want to succeed, whether they're enrolled in one of the top online colleges or an Ivy League university. As essential as it is, learning to write well isn't easy. The best practices for writing and research can sometimes be subjective, and the finer points of syntax and style often take a backseat to looming deadlines and strict citation guidelines. Luckily, there are many helpful resources that make it easier to build on your existing skills while learning new ones.

Story Structure & Plot - Novel Writing Tips Conflict and Character within Story Structure The Basic Three Act Structure The simplest building blocks of a good story are found in the Three Act Structure. One Sentence Stories See also: the most popular from the last 30 days. David Vanderbyl Only a few blocks from home my 3-year-old brother opened the rear door of our family's Dodge Polara, and quick as a wink he was gone. NoteSlate Written by Katie on February 8, 2011. Permalink No, it’s not an iPad wannabe, nor is it a new eReader. It’s got no apps or games or books stored on its memory card. This simple tablet device takes the place of pen and paper, that’s all. It has a simple real-paper-look interface that allows you to make notes or sketches for future reference, then save or delete them.