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Byeink · Create professional ebooks

Byeink · Create professional ebooks
Book Data From the metadata panel we manage key information from our publication: title, author, ISBN, language, tags, description...All this information is inserted in the eBook and you can edit it at any time correcting mistakes or adding fields and finally publishing the eBook again. Edit Content A simple WYSIWYG editor lets you edit the contents of your eBook. You can add images, texts, sounds and videos soon.The table of contents is very easy to manage. You can edit and drag chapters and we’ll generate the index automatically.If you already have your eBook written with “Word”, you’ll just have to copy and paste sections easily.

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The Complete Novel Writing Software Guide Let's start with the boring stuff: I do not claim to have tested all of the novel writing software listed below (I couldn't afford to do that even if I had the time). Sure, I have road-tested the ones that really caught my eye - with a view to possibly using them for my own writing. But my more general aim in this section is simply to collect all the facts and figures in one convenient location to save you the trouble of doing all the research yourself.

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom Is Social Media Relevant? Take the Quiz Before we talk social media, let's talk about the relevance of social media by taking a quiz. Which of the following is most likely to be true? ☐ Should we teach letter-writing in the classroom? Kids need to write letters and mail them. How to Create a 3D e-Book from Text File When you have text file with large content, it makes its difficult to read as text based readers do not have much feature available. You can now make text files easy to read by converting it into an ebook (.exe) format with 3D effects. Toolwiz FlipBook is a freeware tool, which allows you to convert a text file into a 3D ebook format only with few clicks.

How to Add a Logo or Watermark to YouTube Videos Learn how to add a logo image or even a watermark to all your YouTube videos without even editing the original clips. Would you like to add some branding to your YouTube videos? Maybe an overlay logo or some sort of a watermark image that is permanently displayed in one of the corners of the video (similar to TV programming). Facebook Cheat Sheet - Shortcuts [Infographic] Want to navigate Facebook like a pro without having to touch your mouse or trackpad? We’ve put together this handy infographic that will have you navigating Facebook like a pro! One great feature that we love is the simple ‘L’ shortcut on a photo, which ‘likes’ the post; although you’ve got have the image open in lightbox mode. Which shortcut is your favourite?

15 Online Tools to Help Get You Through NaNoWriMo You’re two weeks into NaNoWriMo and you’re feeling the strain. Perhaps the ten minutes you allotted to Facebook turned into an hour, or half the day flew by while you brainstormed a new name for your character. Yes, the clock is ticking and you have a goal to reach, but with the right tools you can still cross that finish line with time to spare. These 15 online tools will help you succeed in accomplishing your NaNoWrimo goals! Plateforme de lecture et d'analyse de texte gratuite (en anglais) Curriculet frees up my time outside of the classroom - no more collecting reading questions, trying to spot-check them, giving points for writing something down, whether or not they actually did the reading or understood it. - Jessica Rice, English Teacher at Summit Preparatory High School With Curriculet, I can not only change our reading instruction on a classroom level by flipping the instruction, but also influence reading instruction on a departmental level by encouraging the department to expand the curriculum: we can read MORE in less time with Curriculet. - Kate Baker, English teacher at Southern Regional high School I cannot WAIT to share this with my colleagues. This is going to revolutionize the way I can teach info texts, short stories, and excerpts from novels! - Morgan Toal, English teacher at Lakewood middle school

A Great Tool to Create Classroom Magazines Youblisher is an excellent publishing platform for teachers and students. It provides a wonderful visual method for users to easily upload their PDFs and turn them into online magazines with page turning effects. As a teacher, you can use this service to create a class book or newspaper using both images and text and share it with students . The process of creating a flippable magazine -like publication is very simple and easy. All you need is to have documents in PDF format.

All about using regular expressions in calibre Regular expressions are features used in many places in calibre to perform sophisticated manipulation of ebook content and metadata. This tutorial is a gentle introduction to getting you started with using regular expressions in calibre. First, a word of warning and a word of courage This is, inevitably, going to be somewhat technical- after all, regular expressions are a technical tool for doing technical stuff. I’m going to have to use some jargon and concepts that may seem complicated or convoluted. I’m going to try to explain those concepts as clearly as I can, but really can’t do without using them at all.

Decor8 - Personalize the Windows® 8 Start screen with Decor8™! Get it Now Customize your start screen background images Create your own Windows 8 color scheme Randomize the start screen background And more! Learn More ilys Love writing. Have fun again. Writing can be so much fun when our creative juices are flowing.

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