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Free Image Optimizer - Compress and resize photos

Free Image Optimizer - Compress and resize photos
Using this free online service, you can resize, compress and optimize your image files. Using the service is as easy as clicking of button! Optimized images are better! They are more suitable for web pages, email attachments, or even storage on your disk. Give it a try now! Optimize Now Your Image Optimization Download Free! You can now download image optimizer on your computer and resize and compress your images with a single click! Why should I download? It's super fast!

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3 outils en ligne pour recadrer des images pour les réseaux sociaux Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… Chaque réseau social a ses propres gabarits. De nombreux outils permettent de créer des images pour les réseaux sociaux. Les trois outils présentés ci-dessous n’ont pas cette d’ambition. Podcast Workflow I have been asked about my podcasting workflow. This article outlines how and what equipment I use to record the e-Learning Stuff Podcast. This is only one way in which to record a remote panel based podcast, and I am sure there are numerous other ways in which to do this. Black And White Photo Background - Background Photos Black And White Photo Background Black and White Background - Colour Subject! Im probably not the first to post this but in photoshop, if you import and image, duplicate the layer, then desaturate the top layer, then select the The hope of many photographers is to get thoroughly pitch-dark and white photography images without whatever problems.

Logo Crunch - The multi-resolution logo maker As a designer it's natural to make logos for high-density displays. However when designs wind up in the real world they're often displayed in tiny sizes - as app icons and website favicons that can be as small as 16x16 pixels. Conventional wisdom says that logos should be reproduced exactly, but when a high-res logo is reduced to 32x32 or 16x16 some leeway in interpretation is necessary. Line weights also have a perceptual component - as you scale down the logo thin lines quickly become illegible. Most favicon generators simply do a naive scaling, resulting in blurry looking icons. Ideally you would design a separate logo for each resolution - logo crunch makes this process much easier using concepts from computer vision.

Liste de sites de photos gratuites pour vos modules e-learning Réseaux Articulate : Articulate Réseaux Articulate : Liste de sites de photos gratuites pour vos modules e-learning Liste de sites de photos gratuites pour vos modules e-learning Publié par Allison LaMotte le 20 mai 2015 dans Graphisme Animated GIFs for Free Download / ® Browse Through Our Animations Welcome to's Animated GIFs Archive, one of the largest collections of animated GIFs on the entire Web! There are more than 300 of them here for you to choose from. We plan to be expanding our collection, so make sure to bookmark this site (press CTRL + D to do this in most browsers) and visit often to check out any new animations. Don't miss the huge Graphics and Design resource section, here at, or our tutorials on subjects ranging from multimedia production to creating Web pages! Alphabetical Order Image Optimization Mode offers several optimization modes The mode you select should depend on your specific requirements - such as the type of image that you are compressing, and the target audience of your images. Lossy Our intelligent lossy optimization typically produces savings of at least 60% of the initial file weight; with savings of 80% to 90% occurring frequently. Our default intelligent lossy algorithm has been specifically designed to always produces images of outstanding quality, and never of unacceptable quality degradation. FLV Converter - A Layman's Guide to Flash Video Conversion FLV Conversion using FFmpeg FFmpeg is the Swiss army knife of video and audio conversion tools. It is a rock solid open source product (albeit of dubious legality - more on this in a moment) that programmers all over the world turn to religiously in droves, and which is included in many other software programs as the 'tool that does the conversion bit'. It comes with a big gotcha however... it is a command line tool that on first glance seems like something only propeller heads can use.

Piezo: Charmingly Simple Recording From Applications and Audio Devices Piezo makes it a snap to record audio on your Mac. In seconds, you'll be recording audio from any application or from audio inputs like microphones. Piezo requires almost no configuration, and it's a blast to use. WireTap Studio Note: Per-application recording is not yet available on MacOS X 10.7 or later. We're working on it! Using WireTap Studio, you can record all system audio, or record audio input from any microphone, line-in, or audio input hardware. If you can hear it, WireTap Studio can record it.

Create Create Course Content Quickly and easily convert your Microsoft Word documents into content for your online courses. From one Word document you can generate a set of webpages that includes navigation and interactive features that are easily uploaded in to your course. To dig deeper consider the features, benefits, requirements, and Licensing Information of Wimba Create. Benefits Benefits for Higher and Further Education