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Why we should all have a basic income

Why we should all have a basic income

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The World Without Forms – GODS & RADICALS I said to a friend, we see the darkness, and some go in. It is the Abyss. We have to find out what is there, to find out if there is meaning. And we see only the abyss. And some go mad. Future - Welcome to a home for the insatiably curious What is BBC Future? Well, for starters we are about so much more than making predictions. Our mission statement is simple: "Making you smarter every day." BBC Future was born because you told us you wanted more in-depth coverage of science, health and technology – so we aim to provide expert analysis and features about the big ideas shaping the world, and the new insights challenging what we think we know about ourselves.

Eric Schwartz: Recognizing Statelessness The role of government in our lives is now the subject of pitched debate in Washington and throughout the country. But no matter your view on this contentious issue, nobody questions the profound responsibility of public institutions, here and abroad, to safeguard basic rights against discrimination, to equal justice and to political participation. Sadly, those rights are denied to some 12 million people around the world who have been denied citizenship -- rendered stateless -- often by discriminatory national policies that exclude minorities even when they have lived in a country for decades or centuries and have well-established ties to both the land and culture of their places of residence.

Global Governance Global governance or world governance is a social movement toward political integration of transnational actors aimed at solving problems that affect more than one state or region when there is no power of enforcing compliance. The modern question of world governance exists in the context of globalization. In response to the acceleration of interdependence on a worldwide scale, both between human societies and between humankind and the biosphere, the term "world governance" may also be used to designate laws, rules, or regulations intended for a global scale. The Crucial Thinking Skill Nobody Ever Taught You – The Mission How Great Thinkers Shatter the Status Quo The German mathematician Carl Jacobi made a number of important contributions to different scientific fields during his career. In particular, he was known for his ability to solve hard problems by following a strategy of man muss immer umkehren or, loosely translated, “invert, always invert.” Jacobi believed that one of the best ways to clarify your thinking was to restate math problems in inverse form. He would write down the opposite of the problem he was trying to solve and found that the solution often came to him more easily.

America once fought a war against poverty – now it wages a war on the poor In 2013, Callie Greer’s daughter Venus died in her arms after a battle with breast cancer. If caught early, the five-year survival rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer is close to 100%. But Venus’s cancer went undiagnosed for months because she couldn’t afford health insurance. She lived in Alabama, a state that refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Venus’s death is not an isolated incident – more than 250,000 people like her die in the United States from poverty and related issues every year. Access to healthcare is just one of the issues facing the 140 million people who live in poverty in the US today.

Futureproof - rozenbrood In May 2015 ROZENBROOD did a presentation at the bi-annual congress of FEGIME. FEGIME is a federation of independent electrical wholesalers in Europe. This congress they celebrated their 25th anniversary. The program of the congress therefore was focused on the history of the Federation and on the actual situation. Spy talk leaked onto YouTube: News24: Sci-Tech: News YouTube This book shows how to make a quality video, and how to optimize, encode, upload, and promote it. Now R374.00 buy now Beijing - Footage of a Chinese general discussing sensitive spying cases has been leaked onto video sharing site YouTube, in what appears to be an embarrassing failure of secrecy for the usually tight-lipped military. It wasn't clear when or where Major General Jin Yinan made the comments and China's Defence Ministry did not immediately respond on Monday to faxed questions about the video.

Print and Broadcast Media From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Media may refer to: Communications[edit] Computing[edit] Fine art[edit] Life sciences[edit] 15 Websites To Sharpen Your Business Skills From management, to marketing, to finances — business skills of all varieties are critical to have in this economy and incredibly beneficial no matter what your situation. In this article we’ve collected 15 different websites that will help you sharpen your business skill set in a number of different ways. Each of these sites is an incredible source of information, and some of them are easily worth reading on a daily basis. Here’s the list:

Our Capitalist Society Has Managed to Create “Bullsh*t Jobs” Abundant, paid work might be an old-world way of measuring prosperity. After all, many manufacturing jobs are being taken over by bots, leaving those without computer science or relevant degrees in the dust, without work. Chris Twomey, policy director of the non-profit organization Western Australian Council of Social Service, argues we shouldn’t be trying to create more jobs; instead, we should be working less. Twomey's essay is one part of a series of essays put out by the Green Institute, all working together to create a larger conversation surrounding a Universal Basic Income (UBI), a plan that gives people unconditional, free money regardless of employment. The Green Institute remains agnostic on whether a UBI is what we need in order to fix many of the issues we face, including inequality and a shrinking job market.

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