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Unleash The Power of StumbleUpon (The Social Networking Experiment) | My 4 Hour Workweek EmailShare 0EmailShare This is part two of The Social Networking Experiment series, where I’m going to examine a wide variety of social networking sites, evaluate their ability to help you succeed with your muse or business, and show you how to use them effectively. Click here to read the introduction post for The Social Networking Experiment and click here to see all posts related to The Social Networking Experiment. There are an awful lot of social bookmarking sites that surround the internet today, but none is as unique as StumbleUpon. As you may or may not know, StumbleUpon can be a tremendous source of traffic for your website or blog, provided you follow a few relatively simple tips (and you better believe I will discuss them in this post). Disclaimer: Before I begin with my findings and analysis, I will be perfectly honest and point out that someone else has recently written an awesome post about StumbleUpon. The Basics of StumbleUpon 1) Ask your friends and family to help.

Internet Marketing Agency, Web Marketing | Digital Aptitude Poetry Writing Contests with No Entry Fees (for 2015) Literary journal Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review is accepting submissions of poetry to this year's Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award. One poet, recognized for his or her poem on any topic and in any style, will receive a cash prize of $500. The editors will publish the winning poem, and other selected poetry, in the Spring 2015 issue. The judges are open to topics and styles reflective of Stacy Doris' literary style. Doris formed new realms with her surprising poetics. Poets can submit one poem, up to 3 pages. Deadline: January 1, 2015 | Apply to Poetry Award ProjectLocker: Free Subversion Hosting, Free Git Hosting, Free SVN Hosting, Free Trac Hosting, Software Quality On Demand

How I Earn Good Money Writing for Revenue Share 0inShare One of the first things I figured out when I started freelancing in 2005 and began exploring the online opportunites was that revenue-share sites weren’t worth my time. Most paid you if ads got clicked, and you needed thousands of clicks to earn anything real. The feedback I got from most writers doing it was they were maybe making $100 a month tops writing dozens of articles. That’s a pretty tiny slice of the pie, for a lotta work. It didn’t sound like a way to make a living to me. I’ve since learned more about what it takes to earn real money on Examiner and similar sites, which also did not make me want to jump in and do it. In fact, when I interviewed one of Examiner’s top earners earlier this year at BlogWorld/NMX and told him how I earn off my blog, he said it sounded better than his own grueling schedule of posting nearly 100 articles per site monthly in order to drive enough traffic to earn well and feed his family. Where revshare is big business Enter a hybrid pay model Why?

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development | Learn how to do Customer Development, an essential part of the Lean Startup® framework. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development | The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development Niche Research - A Lesson in Muse Creation | My 4 Hour Workweek EmailShare EmailShare Getting the ball rolling on your muse is often one of the most difficult parts of the process [what’s a muse?]. Hopefully, your idea to create a muse stems from an interest you have. This is really the most logical way to create a muse and make money. However, general interests only take you so far. If I know I’m passionate about baseball, for example, that still doesn’t give me a direction to take with my muse. With that in mind, I wanted to write an introduction to niche research for your muse. There are an infinite number of ways to research and gather information about your niche, because your niche could be ANYTHING and your inspiration for that niche could come from ANYWHERE. Refine Your Interest Before you begin checking the viability of your niche ideas, you need to refine your interest into 3-5 potential niches, depending on how specific your interest is. Assuming food is your general interest, brainstorm some potential niches within that area. 1) .com

A Crash Course in Information & Visual Design Good design is an interesting thing. It's easy to identify but hard to explain. If you have ever tried to mimic good design, you'll really know what I mean. Sometimes, even with the "inspiration" right before your eyes, you struggle with creating something that feels as "tight" as the original piece. My goal is to give you a crash course in some of the fundamental elements of design as well as a few subjective best-practices from my experience. Visual design is the sum of many details. Perfection comes from relentless iteration. I'm starting with white space, because it is perhaps the single most important overlooked factor to consider in visual design. White space need not be white. Here we have the letter "e". "Web design is 95% typography" says design agency Information Architects. Best I can do is give you some thoughts: While some claim that serif fonts tend to be more readable, there has been no conclusive study proving that, making it appear to be convention over best practice.

Keyword Analysis Tool - Market Samurai Paul Debevec Home Page Personal site with links to research and animation projects at UC Berkeley (1992-2000) and USC ICT (2000-) ICT Graphics Laboratory site with links to research and animation projects (2000-) WordStream's Free Keyword Tool Learn More about The FREE Keyword Tool Want to know more about The Free Keyword Tool, like where it gets its data, what "relative volume" means, or how it compares to other free keyword tools? Then, keep reading or you can use the links to the right to jump down to a particular topic of interest. What People are Saying about The FREE Keyword Tool Here’s what some of the biggest names in search marketing have to say about The Free Keyword Tool. "The coolest feature it offers is that it allows you to download thousands of keywords at once." - Aaron Wall, SEOBook "WordStream has launched a free keyword research tool that is better than Google's limited one." - Frank Watson, Search Engine Watch "In a time where most willingly pay for multiple commercial tools, it's refreshing to see one free tool deliver great results that render the others useless." - SEO expert Eric Lander "An awesome alternative to paid Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery." - Search Engine Journal Yes!

Text Analysis and Text Mining Software: Lexalytics InfoBarrel - Crowdsourcing Information | Make Extra Money Writing Samsung & Yahoo! Bring Interactivity to Your Smart TV 6 November '12, 12:16am Follow Originally based on the Konfabulator Widget Engine, Yahoo’s Widget Channel Connected TV initiative has been around in various forms since 2008, and now, thanks to a new multi-year partnership with Samsung, the service will continue to be pushed front and center on new smart TVs. At the heart of the deal, Yahoo’s Broadcast Interactivity service powered by SoundPrint (automatic content recognition technology) will be integrated into Samsung’s SyncPlus platform with the hope of “enabling new opportunities” for content discovery and adding new levels of interactivity between shows, advertisers and viewers. More specifically, Yahoo says this agreement will provide Smart TV users with “actionable content that runs alongside and complements TV shows and commercials.” Image credit: MASSOUD HOSSAINI / Getty Images