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iWriter: Content & Article Writing Service - Buy Articles

iWriter: Content & Article Writing Service - Buy Articles

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?contactId=426590&inf_contact_key=d769210c85129910ea7cb9efa721b22aabd8de553d4e8cb08d38e35edc96278d&inf_field_BrowserLanguage=he-IL,he;q=0.8,en-US;q=0.6,en;q=0.4&inf_field_FirstName=Opher&inf_field_LastName=Brayer&inf_field_Email=opher&inf_ Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, We live in a new global economy, absolute wealth models are being replaced by new more liberating relative wealth models. We are experiencing a shift from basic greed driven financial models to value driven models. Creative Writing In 2011 UEA's Creative Writing programme was awarded a Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, the UK's most prestigious higher education award, in recognition of its continuing excellence in delivering innovative courses at a world-class level. The UK’s first MA in Creative Writing was established at UEA by the novelists Malcolm Bradbury and Angus Wilson in 1970. The UK’s first PhD in Creative and Critical Writing followed in 1987. – unique and quality content for your website SEO text for your website greatcontent produces SEO texts and guaranteed unique content for your website. As one of the market's leading text providers, greatcontent's unique content ensures your site will become a prime destination for internet search users looking for your company's products or services. Put simply, copywriting is what we do.

/ Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, or “the new MacBook”, are some of the best notebook computers you can buy. But they’re also pretty expensive. A few tips and tricks can help the smart shopper save a few bucks while still taking a bite into the Apple life. Should the New MacBook's Single Port Scare You Away? Should the New MacBook's Single Port Scare You Away?

Free advertising copywriting resources. By John Kuraoka, freelance advertising copywriter (619) 465-6100 Free (yes, free) advertising copywriting and marketing resources © John Kuraoka Contents:How to do-it-yourself | Why you should hire a copywriter | Why you should hire me It’s easy to find free advertising copywriting. The Braid Method ECourse A branding ecourse for creative entrepreneurs Kathleen here. My purpose as a creative entrepreneur is to live what I love, say what I mean, and be who I am 100% in both work and life. When I asked my older sister Tara (and Braid business partner) what her purpose was she said "You know, I just want to feel like a creative expert and get paid well doing it.” Our combined passion, purpose, and honestly pragmatic desires manifested as The Braid Method. Sticking with the method (and the roadmap it has created for us) has kept us focused, kept us turning our ideas into action, and kept us attracting dream clients to our brand as creative experts who blend who we are into what we do.

McSweeney's Issue 16 - The McSweeney's Store Issue 16 presents new stories from McSweeney's regulars like Roddy Doyle and Denis Johnson, and exploits a never-before-seen tripartite format to bring you a hilarious Ann Beattie novella and a special deck-of-cards story from Robert Coover, one of the great masters of American experimental fiction. This issue uses more cloth than any issue to date. Also, it comes with a comb. Table of Contents The Quarterly Brian Evenson – Mudder Tongue There came a certain point, in his speech, in his confrontation with others, in his smattering with the world, that Hecker realized something was wrong.

London Brokers Payment per article: Minimum of 300 words: $2.00 per article Minimum of 400 words: $3.00 per article Minimum of 500 words: $3.50 per article Minimum of 750 words: $5.00 per article Minimum of 1,000 words: $6.50 per article There are other article types and rewrites that pay differently. After you log into our system, the exact payment rate for each project is shown. Experienced writers who achieve a good internal rating by our editors regarding their content and turn-around time, also get access to other article types that pay higher like press releases and articles that require higher quality.

Simpleology Dear Opher, Simpleology is about to make a great leap forward. And we would like to invite you to be a part of it. What you see us do in the next two years will not only transform us as a company, but the lives of all of our users. Aaron Sorkin Discusses David Fincher Aaron Sorkin has collaborated with some of the best filmmakers working today. Bennett Miller (Moneyball), Danny Boyle (Steve Jobs), and David Fincher (The Social Network) — all of them made first-rate films out of Sorkin’s first-rate writing. The acclaimed screenwriter is finally tackling one of his own scripts as a director, an adaptation of Molly’s Game. In a recent interview, while the Academy Award-winning writer discussed his directorial debut and the rest of his career, he praised Fincher’s commitment and drive. Below, Aaron Sorkin discusses David Fincher, the opening of The Social Network, and more. With the opening scene of The Social Network, Sorkin quickly and cleanly establishes who Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) is: ambitious, condescending, very much in his own head, and a bit lonely.

Online Copywriting Portfolio Whether you're marketing yourself as a freelance copywriter or you're searching for a copywriting job at an advertising agency, publishing your copywriting samples online helps prospects learn more about you instantly. Here's why you should consider putting select copywriting samples online: 1. You're Competing with Other Copywriters Freelancers are competing with other freelancers. Permanent full-time agency copywriters are competing with other copywriting employees.

About & Contact Hi, I’m Rushaa (pronounced Russia)! I’m a writer-for-hire located between London, UK and Maastricht, NL. I work on both personal essays and more analytical pieces about politics, culture and society, some for this blog and some for other publications. Currently I am working on my MA in Politics and Society at Maastricht University, with a focus on how political rhetoric shapes conceptions of Western European Muslim diaspora. Coaching Business Management Kit Why Do You Charge a Fee for This List? It may not seem like it, but a lot goes on behind-the-scenes to create a high-quality list like this. This new and current list has been a year in the making.

Brian Alger – Transformative Reading Can we read in a way that encourages personal transformation? A transformative writer writes entirely from the perspective of their own personal experiences in life. The raw materials of transformative writing wait for us deep within the realm of inner experience and the places in which we encounter our fears, vulnerabilities, wounds, regrets, and aloneness as well as joy, gratitude, belonging, vitality, and love.

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