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The Problem With ‘Buy Now’ PARIS, France — ‘Buy now’ has become a hotly debated term and topic throughout the fashion industry.

The Problem With ‘Buy Now’

Of course, there is nothing more basic and natural than the ability to easily buy a piece of clothing and wear it immediately. This is precisely what makes the argument in favour of ‘buy now’ seem so positive. At the same time, arguing against ‘buy now’ seems to imply having the old-fashioned view that it’s better not to be able to buy something and use it immediately. The matter, however, is much more complex, not least because the concept of ‘buy now’ can mean different things. How ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Is Rewiring Creativity. NEW YORK, United States — Fourteen campaign images.

How ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Is Rewiring Creativity

Six videos. A string of celebrity portraits. All in one day. “It was a large list of deliverables,” says photographer Inez van Lamsweerde, who, along with partner Vinoodh Matadin, was tasked with turning around all of the above in less than 24 hours. How Burberry is Operationalising 'See Now, Buy Now' Digital pioneer Burberry does it again, this time radicalising its whole fashion calendar. This post first appeared on Forbes.

Digital pioneer Burberry does it again, this time radicalising its whole fashion calendar

Tommy Hilfiger Embraces Direct-to-Consumer Shows. NEW YORK, United States — The fashion industry's shift towards direct-to-consumer fashion events shows no sign of abating.

Tommy Hilfiger Embraces Direct-to-Consumer Shows

Tommy Hilfiger, the PVH Corp-owned American fashion brand with annual sales of near $7 billion, is the latest of the industry’s major players to announce a shift in its operating model to offer consumers 'fashion immediacy,' synchronising runway shows with retail drops starting in September 2016, when Hilfiger will show its TommyXGigi capsule collection, created in close collaboration with Instagram it-girl Gigi Hadid. Immediately after the event, the collection will be available to buy via the company’s own retail stores and e-commerce, as well as its wholesale partners. The presentation itself — which the company promises will go beyond a traditional runway show — will air on a “global multi-media broadcast network" and will be targeted at consumers and press.

In coming cycles, Tommy Hilfiger also plans to embrace "seasonless" collections. How Tommy Hilfiger Is Rewiring For Fashion Immediacy. NEW YORK, United States — “In the 40-some years I’ve been in business, I’ve always been inspired by pop culture from the aspect of fashion, art, entertainment and, today, social media and celebrity,” says the designer Tommy Hilfiger.

How Tommy Hilfiger Is Rewiring For Fashion Immediacy

“Those are the drivers that our company is fuelled by. It’s really about listening to the consumer and being able to mold and shape our business around consumer needs through pop culture.” With Shoppable Runway Shows, Fashion Brands Court Millennials. NEW YORK, United States — In a world where younger consumers can summon a car or a meal at the click of a button, fashion houses are realising that their next generation of customers is not keen to wait six months for runway styles to hit store shelves.

With Shoppable Runway Shows, Fashion Brands Court Millennials

Millennials’ impatience has brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren Corp., Coach Inc., Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. and Tom Ford turning their New York Fashion Week runway shows into a so-called see-now-buy-now format. That is transforming the event — previously a showcase for industry insiders and items that will not appear until the following season — into a source of cold, hard, immediate sales. Tom Ford & Vetements’ seasonless fashion: Big change or same old same old? - Fashion & Mash. A few months ago the CFDA was discussing possible plans to turn New York Fashion Week into a more in-season, consumer-focused event on the back of the social media/live streaming revolution.

Tom Ford & Vetements’ seasonless fashion: Big change or same old same old? - Fashion & Mash

We’ve not heard so much about that lately but designers seem to be going ahead and making changes anyway. Coach, Michael Kors Discounts To Disappear As Luxury Brands Strive To Become More Exclusive Again. Coach and Michael Kors luxury brands are both doing a bit of revamping in an attempt to increase the exclusivity of their brands.

Coach, Michael Kors Discounts To Disappear As Luxury Brands Strive To Become More Exclusive Again

What that means for consumers is that those looking for discounts on the designer purses and other items may find themselves at a loss. Brands like Coach and Michael Kors were once pretty exclusive, and not just anyone could own the luxury handbags and other products marketed initially for the elite. As popularity has increased for the designer fashion labels, their actual exclusivity has dwindled. That wasn’t helped when the brands began popping up in middle-class department stores that are shopped by the masses. In order to get their brands back to exclusive status, the Washington Post reports that Michael Kors discounts will be a thing of the past. On the other hand, Coach discounts are also on their way out. The goal is to eliminate Coach and Michael Kors discounts and to sell fewer products but at a higher price point.

Greenpeace Reveals 'Detox Catwalk' List Of The Most Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands. Ralph Lauren embraces the American West _ and fast fashion. By Associated Press Published: 04:16 GMT, 15 September 2016 | Updated: 04:16 GMT, 15 September 2016 NEW YORK (AP) — Call it "fast fashion," ''runway-to-retail," or "see now-buy now.

Ralph Lauren embraces the American West _ and fast fashion

" No matter the term, it's the unmistakable trend in fashion, and Ralph Lauren embraced it fully — presenting his New York Fashion Week collection on the street outside his store, then inviting guests inside to buy what they'd just seen. "Today I am proud to share with you, for the first time ever, my new women's collection right off the runway and into your lives," the venerable designer wrote in a statement. "You are changing the way you live and the way you want to shop, and we are changing with you and for you.

" Lauren's runway show Wednesday evening had the added cachet of literally stopping traffic — the block of Madison Avenue fronting his store was closed off for the glamorous event, held in a temporary glass structure that resembled a greenhouse. But it wasn't plants people came to see.