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12 Google Chrome Extensions For The RSS Addicted The Google Chrome browser is making some great strides to take over the browser game. One of the areas where it lacks right out of the proverbial “box” is its inability to handle RSS. Until recently when Chrome users on Windows machines were given the ability to add extensions, you would have to (gulp) copy and paste the feed into your reader. Pretty archaic I know. In the short time extensions have been available for the Chrome browser, quite a few add-ons have popped up to alleviate the RSS deficiencies. This extension does exactly what the name implies. When you click on the icon you are taken directly to your Google Reader and given the option to add this site to your list of automatically updated feeds. The biggest difference with this extension over the Google Reader extension, is you have four preset readers to choose from. TCGoogle Reader is a combination notifer, subscriber and conduit to reading articles in the feeds you are already subscribed to. See what I mean?

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