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Education That Beats Inflation: 6 Ways to Learn for Free

Education That Beats Inflation: 6 Ways to Learn for Free
By Lou Carlozo, dealnews contributor At dealnews, we pride ourselves on our ability to spot bargains in any consumer product category you can name. That includes looking in to ways to save on your and your brood's education, though we wouldn't blame you if you've given up hope, as college costs have soared far above inflation for years. According to a 2011 Pew Research Center report, a four-year private college education tripled in cost between 1980 and 2010. Moreover, the study finds that fewer families think attending a major university merits such a hefty price tag. Maybe that's why universities are so aggressively pursuing Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs. This shift towards free university-accredited classes got us thinking: What are some great ways to score some free learning, of any sort? Yes, We Khan: The Khan Academy's Video Series The Online Audacity of Udacity Learning in the Cloud: Pearson Opens OpenClass Free Books Worth a Look: The Gutenberg Project

20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks Ebooks have revolutionized the way book enthusiasts engage with literature. With the ability to read on ebook readers or mobile gadgets, the convenience is unmatched. Moreover, the internet is flooded with platforms offering free or discounted ebooks. For those in search of the finest sources to download free ebooks or even market their ebooks online, here’s an exhaustive list detailing their respective formats and downloading procedures. 20 Places to Sell and Publish eBooks 20 Places to Sell and Publish eBooks "If you are good at something, never do it for free" is the most famous dialogue from movie... Project Gutenberg More info: Genre: VariousCompatible with: Kindle, .epub, .htmlSign-in required? Project Gutenberg is an esteemed online library offering complimentary public domain books. Hart’s inspiration for this library sprouted when he discovered the print copy of the Declaration of Independence was priced at $1.50, which he deemed excessive. ManyBooks Free-eBooks eBookLobby Smashwords

13 Things You Should Always Get for Free By Aaron Crowe, dealnews contributor There are few things more thrilling for a deal shopper than getting something for free. In fact, freebie deals are often the most popular offers on our site. From smartphones to restaurant food, there are certain categories that are regularly flush with gratis promotions. So next time your whip out your wallet, consider first if that purchase could come at no cost to you. Android Smartphones If you're a fan of phones with Google's operating system, then you're in luck; so many new Android smartphones are released these days that the market has become saturated — and as a result, most models quickly fall to $0 (with new 2-year contracts) after a few months. Phone Calls Skype, Google Voice, and other services let you make calls for free over the Internet, though be careful if they try to get you to upgrade to a paid plan. MP3 Downloads Smartphone Apps Free apps are everywhere. Magazine Subscriptions Books Entertainment Car Trips Dining Out with Kids Shipping

Hey, It's Free!™ | Daily freebies, free stuff, and free samples! Free Lipton Natural Energy Tea EDIT: Last month’s free Lipton offer has returned on Walmart’s site. Simply make a quick card then you’ll see a link to the signup form. Today’s free Lipton natural energy tea offer just hit the market. Filed in Food Free Matrix Biolage Sample Interested in a free Matrix Biolage sample? You get to pick from HYDRASOURCE (which sounds like a Pokemon) and COLORLAST (which sounds like it needs a space). Filed in Body Products Two Free Quest Protein Bars Summer is right around the corner, which means we’re this close to once again spending our weekends under the sun. Filed in Facebook, Food 10 Pampers Gifts To Grow Points I’m headed home today from LA (or at least trying to, come on United!) Filed in Points Free Tide+ Laundry Detergent I’m never one quick to anger, but these free Tide+ laundry detergent samples should come with a large disclaimer stating not any old tide will do. Unfortunately the only option available right now is the middle, pinkish one with Febreze.

Digital Photography Lessons - Free Photography Course, DSLR Lessons & Tips Whether you just purchased a brand new digital SLR camera or you're still trying to figure out how to use the one you've had for a while, these lessons can help you master your camera in no time. Many people have excellent cameras, but don't use them to their fullest artistic extent. These tutorials will help you take pictures like a professional, which makes photography a thrilling and satisfying hobby or money-making business! GETTING THE MOST OUT OF THESE LESSONS...Serious study of any art or academic discipline requires a combination of tenacity, maturity and a desire to integrate each day's learning into practice. We strongly suggest that you take your time as you work your way through the wealth of information, reference images and explanations that await here. If you want to become a seriously good photographer who creates compelling images that can earn both praise and money, then you need to take your time here and approach your learning with a serious attitude!

Free Stuff | Freebies | Free Samples Free Stuff - Free Samples - Freebies - Coupons Atheism Introduction AtheismAtheismGreek, "godless"a philosophy that professes a lack of belief in the existence of a dietyView Dictionary is the modern name for the willful denial of the existence of deities.2Although the term "atheos" can be traced back to the 5th century BCE, it did not imply the willful disbelief in all divinities. This meaning, exemplified in the English word "atheism," did not apply until the 17th century. This belief functions chiefly as a response to the cross-cultural belief in an omnipresentOmnipresentLatin, omnipraesentem "all, every present"present in all places at the same timeView Dictionary, omnipotentOmnipotentLatin, omnipotentem, "all-powerful, almighty"possessing unlimited power and/or authorityView Dictionary, and omniscientOmniscientLatin, omniscientem "all-knowledge"possessing complete, unlimited knowledgeView Dictionary supreme deity that is responsible for the creation of the world or universe. Atheism Beliefs Atheism Timeline

Free Samples | Freebies | Free Stuff Modern Free Spiritualism Spiritualism And The First Spiritual Temple March 31, 1848, is the established founding date of the Modern Spiritualist Movement. No one doubts the significance of this date; however, it represents but one link in a wondrous chain of events which led to the reincarnation of Ancient Spiritualism within a modern world. We want to share with you the wonder and mystery of what Spirit was attempting to do and fulfill, not simply on the evening of March 31, 1848, but prior to that fateful date and up to more recent times. Spiritualism belongs to all people and to all religions. A five-part series on the history of the Modern Spiritualist Movement; events leading to March 31, 1848, and what followed thereafter: Included is an exceptional trance address, delivered through the mediumship of Mrs. Remembering the Pioneers: A series of biographical sketches of some of the pioneer mediums, proponents, and researchers of early Spiritualism who made a difference. What's It All About? Did You Know?

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