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Copycat Candy Recipes To make all of these Instructables, download this collection of How To’s as an ebook. Download » "Copycat Candy Recipes" is your backstage pass to famous brand-name candies! sodarace home Life Inspirations 3919 164 160 618 1223 124 1130 443 1204 266 416 688 123 290 171 1012 111 126 1767 1806 134 3125 1424 1998 473 273 2152 538 1736 841 516 451 758 811 5021 2764 2246 3018 2375 Las aventuras de Mister Coo Photos : Sokoblovsky Farms - Russia's Finest Purveyors of Miniature Lap Giraffes The Parentals: The Bull Vladimir Cow Raina Cow Svetlana 3D Total - The cg artists home page Emotion Fractal Given a rectangular area defined by two points, that of the upper left and lower right corners, place an arbitrarily sized word anywhere within it. Further subdivide the remaining area into rectangles and repeat the process for each. The result is a region of space completely filled with increasingly smaller type. A limit on the depth of the recursive call exists in addition to reasonably limiting the size of the region to be filled (in this case, 8 square pixels or more). An exit strategy must always be formulated in recursive construction, or the algorithm will run endlessly until all available computational resources have been consumed.

Before I Die What matters most to you Interactive public art project that invites people to share their personal aspirations in public. After losing someone she loved and falling into depression, Chang created this experiment on an abandoned house in her neighborhood to create an anonymous place to help restore perspective and share intimately with her neighbors. Beauty « aderhold advanced postproduction photographer: Anatol Kotte, client: MB Magazin Tontrennung, photographer Anatol Kotte, free work photographer Anatol Kotte, free work All Abums Released: August 29, 2006Uploaded: April 19, 2008 Tracklist:Dilltastic Vol Won(derful)False Media feat. Wadud AhmadGame Theory feat. Malik B.Don't Feel Right feat.

7 Lessons From 7 Great Minds Have you ever wished you could go back in time and have a conversation with one of the greatest minds in history? Well, you can’t sorry, they’re dead. Unless of course you’re clairaudient, be my guest. But for the rest of us, we can still refer to the words they left behind. Even though these great teachers have passed on, their words still live, and in them their wisdom. I’ve made a list of seven what I believe are some of the greatest teachings by the world’s greatest minds. Bubble trouble Every day I faced off against lackluster tresses, while two friends of mine couldn’t stop raving about their own glossy, sexy hair. They had recently stopped shampooing — just went cold turkey — and the results were marvelous. Both are decidedly un-crunchy, so I knew they weren’t making some hippieish statement about evil soap conglomerates or shampoo pollution in our waterways; this no-suds policy, I reasoned, must actually be good for hair. What did I have to lose? I tossed out my shampoo, began simply rinsing my hair in the shower every day, and waited to be dazzled by my new chemical-free, naturally lustrous mane.

banksy versus bristol museum a few years ago i attended an uh-mazing banksy exhibition in downtown los angeles and have been eagerly awaiting the elusive graffiti artist's return. alas, mr. bansky choose instead to set up his latest wares in new york and bristol. on june 13th, banksy's largest exhibition entitled "banksy versus bristol museum" was unveiled at the bristol city museum. it features more than 100 of banksy's works mixed amongst the museum's permanent collection (including a mouse with a backpack tucked inside of a natural history case. someone, please send me a picture! check out the mouse here. thanks, matt, more the picture!). on opening day, a line of eager fans snaked around the corner, waiting more than an hour for admission. and finally, a picasso banksy WHORANGE philosophy...