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10+ Best Apps For Your Dropbox If you’ve been using Dropbox for a while, you may not have noticed that a whole ecosystem of applications have been built up to use the service. Over time, these apps have sprung up to fill all of the little holes Dropbox left unfilled. There are apps now for just about everything. It’s possible to sync Google Docs to Dropbox, automatically send Gmail attachments to Dropbox, play music in a browser from your Dropbox music files, encrypt your Dropbox, easily host a website or blog in Dropbox, collect URLs and web clippings to Dropbox and to automate file syncs between all of your social networks and Dropbox. You can even view all of your Dropbox files alongside your Google Docs, Box files and FTP files in the one web interface. 1. DropItToMe is a service which allows you to set up a URL specifically for your friends and clients to use for uploading things to your Dropbox. JotForm lets you create an online form for people to fill out, which then gets saved to your Dropbox. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Affectations SIGEM 2012 Documentaire Dans la peau d'un admissible Le 19/11/2012, TBS organisait une avant-première du documentaire auprès des classes préparatoires françaises. En fin de projection, un TCHAT a permis aux étudiants et aux enseignants de classes préparatoires de poser de nombreuses questions sur le programme Grande École et/ou sur le documentaire. Sur le plateau (de gauche à droite) : Alexia Anglade, Directrice de la communication ; Isabelle Assassi, Directrice Programme Grande Ecole ; Florence Lacoste, Directrice adjointe Programme Grande Ecole Parmi les admissibles, combien sont réellement admis à Toulouse Business School à l'issue des entretiens ? 70 à 80% environ Où pouvons-nous nous procurer les annales des sujets d'oraux ? Les sujets d'oraux sont transmis chaque année à l'issue du concours à l'ensemble des professeurs de classes préparatoires afin qu'ils puissent s'en inspirer lors de la préparation aux oraux avec leurs étudiants. Quelles sont les principales causes d'échecs ? C'est très variable. 20% à 30% environ. Oui, bien entendu.

Speedy mini-plenaries and AFL « Niles's Blog Click here for more blog posts about teaching. On the amazing, but busy, mfl-resources mailing list, someone asked for ideas about how to do assessment for learning (AFL) whilst keeping a lesson pacey. Here were some ideas I gave in an answer. Mini-quizes “Turn to the back of your book. (even quicker if you have the test and the answers on slides, which you can quickly type up during another activity or have ready before. Whole class multiple choice activities Teach your class the sign language for A B C D – you can do this pretty quickly the first time you do it, and subsequent times they will know it already and only need a little reinforcement. You can generate multiple choice questions on a set of vocab using Task Magic and then use them as a whole class activity this way. I have seen class sets of coloured laminated cards with A B C D on, held together by treasury tags, which is also a good way to do it, but I still prefer mine with the sign language (it’s also “citizenship”)