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Making Learning Fun

Making Learning Fun

Teacher Lesson Plans, Printables & Worksheets by Grade or Subject - Kindergarten Readiness Checklist To do well in school, children need to be supported and nurtured in all areas of development. It is also important that your child is physically, socially and emotionally ready for school. This checklist can help serve as your guide. But please remember, young children change so fast! If they cannot do something this week, you may see them do it a couple of weeks later. Is your child ready for kindergarten? Physical Skills Does your child... enjoy outdoor play such as running, jumping, and climbing; draw and trace basic shapes; cut with scissors; bounce a ball; or ride a tricycle? Tips to help your child with physical skills Materials that will help your child develop the motor skills needed to learn to write include crayons, markers, pencils, glue, scissors, paper and paint, puzzles, legos and blocks. Health and Safety Needs Has your child… Tips to help your child with health and safety needs Help your child learn their full name, address and telephone number. Personal Needs

Fairytales - FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, Free Interactives and Games 1000s FREE Primary Teaching Resources & Printables - EYFS, KS1 and KS2 - SparkleBox Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten Who/What/Where/When/Why/How in the world... Happy Halloween SLPeeps! "I love when Halloween is on a Wednesday"... said NO person who works with or has children EVER! I hope you're surviving this crazy week! We've been having a blast with the "I Mustache You a Question" material I posted last week. However, it really helps me to see what students are still struggling with when it comes to answering and formulating questions. You can grab this document of posters free here. Also... Enjoy Halloween!

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