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25 Google+ Tips to Enhance Your Google+

25 Google+ Tips to Enhance Your Google+
Google has finally rolled out Google+ which is not yet another service like Google Wave and Buzz, but is an amazing and power packed social networking website which is deemed to rise very high and compete with today’s biggies ‘Facebook and Twitter’. I tried out Google+ after getting an invite and found it really interesting, may it be its simple and cool design or the variety of features it offers. One has to accept that Google has done some really good and hard work in bringing out Google+. After all, it was their long time wish to have a Google Social Network that can dominate over the web. # Here are some useful Google+ Tips shared by Matt Cutts and users who responded to Matt’s post at Google+. 1. 2. 3. (*)bold(*): Add * before and after the message. (_)italics(_): Add _ before and after the message. (-)strike-through(-): Add - before and after the message. For example: *Hello* _everyone_ -Mayur- will appear as shown below: 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Google+: 8 Quick Tips & Tricks Google Plus (aka Google+), Google's new social network, might offer the right mix of sharing and privacy to woo you away from your Facebook account. If you don't know how to use it, though, it's just a confusing mess of circles and contacts. So we've assembled a few tips to help you get started. (If you aren't on Google Plus yet, try our Google Plus invite trick.) In Video: Google Launches the Google+ Social Networking Service Tweak your email notification options. Change your profile's field-sharing settings. Disable resharing. Check your Incoming feed. Use the Your Circles option while sharing. Start some Sparks. Click through profile pictures. Add some basic formatting.

A Weekend With Google+. | The Refined Geek When I wrote about Google+ last week I was under no delusions that I’d be able to get myself into the program before they started doing their open testing. Like Google Wave and Gmail before it I didn’t have any friends who were in on the first round invites so I put my name in the email form and resigned to come back to it after all the hubbub had died down. One of my clever friends (who has recently become a fellow blogger) hit up someone giving out invites on Twitter and was himself granted invites upon joining in. The landing page of Google+ looks eerily similar to that of Facebook’s, with a very familiar 3 column layout that has all the major components in approximately the same positions. As part of the Google+ implementation it looks like at least one other service, Google Talk, received a small upgrade in functionality. The circles idea is an interesting one, albeit one that I don’t have much use for currently.

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101 Google+ Tips Although Google+ has just born for a few days in a limited trial field, it already has over 10 million users who share 1 billion items every day. The following are 101 tips for you to hack Google+, whether you are already a user or not. Bonus: You can get an invite by leaving a comment in this post. Circles You can add anyone into a circle, even though they are not Google+ users.You can add up to 5000 people into a circle.You can create as many circles as you like, and you can also add a same user into multiple circles.One people in multiple circles counts one, and you can’t have more than 5000 people in all your circles.You can remove or block anyone in your circles.People in your circle do not have to add you in their circles.You can add all your Gmail contacts into your circles.You can export your Facebook friends to Yahoo Mail, and then import them to your Gmail. Extensions Except the last 3, all the other extensions are workable for Chrome only. Scripts Posts Hot Keys Text Websites: Settings

Tips, tricks & add-ons for Google+ It’s been 2 weeks, and Google+ has captured the attention of the tech community in a very real way. Since the initial invite seed, hundreds of articles about the service have been written, and it has been the talk of every news source I have seen. Facebook responded to Google+ within a week by offering similar services and promising much more on the way, and Google’s been tweaking the service nonstop. These are, in essence, services that are built in but not highly advertised. – You are able to both delete comments that other users make on your posts and report them if they are abusive. – Eventually, you’re probably going to want to block someone. - There’s a good chance that you’ve been on one of those other social networks before, and might have some friends there whose real name you didn’t know. There are also a handfull of tricks you can do to extend Google+ beyond just the browser and the app. This website is a tool for those interested in exporting their data from Facebook.

How to invite your pals to Google+ A lot of people want to get in on the beta test of Google+, Google's new social-networking service . If you're one of the folks in the in-crowd, there's something you can do to get your friends on board right now. And it's not as obvious as clicking an "invite friends" button to invite them directly. Google opened up that possibility last night but then shut it down after a fleeting moment because of what Google's Vic Gundotra called "insane demand." Instead, you have to use a built-in e-mail option for Google+ that happens to have a viral marketing component. First, figure out who you'll send invitations to. For friends whose e-mails are already in your Gmail address book or otherwise discoverable in Google+'s Circles section, add them to a special circle you created for G+ invitees. Next, start a new Google+ message, the equivalent of a Facebook update message or a Twitter tweet. Next, address the message. Last, click the "share" button.

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40 Google+ tips and tricks for power users Google+ is all the rage right now. Even under its limited-invite "field trial" phase, the social sharing service is growing in leaps and bounds, with oodles of new users joining every day and even more champing at the bit to get in. Most of us, however, are only beginning to scratch the surface of what Google+ can do; like many Google products, G+ is brimming with advanced features and untapped tweaks. For more G+ tips and general tech talk, be sure to join me on Google+ as well. Google+ Tips Part 1: The Stream 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Sorting out your social circles on Google+ I have been playing with Google+ for a week and it reminds me of the early days of Facebook, Twitter and several other social networks. One of my guiding principles has been to try just about everything and to abandon anything that doesn’t work out, which is why the Internet is littered with my accounts. I have made more social networking mistakes than I care to list, and as I dive into Google+ I am being a bit more cautious than I have been in the past because I know what a time-suck social websites can be. One of the biggest mistakes I have made on social networks is having hundreds of friends who I don’t know. Part of the problem is that I never took a proactive approach to the whole friendship thing. My friends will tell you that is because I am not a people person. What makes Google+ unique is that it handles lists graphically, and they are called groups. The very first thing I did when I set up my Google+ account was to make a special circle for people who I want to ignore.

Google+ Referral Traffic Possible to Track, Unlike Buzz What is this string? And what could it mean? Last year's launch of Google Buzz was followed by some blogger navel gazing around how referral traffic from the social network within Gmail was sending negligible traffic. The rub, of course, was that Gmail is served under SSL, and would not be sending back session headers to downstream sites, regardless of click-through volume. So guessing whether Buzz was driving a high or low percentage of traffic relative to other sites was pretty much a guess. For those viewing raw logs, or using third party tools (like Sitemeter, which I use in addition to Google Analytics, Quantcast and Icerocket, just to overload myself with data), you can see Google+ referrals having the following string: If you can track how many times visitors come your way with that particular string in their referral, then you can know just how much an impact Google+ is giving you downstream. So watch for that string if you care about this stuff.

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Tricks, Cords, File Extension Hacks Readers offer their best tips for formatting text in Google Plus, organising cords with Pringles cans, and avoiding unwanted image uploads by tweaking file extensions. About the Tips Box: Every day we receive boatloads of great reader tips in our inbox, but for various reasons — maybe they’re a bit too niche, maybe we couldn’t find a good way to present it, or maybe we just couldn’t fit it in — the tip didn’t make the front page. From the Tips Box is where we round up some of our favourites for your buffet-style consumption. Got a tip of your own to share? Format Text in Your Google+ Updates Reader drilon notes: you can format text in Google+ comments and posts with *text* for bold, -text- for strike through and _text_ for italic. Wrap Your Loose Vacuum Cord Around a Pringles Can Reader Kevin Greimel writes: My dogs like to eat sticks in the living room, so a weekly vacuuming is always in order. Hack File-Scanners with Custom Extensions Reader Java-Princess writes: Reader SeeYa32 writes:

How To Share Google Reader Posts On G+ If you use Google Reader to access your RSS feeds, you’ve probably noticed that the built-in “sharing” feature does not export those shares to Google+. However, you can manually share Reader items on Google+ if you are using a desktop or laptop browser. This tip does not work with Safari and the iPad or iPhone. This “Share” box exists on all Google services that I tested, which means you can use this tip to share photos, YouTube clips or links that you find using Google search, for example. (1) When you are logged into Google services, there is a “black bar” across the top of the browser: Logged Into Google Services, Specifically Logged Into Google+ (2) Click “Reader” to shift to that service. Logged Into Google Services, Specifically Google Reader (3) When you find an article you’d like to share on Google+, shift your eyes to the top-right. The Share Feature On Google Services Is On The Right Side Of The Tool Bar Sharing Google Reader Items on Google Plus

The Google Plus 50 If you’re curious about Google+, the new social network platform from Google, you’re not alone. I’ve logged several hours already on the platform, experimenting, testing, and observing. It sparks my attention from several angles: marketing, technology, community, media, mobile, advertising, and more. The purpose of this list is to get you thinking about a bunch of different possibilities. The Google+ 50 Google+ is built to take you away from either Facebook or Twitter (or both), and it could do it, in time. “A question to ask yourself is, ‘Should I get in early, before anyone’s there to bother with? A standalone Google+ Apps version plus Google Docs = a very powerful business collaboration environment that would trump most white label social enterprise tech easily. “Would all Google’s efforts in building an OS plus their commanding growth in mobile point to a potential rapid leapfrogging of either Twitter or Facebook? “Will the mainstream pick this up the way they did Twitter?