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Lia Griffith - handcraft your life

Lia Griffith - handcraft your life

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Nativity Lantern - Explore the Christmas Story with this simple Upcycled Craft At this time of year we love filling our house with light. Our Advent candles & Christmas tree lights are filling the house with a welcoming glow & brightening up those dark evenings. To add a special glow to our house Minnie created a beautiful Nativity Lantern, & it's been lovely to have as a centrepiece on the table for meal times. This upcycled craft is simple to create, all you need is a clean jam jar or coffee jar, some white greaseproof paper (or tracing paper), 2 strips of thin card (your choice of colour), some double sided tape, & felt-tip pens. We started by measuring a section of greaseproof paper around our jam jar, making sure it was slightly taller than the jar.

Cozy Homemaking Nothing much to say today but wishing a super happy birthday to a most wonderful & stunning person on this planet, someone who's been a light on my path, and who taught me so many things in/of life. Happy birthday sunshine, I love you so very much ! And a little something for you here ... ox Pipe Cleaner Rose Here's a clever way to make a rose from pipe cleaners - and we warn you that it can become quite addictive! We've used white pipe cleaners for a white rose, but you could of course use red, pink or orange and make roses for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. You will need:

Such Pretty Things I have such a treat for you all interview with Christina Strutt, of Cabbage and Roses fame! Her newest book, Living Life Beautifully, has just been released by CICO Books and I was thrilled to have the chance to ask her a few questions... Q. POTIONSMITH: Pipe Cleaner Skeleton This is my version of a pipe cleaner skeleton created years ago to make a little boy happy. Why was this young man obsessed with skeletons? Pyrates. Not POTC pirates, but MegaBloks Pyrates. Later MegaBlocks did make a few POTC sets, but they didn’t have the same magic.

SMP Living If we had to pick one thing that the Parisians do crazy well, it’s picnicking (or maybe fashion). But for this how-to, we’re focusing on their ability to lay out the yummiest wine + cheese + baguette spreads. Learn the easy five step approach to packing a gorgeous French apero from Katie Donnelly Photography plus find even more pretty inspirtion in the VAULT. Living in Paris there are only a few things that are ever certain: rain, red lipstick, the Eiffel Tower, and Parisians picnicking the second it becomes sunny. In France, picnics in the evening fall under the category of “aperitif” but everyone calls it “apero” for short.

DIY Crafts for Kids: Color Block T-Shirt Making a Color Block T-Shirt is a fun craft you can do with your kids. This unbelievably easy DIY project will take you minutes to complete and your little one can pick out whatever color combo he or she wants! This is also a great way to cover up any stained shirts. (Don’t worry! We won’t tell . . .) Supplies: Pipecleaner Crafts for Kids : Arts and Crafts Activities with Pipe Cleaners & Chenille Stems for Children & Preschoolers Home > Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids > Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids to Make Handmade Popsicle Stick Crafts and Creations Below you will find pipe cleaner crafts projects for kids. Find out how to rmake cool crafts with pipe cleaners / chenille stems with the following arts and crafts decorations, instructions, patterns, and activities for children How to Make Pipe Cleaner 'Crazy Eyes' Glasses To make these 'crazy eyes' glasses, you will need pipe cleaners. Pick the color of your glases and then get several pieces of this color to make the entire pair of glasses.

Molly's Sketchbook: Friendship Bracelets Macraméd friendship bracelets were all the rage when I was growing up in the eighties. All the girls at my school would obsessively make them for one another in a dizzying variety of colors, widths, and patterns. It's amazing, thinking back, that such young girls could make such beautifully intricate accessories. I, of course, tried my hand at making them as well.

DIY Family Fun: Colored Bubbles My little guy loves color and bubbles. So, I combined the two to make a family fun DIY project and created an an instant favorite! With a few items from around the house you can make your very own colored bubbles in a few minutes. Thrive 360 Living: DIY Glitter Gems & Magnets I'm making a treasure box for my son, and I wanted to make my own gem treasures to decorate the box with and put inside as a surprise. As it turns out, these glitter gems also make great magnets. This is the post that I found for inspiration. (This post contains affiliate links to Amazon for your convenience.) Here's what you need for this project:

Sanctuary I've been at home today, nursing a flu with copious amounts of tea (brewed in that silver tea pot, which used to belong to my English Grandma Ellen -she's now 97 and going unbelievably strong,