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How to make animal pom-poms - Mr Printables Blog

How to make animal pom-poms - Mr Printables Blog
After making those flower pompoms, I couldn’t help making more. Maybe it’s called procrastination. I have hundreds of other things on my to-do list, but then this week I thought, well, hey let’s just make more pompoms! Among many other ideas, I went for having a go at animal pompoms. It’s just that kids love animals most and that’s what matters here on Mr P! They are a little more difficult to make if you’ve never tried making pompoms, so in that case, start with the flower pompoms here then you’ll be able to easily move on to more complex designs. Basically the method is the same. Start with the nose and mouth in the middle, wrap around the surrounding face color on top of this, a little wrapping floating in the middle for the eyes then finishing with more face color. Place a pencil (or your finger) on one end and wrap extra yarn around it a bit like this. I had a comment from a reader who thought my pompoms looked perfect and hers weren’t. Before the trimming: a sad koala. Yay! Related:  CE2Programming - Kids✂ POMPOM

Les 6 traits d'écriture Par Zazou468 le 31 Juillet 2012 à 04:18 Je suis emballée, encore une fois, de participer au rallye-liens proposé par Delfynus durant lequel vous découvrirez une panoplie d'activités géniales pour souligner la rentrée. Bonne découverte! Comme je l'ai déjà mentionné, j'utiliserai les 6 traits d'écriture pour amener les élèves à développer leurs habiletés d'écrivain. Dès le début de l'année, je mettrai en place des activités pour permettre aux élèves de se créer une banque d'idées d'écriture à exploiter lors des ateliers d'écriture. En ce sens, voici quelques idées d'activités ayant pour but d'enrichir leur carnet d'idées qui sera rangé dans leur classeur d'écrivain. Activité #1: J'ai la tête remplie de... Comme activité de présentation, je demanderai aux élèves de remplir une fiche J'ai la tête remplie de... afin de se présenter et/ou résumer ses vacances d'été. - des souvenirs de leur été- ce qu'ils aiment- ce qu'ils n'aiment pas- ce qui les décrit bien- etc. Activité #3: préciser ses idées

Glue ghosts {Halloween fine motor craft for kids} My kids and I made these glue ghosts last year as part of our Halloween celebrations. Using just glue, these glue ghosts ended up with a white translucent look that was just perfect for a ghost. And as I learned while we did this activity, these glue ghosts are a really great Halloween fine motor craft due to all the work required to squeeze so much glue out of the bottle! Note: You’ll find more Halloween crafts, activities, and printables on my Halloween activities for kids page. These glue ghosts require very few materials. The key materials are a plastic food storage bag and plenty of glue. because, hey, life’s more fun with googly eyes! I placed all of the materials on an easy-to-clean tray. This next part is where this turns from a regular Halloween craft into a Halloween fine motor craft. My kids’ fingers got quite tired during this part, but they kept squeezing and squeezing until the outline was filled in. Once their ghosts were filled in with glue, we added the goggly eyes. See On

Wooly Sheep Keyring Here’s a great activity to use up scraps of yarn and make a few fantastic little gifts. It’s a quick and easy project and so simple that it makes a wonderful weekend or summer holiday activity for children. All you need is some scrap yarn (bonus points for using wool) and a small amount of polymer clay. Start by making a small pom-pom with a diameter of about 2-3 cm (1-1¼”). If you have a super-swish pom-pom maker, then you’re sorted, but if you’re not lucky enough to own one then please save yourself a bit of time and frustration by making your pompoms using a fork. I have made a little brown sheep simply because it is easier to see the brown yarn against a white background, but you can have a rainbow of sheep if you have bright enough yarn. Roll three balls of clay – one should be about three times the size of the other two and they should be comparative to the size of the pom-pom as in the picture above. FO and Tutorial: Polymer Clay Shawl Pin In "FO" In "knitting"

Exploitation des p'tites Poules en cycle 3 Par elcaracol dans Série Les petites poules le 1 Novembre 2013 à 18:15 Du nouveau chez les P'tites Poules! Voici le travail de Caro79 détaillant les références culturelles, les jeux de langue, les expressions... contenus dans les 8 premiers albums de la collection. Une exploitation en vocabulaire très chouette pour des élèves de cycle 3! En prime, elle nous offre les paroles d'une parodie de la chanson de Laurent Voulzy: Rockcollection, façon P'tites Poules... C'est MERCI beaucoup à elle pour cette contribution! Hawaii :: Travel n' Stuff 4 Kids Kohala Coast, photo by Tammy Yee. White sand beaches, sunshine and unique culture...Hawaii has everything to offer on your next family vacation, including downtime for parents. Each of the main islands has its own personality, where you can explore a wide array of activities in diverse settings, from sandy shores, to tropical rain forests, to snow-capped volcanoes. The Hawaiian Islands: Oahu From the gentle waves of Waikiki to the winter behemoths crashing along the famous North Shore, Oahu sports a third of the state's best surfing beaches. North Shore Day Trip Wintering on Oahu would be incomplete without visiting the North rent a car and pack the kids. Remember, as a safety precaution, always watch your children and never turn your back to the ocean. While you're on the North Shore, stop by the Waimea Valley Audubon Center. Torch Ginger, one of 5,000 species of tropical plants you'll find at Waimea Valley Audubon Center. ©2010 Tammy Yee All rights reserved.

Pom Pom Flowers I have a thing for flowers that look like pom poms. Mums, allium, chive blossoms, dahlias – love ‘em! Since fresh flowers aren’t always in the budget, and because I have a brown thumb, I started thinking about what I could do to brighten up our apartment with flowers without actually using flowers. Soon, the idea for some sort of pom pom flower started bouncing around in my head, and this is what I came up with. How to make pom poms? Though my method basically follows the Bella Dia tutorial, I have made some slight variations, so I’ve posted my method below. What you’ll need for the project: yarn small, sharp scissors wire cutters a hot glue gun and glue sticks materials for the stems (paper or fabric covered floral wire or my favorite, branches or twigs) Using your thumb, hold the end of the yarn against your fingers as you begin to wrap the yarn. The more times you wrap the yarn, the fuller your pom pom will be. Cut a piece of yarn that is between 4 and 6 inches long to use as a tie.

bulletin boards I am finally getting around to posting photos of my art room this year. I try to change things up each year, just to keep it fresh. You can view last year's version here. Gone are the pennants and tissue poms above the tables. The fire marshall put an end to those. However, I think this year's version turned out just fine, thanks largely in part to the bright table coverings. The I CANs are held up using Stikki-Clips and are easily changed. Below the I CANs are the art project charts that I use to show the art projects we have worked on, are currently working on, and will work on next. This is obviously my desk area, but it is also my little nook where I have just about everything within reach. Many of us use the ART letters as a classroom management tool. A panoramic view. Once I was told I couldn't have anything hanging from the ceiling, it was back to the drawing board trying to show the different table colors. Table buckets contain the most used art supplies, all color coordinated.

Free Heart Cross Stitch Printable Patterns Several to Choose From or Use Them All! I originally created the heart cross stitches on the "Free Charts" page as blocks or squares to use on a baby afghan or baby quilt. I framed each with a heart--an element that tied together a wide variety of pictures and patterns. Taking a few minutes to read about each one, it doesn't take long to discover all kinds of ways to use them. I've made some suggestions, but you are sure to think of ones I haven't. That's what makes each and every cross stitch project truly unique. I'd love to hear what you come up with! Click for printable 'Zig Zag Heart' Another reason you'll like these hearts is that they are quick and easy. Even when your project requires several hearts, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction with each one you complete. Patterns Kids Can Stitch! It's often hard to find cross stitch patterns for kids to make. If your child is new to counted cross stitch, first pick the hearts with only full cross stitches and backstitches. Baby's Room Clothing

Making Pompoms in Bulk I’m always looking for ways to save time. I am currently working on a feature for Discovery Girls magazine that absolutely needed some pompoms–a lot of them. The thought of doing each one individually nearly took me under. 14 at a time? Add some neon thread to your final pile of poms and you’ve got a fun garland to hang anywhere– great party fare or tween room dec. Here is the tutorial for making pompoms in bulk. Materials ::A bench or table. ::Yarn ( I used around 200 yards for the small pom poms, and it was about right. ::Embroidery thread ::Scissors Tie one end of your yarn around one of the legs of your bench. Start wrapping around the two legs. Wrap a ton of yarn. When you have enough yarn, tie the end of the yarn to the leg of your bench. Now, you want to secure the center of your pompoms. You want to tie the thread at regular intervals across the hank of yarn. It will look like this after you tie them all off. Now you have a link of pom sausages like this. Trim the center threads.

Ressources informatiques et pédagogiques pour l'enseignant (TICE) Papperspyssel: Nyckelpigor på kort Nu är det min tur att hålla i dagens pyssel i pysselstafetten. snart kryper nyckelpigorna fram och jag tyckte det kunde passa med ett pyssel med småkryps-tema. Nyckelpigorna/skalbaggarna är busenkla att vika och är man bara noga med detaljerna kan det bli riktigt fina små kort av det hela. 1. Börja med ett fyrkantigt pappersark. Ca: 10x10 cm. är en bra storlek att öva med. 2. 3. 4. Det här var ju bara en liten "vik-skola". Här är mitt färdiga resultat. I morgon avslutas den här omgången av pysselstafetten, då är det hos sagolikt pyssel det händer grejer!

Pom Pom Fruit It’s been quiet here recently as we’re still mostly working on getting our fruity Apple & Pear Houses ready over at Rock & Pebble, but I see them all coming together nicely and they might even be ready to ship in less than a couple of weeks now. To celebrate, we’re going all tutti frutti this week! Ok, skip the promo (blush!) and now on to the pompoms. If you’re feeling a bit deficient in vitamin C after a long winter like us, this is where we’ll top up our extra fruit portions! Out of these fruit pompoms, I’ve managed step-by-step tutorial pics for the strawberry, kiwi, lemon and watermelon with some diagrams and trimming tips. The strawberry pompom is probably the easiest one so you can make a few in no time and kids will love a handful of them. As you can see, I’m still using the cardboard pompom maker I made for the previous pompoms and it’s now looking decidedly shabby in the photos. How to make Strawberry Pompoms 1. 2. 4. 5. How to make Kiwi Pompoms 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

TICE – Se familiariser avec Beneyluschool, V2 « Cartable d Depuis 3 ans, j’ai inscrit ma classe à l’espace numérique Beneyluschool. J’ai même essayé de convertir mes collègues, mais en vain. Peu importe, moi j’aime bien, je trouve que c’est important à plusieurs titres : l’espace est clos et sécurisé, les enfants accèdent à leurs devoirs, les parents peuvent y regarder aussi, j’y mets à disposition les traces écrites / leçons, ce qui peut aider les enfants à rattraper un peu de retard. Et puis surtout, je trouve que c’est une façon d’appréhender les espaces personnels de travail dans un environnement qui plait beaucoup aux enfants. Mais pour ça, il faut justement que les enfants s’y repèrent, naviguent d’un module à l’autre facilement et en sachant ce qu’ils vont trouver dans chaque ou bien le module où ils vont trouver ce qu’ils cherchent. Trois objectifs à ces quelques séances : Objectif 1 : Savoir s’identifier sur un espace personnel, à partir d’un couple identifiant / mot de passe. Déroulement de la séquence : Les séances individuelles :

grade two | K-8 Art Sand Dollars This was a fun and simple year end project that used up left over paint. Second and third graders looked at a variety of sand dollars as the inspiration for these colorful paintings. They noticed the roundish shapes, five spokes and textures made of dots and lines. Students painted directly on large 12″ x 18″ colored construction paper, remembering to pull the brush to get smooth lines. Radial symmetry was emphasized. Treehouse This second grade project began with a lesson on painting trees. Snowy Trees Second and third graders created these wonderful winter sculptures in 2 classes. Students created the animals from small bits of Model Magic. Sprinkling snow glitter on the snow, or dabbing glitter glaze on the branches, adds a sparkling touch if time allows. Hen and Chick Grade 2 The second grade study of Grant Wood culminated in this mixed media composition.