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LEGO. Sweet Science. It's Time to Tangle: Double Cursive Tangle Drawing. Tangle drawing time!

It's Time to Tangle: Double Cursive Tangle Drawing

I’m so excited to be wrapping up my 4-part series of drawing games/projects from my book, Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids! This has been a blast sharing all these with you guys, and I’ve seen a lot of yours and your kids’ drawings, which never ceases to make me feel a little emotional. (Did you know I’m a sensitive flower?) If you haven’t yet nabbed a copy of the book, you can get it at: Amazon Barnes and Noble Indie Bound …and some Hobby Lobby and Michaels stores.

On to the tangle project, and I’ll link to the other 3 projects in the series below. As you may have noticed, my brand of tangling is not exactly Zentangle, but more of an exploration into all things doodly fun. This tangle project I’ve come up with is great for kids, beginners, or if you just want to make a finished tangle piece that doesn’t take all day. You need white card stock and ultra fine point Sharpies. You hold 2 markers together and write a word in cursive, then tangle inside the spaces. Paper Crafts: Paper Pulp Pendants. DIY PAPER TUBE BALL AND CUP GAME FOR KIDS. Chances are your kids are familiar with the the classic and timeless ball and cup game.


The goal is simple, get the ball into the cup. With no difficult rules to follow, this intuitive game is a winner each time. Here's an easy DIY toy version you can make with something you probably already have at home - paper tubes! Show off your kids' art on them to personalize this easy toy to make even more. Straw Rockets (with Free Rocket Template)

Print out our free rocket printable and have fun making some straw rockets!

Straw Rockets (with Free Rocket Template)

Artplay home 3 5years. Artplay home 5plus. Gossiping Birds Tote- fun with Neon! This post is sponsored by ilovetocreate and Tulip Products Tired of a cold dark winter?

Gossiping Birds Tote- fun with Neon!

Well, I’m here to bring some neon brightness to you to chase away the cold winter blues! The nice folks at ilovetocreate sent me a package of neon Tulip products made especially for fabric with the challenge to create something bright and springlike! Montessori Pin Poking to Develop Concentration, Coordination, and Pincer Grip for Writing {Montessori Monday} -

I’ve been wanting to do a literature-based art project with my 2-year-old granddaughter, Zoey.

Montessori Pin Poking to Develop Concentration, Coordination, and Pincer Grip for Writing {Montessori Monday} -

But it requires the use of two very popular Montessori activities, which needed to be introduced. The first practical life activity was eggshell crushing. Today’s activity, pin poking, is also a favorite activity of many children in Montessori schools around the world. Montessori Pin Poking to Develop Concentration, Coordination, and Pincer Grip for Writing – Video. Butterflies. I saw this craft after the years of different butterfly punch art and i was finally ready. i had pictures of annie painting the paper but they have disappeared. the first step is to watercolor paint on paper.paint all over with pattern or with out....less water makes for brighter colored paint.and let it dry. then punch out as many butterflies as you can. i bought this martha stewart butterfly punch at joann's.they are not cheap but it was on sale and they do have 40% off coupons quite often.and THAT punch is really cool.VERY easy to use!


It's in two pieces so you can punch out from any part of the paper not just on the edge.VERY COOL.i get why it costs more than the other's martha! GobbledyGoop™ Bag of Knowledge. Paper Plate Yarn Weaving - Sewing Hearts. This paper plate yarn weaving activity combines an easy Valentines Day craft with a beginner sewing project!

Paper Plate Yarn Weaving - Sewing Hearts

It’s great for fine motor development, and the results are so pretty! Not long ago, we did this paper plate yarn art project, and I was amazed by how lovely two simple supplies (yarn and a paper plate) could look. We’ve put the two materials together again today for this paper plate yarn weaving activity, and once more the results are beautiful! Because many people use the words “weaving” and “sewing” interchangeably with a project like this, I’ve use both words in this post. That will help people to find our activity when searching with either word. » Valentine’s Day: Wall Hanging. A take on rug hooking, this creates a lovely little wall hanging!

» Valentine’s Day: Wall Hanging

This activity was featured on The Crafty Crow! Take a peek at this wonderful craft collective for many other beautiful projects for children! Materials. Paper Lanterns (with LED lights) Paper lanterns everywhere.

Paper Lanterns (with LED lights)

These non-flammable, simply beautiful, versatile, paper lights, have been a staple in our summer entertaining --- scattered on dinner tables, added to picnic blankets, strung across the patio; they're even a excellent kid's craft: the kids have made night lights for their rooms. After making "night lights" for Grayson's camping birthday, I just couldn't stop. My personal current favorite are the ones made of news print. They are just so fresh. See? Paper: regular, transparent, news print, etc. Giant Gumdrop Ornaments. Lia Griffith - handcraft your life. Nativity Lantern - Explore the Christmas Story with this simple Upcycled Craft. At this time of year we love filling our house with light.

Nativity Lantern - Explore the Christmas Story with this simple Upcycled Craft

Our Advent candles & Christmas tree lights are filling the house with a welcoming glow & brightening up those dark evenings. To add a special glow to our house Minnie created a beautiful Nativity Lantern, & it's been lovely to have as a centrepiece on the table for meal times. This upcycled craft is simple to create, all you need is a clean jam jar or coffee jar, some white greaseproof paper (or tracing paper), 2 strips of thin card (your choice of colour), some double sided tape, & felt-tip pens. We started by measuring a section of greaseproof paper around our jam jar, making sure it was slightly taller than the jar.

Then my artist started to design her Nativity scene. Chameleon Pipe Cleaner Creature. Pipe Cleaner Rose. Here's a clever way to make a rose from pipe cleaners - and we warn you that it can become quite addictive! We've used white pipe cleaners for a white rose, but you could of course use red, pink or orange and make roses for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. You will need: 3 white pipe cleaners2 green pipe cleaners. Pipe Cleaner Butterflies : Easy Kids Craft. Easy Paper Crafts: Heart Mobiles for Valentine's. We adore Easy Paper Crafts – as paper is something that most people have readily available. Easy Paper Crafts are also inexpensive and fun to make. Today we have the gorgeous Craft Train share these adorable Heart Mobiles for Valentine’s Day! Part of the 31 Days of Love series. DIY RAINBOW PAPER HEART POM POM WREATH. Relief Teaching IdeasTextured Landscapes - Relief Teaching Ideas.


PrintIT. Crafts - Egypt. Puppets. Space. Cheesecloth ghosts. Crafts - Olympics. Craft - kites. Crafts - Super heroes. Bugs. Ballerinas. Paper bag town. Paper and pencil games. Masks. Balloons. Optical illusion art. Craft - bird feeders. Rock art. Resist arts. Craft - paper planes. Robots. Stickers. Minecraft. Newspaper Play Structures. Know what I love to do on days when it’s too cold or wet to go outside? Build stuff!! This fun geodesic dome was built using rolled up newspaper to form rods — SO frugal! I basically followed the tutorial here, but made one important adjustment.

Rather than using staples at the joints, I punched holes with a hole puncher on each end of the newspaper rod, then threaded a pipe cleaner through the holes. I twisted the pipe cleaner, which kept everything in place AND made our newspaper rods re-usable!! The girls loved building, taking things apart, and then re-building different structures all afternoon…right up until dinner time! Mona Lisa Template. Kids Crafts- Plaster Casting with Sand. Summer is the time for fun kids crafts, and plaster casting with sand is a as easy as making a sand castle!

A fun craft tutorial to keep both you and the kids busy on a sunny day. Years ago, I started collecting suns for my kitchen. I love Native American art, and they often incorporate the sun in what they do. So, I would say my kitchen has a Native American look. In fact, I’ve collected so many suns in the forms of wall art and decorations, that my husband actually asked me to stop. I’ve been playing around with the idea of creating my own molds and it occurred to me that one of the most versatile ways of creating a mold would be to use sand. Secret LETTERS. How to Finger Knitting. So… my kids see me knitting and crocheting on a semi regular basis and are soooo keen to learn. Red Ted is 6yrs old and Pip Squeak is 4yrs old. I think Red Ted is JUST old enough to learn how to knit, but Pip Squeak is still a little young. So I thought we should start with how to finger knit first. KID-MADE BEADED FINGER KNITTING NECKLACES. My daughter recently came home from school excited to show me something new she learned from her friends - finger knitting!

She's been doing it nonstop with scraps of leftover yarn we have at home. Let's Make Halloween Pompoms. Build a Marble Run with Craft Sticks. Of all the many marble runs we’ve built over the years, this is our new favorite! Marshmallow Shooters. Monster Blow Painting. We first had a go at blow painting a long time ago, when my girls were still small, my big boy just a baby, and the baby not even born yet! When my kids were little, art was all about the process and not so much about the product, and blow painting was all about learning to blow not suck, and moving the paint around on the paper. Now that they are getting older, they all love using art to represent ideas and create things. So adding one extra item to this blow painting activity, and suggesting that the blown paint looked like crazy hair, was all the prompt my kids needed to make crazy blow painting monsters!

Fart Noises. Crayon Transfer Technique.

Sand art

Pipe cleaners. Patty pans. Easy Origami Picture Frames - Micador. K'NEX Education - Intro To Simple Machines: Gears: Toys & Games. POTIONSMITH: Pipe Cleaner Skeleton. Pipecleaner Crafts for Kids : Arts and Crafts Activities with Pipe Cleaners & Chenille Stems for Children & Preschoolers. Thrive 360 Living: DIY Glitter Gems & Magnets. I'm making a treasure box for my son, and I wanted to make my own gem treasures to decorate the box with and put inside as a surprise.

As it turns out, these glitter gems also make great magnets.

Colour in

Scratchies. 3D colouring. Christmas. Fuzzy germs. Minute to win it. Easy Tin Foil Christmas Decorations. Paper Toys: Flextangles. Is Your Brain Cross-Lateralized? Detectives. Large Game sets. Flower Looms: Make Your Own Flower Loom. Resist art. Art for Kids: Ocean Scenes Using Chalk and Tempera Paint. Washi boxes. Stick Busters. Nature crafts. Paper ballerinas. How to Make Painted Paper.

Salt Dough Snake Craft. 12010 Beeld met gipsgaas. Lessons. Magic Picture: How to Make One. Shadow art. Tissue painting. Stamping. 12 Museum-Worthy DIY Paper Mobiles. Kids Craft: Mid Century Ceramic Hand Dish.


Newspaper sculpting. Cardboard roll art. Mosaics.