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Organizing Homelife

Organizing Homelife

I'm an Organizing Junkie - clutter & chaos free...most of the time IHeart Organizing Simple Dimples: Organization Binders DropBox download added/Updated Photos Dec. 10,2012 How the Binders are Organized Here are a few FREE PDF's of the templates I made to use inside my binders. Please check back as I will continue to update this list as I design more pages ;) I’ve added a DropBox download option since so many had problems with Google Drive. You can download all the files in a ZIP file from Dropbox HERE Binder 1: Family -Family Calendar, Wal-Mart sales cheap desk ones that are the perfect size (I have since stopped using a calendar in here and instead use a pocket calendar in my purse, that works better) Important Dates To do ( use this as my long term to do list, fix the driveway, table in laundry room, for daily to do’s those go in my pocket calendar) Medical Information - I didn't use this in my binder because of the personal information but wanted to share in case someone else could use it-Travel -SchoolSupply List -ShoppingGrocery list (PDF is finally available! Binder 2: Finances -Finances Binder 3: Fun

The Happy Housewife – Where Martha Meets Real Life I’ve partnered with Musselman’s to share their Spring into Action Challenge. All opinions are my own. How is your challenge going? Were you able to make some changes? My challenge isn’t going as well as I had hoped. The few days it has been nice this month I’ve had other commitments. I’m looking forward to April and another opportunity to get outside more with the kids. If you haven’t seen Musselman’s BIG CUP, it is a 6 oz. single-serve cup that contains 50% more delicious Musselman’s Apple Sauce in every serving. I’m teaming up with Musselman’s and challenging myself and my readers to do 50% more to live a healthier, happier life. If you are like me and want to get your family moving Musselman’s has a coupon for free bowling. Who’s ready for a second chance? This post may contain a link to an affiliate.

Blog Organized Menu Planning Menu planning is one of the most important aspects of home keeping. It should take priority on your schedule. One Project at a Time: September 2017 Welcome to our September 2017 One Project at a Time. Hardwood Floor Care Routine Hardwood floor care is a mundane task that most of us honestly don’t enjoy. Create a Homework Caddy School is beginning soon and that means it’s time to get the kids organized. One Project at a Time: August 2017 (Back To School Tips) Welcome back to One Project at a Time. The 2017 Summer Cleaning Bundle! Summer is my favorite time of year. One Project at a Time: July 2017 Welcome back to One Project at a Time. One Project At A Time: June 2017 With Memorial day crossed off the calendar, it’s finally time to dive into Summer. Laundry Room Organization (& a giveaway) I had the pleasure of writing a blog post about my updated laundry room and how to achieve order in this space, over at Molly’s Suds website. One Project at a Time: May 2017

A Bowl Full of Lemons. Life. Organized. Organizing Made Fun Crystal Wilkerson Organize and Decorate Everything — Organize Your Life and Decorate Your World Here is another garland I made for Emilee’s birthday and to decorate her bedroom door. This is another great way to give money as a gift. To make the Dollar Bow Garland you can make as many bows as you like and in any denomination. My folding skills aren’t amazing so I decided on making a simple bow. Fold one end of the bill toward the center, then the other end. Accordion fold the center of the bill a bit then smush it together. Cut a length of bakers twine and wrap it around the center of the bill a few times to secure it. Cut bakers twine for the length of the banner. Emilee loved it! I have one more garland I made for her birthday. Check out these posts if you missed fun ways to give money to teens:Straw GarlandBirthday Money Balloons Do you know the perfect birthday gift for your teen? I started with 50 $1 bills and 18 straws. I measured and cut the straws in half. Then I used a needle to pull the bakers twine through each straw. This is so exciting! Happy Sweet 16 Emilee!!!

Three Simple Tasks and a Green Tea There is not a thing more simplistic in this world than a good cup of tea. Steeped to perfection in a dainty cup you can take it to the quietest spot in the house and just enjoy the moment. I love to sip my tea by the kitchen window or on the tiny little balcony outside my bedroom. I absolutely plan to do this today after our Simple Daily Challenges. Three Simple Tasks: Empty out all the trash cans in the house. That is it, and when you are finished please enjoy a bit of tea or a nice glass of crisp, cold water. Tagged as: Chores Organizing Life with Less Parenting | Amy Volk - Live Better This was the post I wrote that was featured on KludgyMom last week. Talking to your teens about sex starts way before the teen years. I never had a conversation about sex growing up. I don’t even think we talked about periods, pregnancy, or boys, for that matter, so everything felt like a mystery to me. And you can bet that these experiences shaped my stance as a parent when it comes to talking to my own kids about sex and body image and feelings. It’s safe to say that in our current world, kids are introduced to sex, in some version, much earlier than we want them to be. 1. Having been a Registered Nurse, it’s easy for me to discuss things about the body from a clinical perspective, but get an anatomy book if you have to so you know how to answer questions. As they get older, these body parts aren’t some secret part of their bodies that you haven’t ever talked about. 2. I beg you not to make up kitschy terms like wee-wee, wee-nus, feef, choochie, or bum. 3. Stay with me here. 4. 5.

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