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75 Delicious Ways to Cook Eggs

75 Delicious Ways to Cook Eggs
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Do foods taste the same to animals as they do to us? Animals see and smell the world differently than we do, and research shows that even the foods we eat taste different across different palates. While vertebrates all have tongues, the number of taste buds differs by species. And just as the strength of our sense of smell depends on the number of olfactory receptors, a species' taste sensitivity depends on how many taste buds it has. Birds generally have very few taste buds. But herbivores like cows and pigs have even humans beat. "Herbivores have so many taste buds because they need to be able to tell if a specific plant contains dangerous toxins," according to Dr. But the real winner when it comes to taste sensitivity is the catfish. An advanced sense of taste is critical for catfish because they hunt in murky waters where visibility is low. Evolution of taste But taste isn't just a numbers game. In evolutionary terms, animals have used taste to determine if food is safe to eat. But not all animals have this wide of a taste spectrum.

Tasty Kitchen: A Happy Recipe Community! Easy Stir-Fried Beef With Mushrooms and Butter Easy Stir-Fried Beef With Mushrooms and Butter Posted by Shao Z., April 16, 2014 at 1:20 PM Soy sauce and butter are a perfect pair for tender marinated beef stir-fried with mushrooms. [Photographs: Shao Z.] It may not be traditional in the strictest sense of the word, but the combination of soy sauce and butter is quickly becoming a favorite both in Asia and here at home. Why this recipe works: Butter and soy sauce are a great combination that bring out the meaty richness of the meat while emulsifying into a creamy sauce.Cooking the meat first, then removing it from the wok while the mushroom liquid reduces ensures that everything ends up perfectly cooked at the same time. About the Author: I was born in Guangzhou, the birthplace of dim sum, and raised in the Chinatown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Place the beef in a large bowl.

A cupcake for every day of the month. The struggle. SCORE 119 The cone of happiness SCORE 114 I'll have a German Shepherd, shaken, not stirred. SCORE 114 Seriously, you won't regret it. My 2 cats are quite special. Pegman vs. Feel the Cauliflower Power! Our 11 Most Delicious Recipes! Written by PETA | August 19, 2014 Cauliflower is a wonderfully versatile vegetable for the summer months. A perfect addition to your backyard barbecues, it can be featured in a main dish, used in a wide variety of side dishes, or incorporated into a light salad. 1. Deconstruct cauliflower to create a unique breaded “meatball.” 2. Watch this video, feel your stomach growl, and then make the dish. 3. If you want to avoid using potatoes for any reason, this delicious cauliflower mash will rival its mashed potato equivalent! 4. Just add this cheese sauce to some macaroni, and you have yourself a vegan mac and cheese! 5. This easy-to-make dish features cauliflower and is truly to die for! 6. This casserole is the perfect dish to take to any vegan potluck or barbecue! 7. You can’t lose with this light, refreshing soup. 8. It’s too beautiful for words… 9. Here’s a simple side dish that we love to make. 10. They say that eating hot food on hot days cools you down! 11. Like what you see here?

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The Best Way to Roast a Duck (Hello, Crispy Skin!) Intimidated by roasting a whole duck? Don’t be. It takes a few hours, but it’s really pretty easy. You just need to know what to do with your bird. It’s kind of a labor of love, but it’s definitely worth it. With this method, the skin is crispy. This article demonstrates a step-by-step master recipe for roasting a plain duck, and then shows you how to lacquer it with a mouthwateringly spicy molasses and soy glaze. So you guys know I have a fair obsession with duck fat Now, I’ve roasted my share of ducks, but I’m always looking for ways to improve two things (which luckily, are tied together): how crisp the skin is and how much duck fat I get. Wait, Mouse. Duck fat keeps for months in the fridge. +Duck fat is a glorious companion to potatoes. On to the duck! I don’t buy duck very often. How to roast a duck: The basic technique Here’s the basic technique I use to roast a duck. If you’re a meat thermometer kind of person, you want your duck to register 165 degrees F. Master Recipe: Roast Duck

41 Delicious Facts About Chocolate That You Probably Didn't Know Postcards From The Future Show What London Will Look Like After Climate Change What will the world's biggest cities look like as climate change progresses? In a series called Postcards from the Future, U.K. artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones imagined future scenes from London, transforming familiar city views according to different scientific projections. "We were hearing a lot about the potential impacts of climate change, but everything we were hearing about was just words, or very two-dimensional graphics in magazines," says Madoc-Jones. "The only imagery we were getting was pictures or reports from places like Bangladesh…the trouble is that when you live in London, when you hear reports of people suffering in other parts of the world, you can easily forget about those things and put them to one side." In one scene, rising sea levels have turned London into a Venice-like city that has to be navigated by boat. "We had to think about what story we could tell with each view," says Madoc-Jones. [Illustrations: Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones]