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DIY Inspired Living

DIY Inspired Living
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'De mi casa al mundo: un blog para familias como la tuya' Icing Designs Tulle Time: How to Use Tulle to Make Gorgeous Vases and Wall Art From studded tulle friendship bracelets to sparkling accessories, we’ve been all about tulle this week in the style department, but what about cool and creative ways to use tulle around your home? You might be thinking to yourself, wait, what the heck is tulle? Tulle is the sheer sort of netted material that is normally used to make tutus, bridal veils, and the like. Materials: - glass vases - Montana Black spray paint - painter’s tape - spray adhesive - canvases 1. For this set of vases, we used tulle as a stencil to create a snakeskin-esque pattern. Get your materials together. Cut your tulle so that it wraps around the vase. For the basic vase, simply spray paint an ombre pattern. For the patterned one, you can be a little more random with your spray paint. 2. We love how simple stripes of tulle create an almost watercolor vibe. First thing to do is cut your tulle into 2-inch strips. Spray your canvas with spray adhesive and start attaching your tulle strips. And then you’re done!

BLOG | elherviderodeideas | Desde El Hervidero de Ideas acercamos la sostenibilidad a consumidores y empresas a través de vehículos creativos que les hagan interactuar y encontrarse. Hace un tiempo empezamos con una sección de entrevistas que publicamos a final de cada mes para enseñaros de cerca el trabajo de los emprendedores que hay detrás de las marcas sostenibles. Comenzamos entrevistando a Nuria de Numon, y hoy queremos compartir contigo el proyecto de Celia y Marc los artífices de Antic&Chic, una empresa que une reutilización, reciclaje y decoración vintage y eco chic. ¿Quieres conocerles más de cerca? Quién mejor que ellos mismos para contarnos en qué consiste su proyecto. ¿Qué es y quién hay detrás de Antic&Chic? Cèlia y Marc, somos, además de pareja, una artista plástica y el hijo de un carpintero que un día decidieron crear un proyecto donde unir estas dos facetas, y se plantearon un reto: transportar la creación artística a sus piezas para expresar emociones a través de la decoración, es decir, conseguir una decoración emocional. ¿Cómo nace la idea? ¿Cuántas personas sois? ¿Cómo fueron los comienzos? -Siempre nos inspiramos en las emociones y sensaciones

Hands Occupied: Projects, instructions and inspiration for adding a little DIY to your life! DIY Wall Art With Ribbon | Homey Oh My! I did it! I came up with an easy, mess-free way to create this geometric wall art using ribbon and double-sided tape. Simple enough, no? I was inspired by the rug in this photo, and while I wasn’t seeking to paint a rug of my own at the time, I thought the design would translate well into wall art. Here’s how it’s done. Materials poster boardpicture frame (mine is roughly 10.5×14″)permanent double sided tapescissorsribbon (I used 4 colors, 5/8″ in width each)pencilruler First, take out the matte from inside the picture frame and trace it onto the poster board. I chose to have the glossy side of the poster board to be front-facing, so I lined the back side edges with double-sided tape and then flipped it back over to the glossy side and put two small pieces of the tape on opposite corners. Next, I took one of the ribbons and laid it diagonally across the glossy side so that it stuck to the pieces of tape on the two corners. I’m so happy with the way it turned out!

PEQUEfelicidad Grow Creative DIY circle punch art The boys and I had a fun weekend working on some artwork for their room. We've been in our new place for over six months and I think it's high time we got something on the walls, particularly in the boys room. I wanted to do something simple and graphic, and most importantly, something that the boys themselves could do, pretty much on their own. So we came up with a circle punch art idea. We started with several 1 1/4 inch circles punched out a various types of patterned and textured papers. Little A (5) was especially good at punching out the circles and did quite a few of them on his own. We decided to make our artwork based on a couple of 28 ¼" x 40 ¼" IKEA RIBBA frames that we had. I then proceeded to measure out where we wanted the circles to go. I then let the boys place the various circles on the marked grid. And let me tell you, they had a lot of fun doing this. Little A was very particular about not using the same colored/patterned circle in one line.

FANCY! Design Blog | NZ Design Blog | Awesome Design, from NZ + The World Crème de la Craft Blog | DIY projects made from everyday objects DIY // Happy Dots Wall Art | Shop Sweet Things Before… After… Ever since I moved into this apartment (about two years ago now), I had the most trouble figuring out what to put on this large piece of wall. I didn’t want to invest too much in wall arts because after all, this place is a rental, and I don’t know how many more years I will be staying here. But at the same time, I’m a little fed up with this blank wall staring at me day and night. So finally last week, I, along with the help of my awesome husband, made these what I call the “Happy Dots” wall art. This is a DIY project I followed entirely from Jordan on Oh Happy Day. The hardest part of the project was measuring out the alignment of the dots and coming up with the different colors to use for the art. I’m so happy with how this project turned out. I didn’t go to any fancy art store. All images via Shop Sweet Things.

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