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Scrapbooking, de l'artisanat et de l'artisanat pour enfants, Arts et artisanat, bricolage papier facile et cartes -

Scrapbooking, de l'artisanat et de l'artisanat pour enfants, Arts et artisanat, bricolage papier facile et cartes -

Tutorials Hola there! Here you can find an organized list of all my tutorials, projects and printables. I want to point out that I am no sewing expert and have no formal education in either sewing or English (Spanish is my native language) So I might not always use the correct terminology or best technique, I am always learning too! It might not always be perfect, but it’s sure a lot of fun! All of my tutorials and printables for personal use only, if you want to sell items made with these tutorials please purchase a Limited Production License. If you blog them, please do not share the complete post and share a link crediting back to the post and DO NOT link directly to downloads, please read my Site Policy and Contact me if you have questions, hope you all enjoy!

Fairy Wing Designs by Katherine Dewey Wing Designs by Mother Nature and Katherine Dewey Because each of these images is done in 600 dots-per-inch resolution, a single Acrobat file download would have annoyed even the saints among us. Each of the wing sets shown in thumbnails below can be downloaded individually at your leisure simply by clicking on them. I've indicated the file size of each so you can budget your time on line. Come back anytime to retrieve the rest. Wings beginning with "1" are meant to be printed on white paper, those beginning with "2" should be printed to transparencies.

16 Headband Tutorials As a busy mom of three little boys, I don’t always have time to do my hair. (Like, never, actually! I try to sneak in sessions with my flatiron while the boys are distracted with a cartoon… IF I have to leave the house. If I don’t, my hair looks like the bus driver from South Park’s… i.e., bird’s nest. Hmm, a bird’s nest headband sounds kind of cute and funny, actually!)

Needle and Spatula: Pleated Pouch Sewing Tutorial I originally posted this project in August and have been meaning to make it again to do a tutorial ever since. This bag combines elements from a number of different tutorials and projects out there, I basically mixed and matched elements to come up with what I wanted. It has squared off bottom corners which give it a good amount of inside volume and a nice shape. It can stand up (and would stand up even more if made with home dec weight fabric or using interfacing).

Lucia Italian Mask Collection Mask Artwork Collections for masquerade balls, costume balls, mardi gras masks,carnival masks. Ice Princess Mask Gatto Fucina Mask Gattina, Sol and Farbella Gattina and Male Gran Gala Folgie Bronze Farfallina Set Farfallina and Gran Gala Farbella Gold and White Farbella BlackGold Crystal's 24th Cignetta Cignetta Bastone Mask Butterfly Ornate Black Butterfly Metallo Butterfly Metallo Black Pheonix Bellagio Bellagio Bauta and Phantom Metallo Bat Farfallina Mask Amour Mask Vampire Diaries The Pheonix Sol Sol Lux 3 Phantom Metallo White Male Gran Gala Male Gran Gala and Gattina Black/Silver Jolly Hermes Ricciolina Folgie Flair Mask Group Party

Simply Vintagegirl Blog » Blog Archive » Tutorial: How to Make Lovely Fabric Flowers 29 May 2010 These elegant fabric flowers are very simple to make . . . and only take a few basic supplies. The finished product is delightfully lovely, and at times can look like a real flower! Every flower will turn out differently and that is part of the beauty! If you haven’t used those tea lights in a while, now’s the time! I hope you enjoy making these as much as we do . . . below are instructions with pictures on how to make your own.

the sphinx & the milky way: confetti systems It is fun, sparkly, simple, festive, and pretty! all wrapped into one! What could be better? I would love a room full of it! Read an interview with them here Tutoriels: All How To projects from Chalk full of DIY projects, is a craft and sewing tutorial blog with free patterns and step by step instructions for every post! DIY Jewelry Tree January 25, 2013 – 5:06 pm Not too long ago, my lovely sister, Jill, made her own jewelry tree for her vast collection of necklaces and earrings and she let me post it on this here blog. I guess craftiness runs in the family : ).

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