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Style – A home decor, DIY, and entertaining blog

Style – A home decor, DIY, and entertaining blog
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Crème de la Craft Blog | DIY projects made from everyday objects Free Printable January Organizing Calendar | Making Lemonade This post may contain affiliate links. . Happy New Year, everyone! If you’re anything like me, the new year (and January in particular) fills you with an urge to clean out, organize, and declutter your house (and life). I’m a huge fan of organizing your home ‘one drawer at a time’ and compartmentalizing the tasks. I’ve saved longer tasks for the weekend when you may have more time. Click Here for the Free Printable January Organizing Calendar Notice, too, that there are three ‘focus weeks’ so you concentrate your decluttering and organizing in one room/ area. Stay tuned throughout the month of January, because I’ll be popping in with helpful tips and tricks for accomplishing various goals on the calendar too. {while this free printable organizing calendar is created for January 2014, you can really use it any 31-day-long month; just ignore the days of the week at the top. Free Printable January Organizing Calendar is linking up with: {Tip Me Tuesday} Meet Carrie Higgins

Tapis I love making projects that involve at least one of the following criteria: decluttering, upcycling, sewing and a need. This Braided T-shirt Rug ticks all the boxes, so when I spotted a circular rug made by Sewing For Life on Pinterest, I was itching to start on my own immediately. Here’s why…Declutter – I’d been hounding Mr Man to clear out some of his old t-shirts that he no longer wears, the bottom actually fell out of his t-shirt draw from the weight of all the excess clothing!Upcycle – Most of said t-shirts were well past their use by date with most of them having holes, stretching or stains, so charity donation was not an option. This Upcycled Rug is a super satisfying project to make but it wasn’t all smooth sailing, so this tutorial is less about ‘How To’ and more about what not to do and troubleshooting solutions. You will need: Old T-shirts or fine cotton knits (the more you have the larger the rug will be. How to: Sewing for Life method of Starting and changing colour.

almost makes perfect Design Public® Studio DIY®: Inspire, Create, Celebrate Solo – Remote Access Device by Alexander Morrison | New Tech Reviews Solo is portable projecting concept that offers the user access to remote desktop computing power and granting them greater freedom to work away from the office. Designer: Alexander Morrison Recycle T-shirt A DIY lover can never DIY enough plain tee-shirts. EASIEST.THING.IN.THE.WORLD. Here is another idea inspired by my early years as a Spice Girl wannabe this year’s crop top trend. Une fan du custo n’a jamais assez de tee-shirts faits maison. The below pictures say it all : just cut off the back of your tee-shirt at the correct length and then make a V shape with the front by cutting off two triangular pieces on each side. Les images ci-dessous dévoilent tout : couper le derrière du tee-shirt à la bonne longueur et couper l’avant du tee-shirt en forme de V. Enjoy ! xx Auteur : Aimee Wood Blogueuse mode-création, rédactrice et community manager freelance

NEW PRINTS | RK DESIGN New prints on my shop now and more to come ...soon! Welcome! Uusia julisteita kaupassani. Printtejä saa myös paitoina, tyynyinä, mukeina, kelloina, kännykänkuorina ja suihkuverhoina :) Tervetuloa! Brick House Icing Designs Google’s Location History Browser Is A Minute-By-Minute Map Of Your Life Quick! Where were you last Tuesday at 6:35 PM? If you’re anything like me, your answer is probably along the lines of “I… have absolutely no idea.” Most people’s brains just don’t work that way. But odds are, Google knows. If you carry any Google-filled gear (like, say, an Android phone or tablet), there was a prompt during the initial setup that asked if Google could transmit your location data back to the mothership. Now, something to note: if you’ve been paying close attention, you might have seen this before. I use “awesome”, here, instead of “terrifying and creepy”, because this is all opt-in. Google launched the first version of this tool around the same time that they launched Latitude. One particularly cool bit: scrub your mouse cursor over the graph at the bottom. Oh, and that graph? If you missed the link above, here’s the link to the location history browser.