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Best Free Ways to Learn Programming.

Best Free Ways to Learn Programming.
I can remember back when I was young how alien a couple of lines of code that were published in a kid's magazine looked to me. Some twenty years later (or should I better say a year ago), I decided that I should teach myself how to create some small and usable programs. Sad to say, I lost interest shortly after. Well, this year I tried again. Leaning to program: a better way There is another, better way to learn programming. First I suggest to you to start with programming languages which enable you to learn the basics about the language in a short amount of time. Second, when you will get more experience with simple languages you can at any time jump to more sophisticated programme languages if you want or need to. Easy to learn languages The first entries I want to mention are really simple. Manufactoria is a puzzle game about putting robots in their proper place. Bug Brain (biologic[DOT]com[DOT]au/bugbrain/) is a game where you build brains to run a bug. In A.

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Quick Meme Generator Best Free Magento Extensions 5 Advantages of Mobile Website Over Mobile Apps As the number of mobile, smartphones and tablets users increases day by day, it is very important for your business to have a mobile website. Your website should offer a user-friendly experience to the customers. By having a mobile website, you can attract the targeted users and keep them engaged too. A mobile website is optimized for viewing on a mobile device. Smartphone and tablet users can read and navigate your website easily. Here are the advantages of Mobile Website Over Mobile Apps: 1) Improved user experience: As mobile sites are specifically designed for handheld devices, they can be accessed by mobile and smartphones easily. 2) Faster download speed: As mobile sites are designed as per the mobile standards, browsing becomes faster. 3) Brand identity: Mobile websites can help you stand out of the crowd. 4) Competitive edge: If you have a mobile site, you can stay ahead of your competitors. 5) Cost effective option:

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Land Unit Converter Why Should One Go For Wordpress Development? January 18, 2014 Sanjay Dabhoya Among all the web development platforms, WordPress is the simplest and fastest tool to create a functional CMS website. Custom built website can be created by using this open source platform. Gone are the days when WordPress was used as a blogging tool. Being an SEO friendly CMS, WordPress is used for making the websites rank higher in the search engines. WordPress is easy to install. The doubts and queries can be solved easily as WordPress has a large community. Categories: CMS, Web Development, WordPress Tags: why wordpress, wordpress development, wordpress development for business, wordpress website development, wp development

How cards are taking over Web design From news sites to real estate, cards are everywhere on the Web today. Those little rectangles full of inclusive images and text have been so successful in Web design that they’ve almost become a default option when it comes to balancing clear aesthetics with simple usability. But don’t mistake trendiness for usefulness – there’s a reason cards are so popular. Photo credit: Google Now As a design framework for organizing large amounts of content – image, headline, main text, call-to-action (such as a share button or link) – on an equal plane, cards have become the go-to structure for the container style of design. Furthermore, this emphasis on organization and clarity extends outside of the desktop, making them ideal for mobile and responsive designs as well. In this article we’ll explain how cards benefit the container, responsive, and mobile design styles. Photo credit: Photo credit: UXPin Photo credits: 1. 2. 3. 4.