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Pixar in a Box

Pixar in a Box

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Met Museum Open Access Makes 375,000 Pieces Available for Free Claude Monet, Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies (1899) Renowned for its comprehensive collection of work that captures “5,000 years of art spanning all cultures and time periods,” New York City’s world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art has recently announced that 375,000 of its pieces in the public domain are now available without restrictions. As an update to a similar 2014 initiative, the new policy, called Open Access, allows individuals to easily access the images and use them for “any purpose, including commercial and noncommercial use, free of charge and without requiring permission from the Museum.” The available works represent a wide range of movements, styles, and mediums, and span iconic paintings by Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh to centuries-old costumes and armor.

Pixar and Khan Academy Release Free Online Course for Aspiring Animators Up there with being an astronaut, comic book artist, or the President, there’s one job that your average kid would probably love to snag: Working at Pixar. Animation and Pixar enthusiasts of all ages, take note! Pixar in A Box (or PIAB) is a collaboration between Khan Academy and Pixar Animation Studios that focuses on real-Pixar-world applications of concepts you might usually encounter in the classroom. The latest batch of Pixar in a Box gives Makers a rare peek under the hood so that you can get a whiff of the warm engine that keeps those Pixar pistons pumping. Submit a Recipe - One Green Planet If you are interested in publishing your awesome recipes on One Green Planet, please read below: Recipes submitted MUST be vegan (raw vegan, gluten-free vegan, etc). “Vegan” recipes are meatless and dairy-free (no egg or milk products).The suggested length for recipes is 500-750 words or less.Recipes MUST include a brief introduction.

Timeline Home › Classroom Resources › Mobile Apps Mobile App Create a graphical representation of an event or process by displaying items sequentially along a line. Research Roundup about MOOCs and Online Learning The rising of MOOCs brings the interest of scrutinizing the effectiveness of online learning. Definitely it’s not a new-born baby, even MIT’s OpenCourseWare is more than 10 years old. But the Web2.0 technologies and new concepts have brought something different and evolving. Journalist’s Resource has put together a roundup on those significant research papers in the past : MOOCs and online learning: Research roundup. A 2012 survey indicated that 41% of those studying online were working professionals, while 31% were undergraduates and graduates. Nearly 40% of respondents reported enrolling because of casual subject interest, and completion rates are low, hovering around 10%, as students struggle to remain motivated in an online environment.

The Trump Resistance Plan: A Timeline – Russia and President Trump Of the Jan. 6, 2017, meeting, when Comey told Trump about the infamous Steele dossier, Trump said: “He shared it so that I would think he had it out there” as leverage against Trump. Of the Feb. 14, 2017, meeting, when Trump said he hoped Comey could see his way to “letting Flynn go,” Trump said: “He said I said ‘hope’ — ‘I hope you can treat Flynn good’ or something like that. I didn’t say anything. But even if he did — like I said at the news conference on the, you know, Rose Garden — even if I did, that’s not — other people go a step further. I could have ended that whole thing just by saying — they say it can’t be obstruction because you can say: ‘It’s ended. Get Muvizu When you download and install Muvizu:Play you are required to accept an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) which concisely outlines the dos and don’ts of the commercial exploitation of footage from Muvizu:Play. But in the interests of plain language, here’s a summary of the rules: Muvizu:Play is a free trial of our software. Muvizu:Play renders animations with a watermark in the bottom left of the image and is limited to SD output. This watermarked footage may be used for educational, non-commercial and personal projects. Muvizu:Play+ is the paid for version of our software and has additional features and capabilities that are missing in the free software.

Interesting Villains - Curiosity Quills Press This is different from other rants I’ve done before, which mainly concentrated on avoiding clichés like Dark Lord fortresses, stupid villains who blab everything right before the hero kills them, and so on. This is on actually improving villains and making them interesting (at least, I hope so). 1) Give them motives that differ in degree rather than kind from the heroes’ motives. If they bother to think at all, authors often come up with good motives for characters, ranging from the frivolous to the extremely practical, the personal to the political, and everywhere in between. I have no idea why this common sense jumps out the window when it comes to villains’ motives.

Khan Academy has launched a new online curriculum, Pixar in a Box, which analyzes how Pixar Animation Studios fuses art, technology, science, engineering, and mathematics to develop animated cinema. Created with middle school and high school students in mind (but available to everyone), Pixar in a Box’s interactive exercises, in-depth video lessons, and hands-on activities span the production process. The mostly math-based lessons currently available include how combinatorics are used to create crowds, such as the swarm of robots in Wall-E; how parabolas are used to model environments, such as the forest in Brave; and how weighted averages are used to create characters, such as Buzz Lightyear. The lessons also convey how linear and cubic interpolation are used to animate characters; how trigonometry is used to create the worlds in which Pixar stories take place; and how simultaneous equations are used to paint all of Pixar’s images. The videos include the voices (and personal stories) of authentic Pixar people working in authentic workplaces on movies that already form the mythic storyboards of children’s lives and often their career aspirations. Future lessons will venture beyond math into science, the humanities, and the arts. by libtechchez Oct 2

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