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News - Drawpile Version 0.9.7 of Drawpile is now available for download, a bit earlier than planned. This release fixes two major bugs discovered in the previous version: The remote host selection dropdown would not work correctly if it contained more than one addressDrawpile would crash when reordering layers in certain circumstances Additionally, this release adds one very interesting new feature: lag-free painting in network mode. Previously, network latency was hidden (with varying success) by painting to a temporary layer while the drawing commands were making their way to the server and back.

9 great color resources Colour is an integral element of design. And the web is full of endless resources and tutorials covering it. But, sometimes too much choice can be confusing. So we've picked this selection of the best resources that will really help you to get to grips with the subject. 01. Mudcube Colour Sphere The Color of Art Pigment Database: Pigment Brown - PBr Color Index Generic Name: Key Top ^ Page Top^ This is the C.I. Generic Name (abbreviated) given by the ASTM and Colour Index International (CII) for that pigment. The first 2 or 3 letters describe the general pigment color and the number is the individual pigment identifier. N/A (not applicable) means that pigment has not been given a color index name or number.

The 8 Best Sites for Quality HTML Coding Examples The very first thing to learn when studying web development is how to code with HTML. More importantly, being able to code in HTML5 using all the latest techniques. Advertisement Everything you see on a website is built with HTML and CSS (with some JavaScript sprinkled in). There is a lot to learn, so what are the best resources to get started?

  YouTube IFrame Player API   This document explains how to embed a YouTube player in your application and also defines the parameters that are available in the YouTube embedded player. By appending parameters to the IFrame URL, you can customize the playback experience in your application. For example, you can automatically play videos using the autoplay parameter or cause a video to play repeatedly using the loop parameter. You can also use the enablejsapi parameter to enable the player to be controlled via the IFrame Player API.

Character Concept Art: From Grayscale to Full Color Illustration I am a concept artist majoring in character design and I enjoy exploring various digital painting and coloring techniques. In this class, you will learn to use Photoshop tools such as layer options, styles and blending modes in order to create a full color painting. We will focus on creating a character concept artwork, but the skills I will introduce can be used in any type of digital illustration. What You'll Learn I will teach you my working process and introduce one of the more advanced digital coloring techniques. I will also share some tips to make your work with Photoshop more efficient.

271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book In 1692 an artist known only as “A. Boogert” sat down to write a book in Dutch about mixing watercolors. Not only would he begin the book with a bit about the use of color in painting, but would go on to explain how to create certain hues and change the tone by adding one, two, or three parts of water. The premise sounds simple enough, but the final product is almost unfathomable in its detail and scope.

handprint : paint wheels The diagram (below) shows my preferred allocation of hues, both as they are spaced in a perceptual hue circle (inner circle, where the distance between hues is equal to the perceived visual difference between them) and as they will be spaced in the paint wheel (outer circle). perceptual hues and paint locations in the paint wheel I discuss different paint selections in the next section, but the strategy shown above expands the space allocated to red hues and contracts the space allocated to violet hues.

8 Cool HTML Effects That Anyone Can Add to Their Website You want your website to look awesome---but your web development skills are lacking. Don't despair! You don't have to know CSS or PHP to build a fancy site with cool effects. Some simple HTML tags and knowing how to copy-and-paste will do. Optimiser les sites multilingues en utilisant Yoast SEO et WPML Do you have a website in many languages? Learn how to use Yoast SEO with WPML to optimize your multilingual site and generate more traffic. We use Yoast SEO on all our sites, to quickly and easily optimize for search engines. It lets us control the meta attributes that Google reads and add vital SEO information to all pages. WPML and Yoast SEO teams work together to ensure complete compatibility, letting you optimize your multilingual sites in a simple way.

firealpaca tutorials and brushes a small guide by me, because I get asked a lotQ: Why are both of these programs mentioned in the same breath all the time?Because FireAlpaca came to the scene first, and is the older twin. :U MedibangPaint Pro was originally named “CloudAlpaca” before the fork was acquired by the Japanese site, Medibang!Q: So if they’re derived from the same software, what’s the difference? FireAlpaca is great for drawing and illustration, and as of recent updates, has an animation feature! FireAlpaca is a very lovely and simplified alternative to software like Paint Tool SAI. 'Humanae' Portraits Match People of Different Ethnicities With Their Pantone Color Brazilian fine art photographer Angelica Dass‘ series Humanae identifies portrait subjects from around the world using the Pantone color system. Using an 11×11 pixel swatch from her subjects’ faces, Dass matches them to corresponding Pantone colors, creating an abundant and unique catalog of skin tones that reflects the world’s diversity beyond the categorizations we have long been confined to. We recently asked her more about the ongoing project. What was your inspiration for using Pantone colors to represent humans?

handprint : an artist's color wheel Which Complements Are More Useful? Now, there are some artists who claim that mixing complements are the correct or best ones to use in a color wheel; Stephen Quiller even calls them "the true complements." But there are compelling reasons to use visual complements instead.

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