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Cinema 4D Scripts & Plugins. [C4D] Les scripts & plugins que vous utilisez - Je crois qu'il y a des speedrun ou il utilise octane sur sa chaine twitch si tu veux.

[C4D] Les scripts & plugins que vous utilisez -

Pour les plugins: - X particles- point deformer (cesar vonc)- thrausi/catastrophe une fois de temps en temps- magic solo- magic merge- plane smart (celui la, retenez le pour le jour où vous aurez besoin de loader 20 material sur 20 objets different d'une maniere automatique)- perfect split (pour séparer 2 objet à partir d'une selection en 1 seul clic)- plugin boss (pour manager vos plugins)- selections supplétives (cesar vonc encore et toujours)- hot4d pour faire mumuse (cesar vonc)- CAdeformer pack / CA deformer pack (au revoir le bend build in tout merdique)- Spline Noise Deformer- CV art smart (ca doit etre ce que j'utilise le plus, ca permet de copy/paste des tracés directement d'AI)- solidrocks (parce que je sais toujours pas faire mes settings moi meme sous vray) Pour les scripts: - un truc ala con que j'ai apellé "knife switch loop/line" et qu'un mec trés gentil sur twitter m'a filé.

Cinema 4D Free Plugins (Mega Post) Now even though Cinema 4D is constantly growing and developing it’s tool-sets and features, it’s always good to have a few plugins under the hood to help smooth things along.

Cinema 4D Free Plugins (Mega Post)

I’ve collected and listed below some of the best FREE plugins the net has to offer. Thanks to all the extremely talented people who has spent months developing and crafting each plugin, we can now enjoy the fruits of their labour to help us in our day to day designing. Be sure to check out their sites and support them in any way you can! Note: If there is a great plugin you think should be on the list, please post it in the comments below. Autorename AutoRename is a simple plugin for Cinema 4D. ArrowMaker What it does is generate an arrow shape in the form of a spline primitive. Bridge Maker Build bridges of various architecture with a few clicks. Carbon Nanotubes Generate carbon nanotubes with any index number (n, m). CenterCut Super simple script that toggles the center-cut safe zones in 16:9 viewers. Commentator. Tcastudios. Octane Render. We recommend all customers interested in purchasing a license to evaluate compatibility with your GPU configuration with these prior to purchasing the commercial version.

Octane Render

OctaneRender requires a CUDA capable NVIDIA graphics card. Older GPUs may not be compatible with later releases of octane. Please check the FAQ for hardware requirements The demo version has the following limitations: Render resolution output is locked to 1000x600 pixels Project and render output cannot be saved Online LiveDB material database functionality is not included Render output contains water marks (Octane logo and stripes) OctaneRender 1.50 demo for Mac® OS X® Runs on Mac® OS 10.6.7 or higher. 64bit Download OctaneRender 1.50 demo for Linux® Runs on most Linux® distributions. 64bit Download.

An Ivy Generator. Magic Snow. Description : Magic Snow Make snow easy, effortlessly and fast inside Cinema 4D System : Win and Mac 32,64 bit Cinema4D : R12,R13,R14,R15,R16 Version : Studio Avalable Verion : 1.04 How Install : Unzip the File and put the new folder in maxon/cinema4d/plugins ->1.03 and 1.04 *Fix All Bugs *Fix Render Picture View *Fix Render Continue Problem * Fix Render Reset Point (now work always no only first time) * after the update 1.04 the was one mistake for collision object it’s ignore all the simple object , now this version work like old collision and new SOS !

Magic Snow

Download R12 - R13 - R14 - R15 - R16 Tutorials From User Click down the photo to see Video from user richardnanis all rights reserved. Arndt von Koenigsmarck » PhotoMatch version 3.6. Update: Now also available for the new CINEMA 4D 13! We are proud to announce the availablity of our CINEMA 4D plugin PhotoMatch® 3.6. In this version we integrated a tripod calibration mode and added a new option to align your camera to the scene. PhotoMatch® 3.6 is available from today for CINEMA 4D 11.5, 12 and 13. Please be sure to choose the right link while ordering. About PhotoMatch®: PhotoMatch® analyses loaded images and calculates the matching 3D camera for you.

A tracking mode takes control over the camera so that loaded 3D objects can be composed with images in just seconds. PhotoMatch® also comes with an export plugin for ASCII Maya .ma. To order PhotoMatch 3.6 for CINEMA 4D 11.5 by PayPal, please click here (price is Euro 70) To order PhotoMatch 3.6 for CINEMA 4D 12 by PayPal, please click here (price is Euro 70)