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Add-ins Excel ( Find and remove duplicates in Excel Helpful add-ins to get rid of duplicates in Excel.

Add-ins Excel (

Remove identical records in one worksheet or compare two tables for dupes or uniques; combine data from duplicated rows; find fuzzy dupes, typos, misspelled words, and similar records in your tables. Merge Excel worksheets, workbooks, cells Update your main table with the matching data from lookup Excel worksheets; combine several Excel workbooks; join duplicated rows and keep unique records; combine Excel cells, rows, or columns and preserve all data. Recover lost passwords. Amazing Excel Add-ins. XLTest Free Edition XLTest helps you to check the integrity of your spreadsheets far more quickly than with tedious cell-by-cell inspection.

Amazing Excel Add-ins

Its colour maps of the worksheets give you a visual overview that enables you to very quickly see inconsistencies. Its detailed listings are ideal for audit record purposes. The ability to compare versions and run test cases facilitate compliance with spreadsheet controls. Exemple d'utilisation d'Excel Data Explorer. Sign in Blog BI & EPM Blog en français traitant des sujets fonctionnels et techniques autour des solution BI & EPM Options Search Blogs Tags Archive.

Exemple d'utilisation d'Excel Data Explorer

Fordom. Generate Sample Data. I’ve long been a fan of Jimmy Pena’s Random Sample Data Generator Add-in and I use it quite a bit.

Generate Sample Data

I wanted to write my own, however, and introduce a little more flexibility. In particular, I was creating some sample inventory data and I needed to create inventory part numbers. My part numbers are of the form AIM-0000 or PP-0000. Easy enough to do with a RANDBETWEEN and some concatenation, but I wanted to build it in to the generator.

So I did. I’ve attempted to break down the samples into types. Number. Here’s the main screen. You select any number of samples and put them in the output box. You can also edit existing samples. The compound type is the most interesting. You can also add or edit existing samples from within the Add/Edit Compound dialog. All of the samples can be put into categories. I’ve already noted some bugs as I was writing this post, and I’m sure there are a few more. MapCite for Excel. MAPCITE for Excel®™ enables you to visualize your data in Excel®™ on a map enabling you to understand "the where" factors in your data.

MapCite for Excel

MAPCITE is downloaded in seconds as an AddIn for your existing Microsoft Excel®™ installation (Office®™ 2007 onwards & IE9). MAPCITE for Excel®™ is available in a number of flavours… Free Trial enables you to test the power of the application without cost, Free Forever gives your free limited access to the application forever. The new Viewer enables anyone in your organisation to view fully interactive maps made using the MAPCITE for Excel®™. Upgrade to Lite or Pro versions depending on your data visualisation needs and retain the full functionality of the Addin with no watermarks. The Lite version is suitable for users with less than 300 lines of display, whilst the Pro version has no preset limits to the data display. Esri Maps for Office. Bing Maps Excel Addin. Excel is one of the most widely used applications for managing data on the market today.

Bing Maps Excel Addin

It is said that 80% of of business data has some sort of GIS relevance. In the past, if you wanted to visualize this data you would have to upload your Excel data somewhere and then build out an application that can tie into it an load the data on the map. This can be a lot of work and for the every day business user a huge challenge. Geocode in Excel with Bing Maps Web Services - Westin's Technical Log. A lot of folks have to geocode data that they get from various folks in their organization, and it often makes its way in to Excel.

Geocode in Excel with Bing Maps Web Services - Westin's Technical Log

Of course, you can batch geocode using Bing Maps Services, but in some scenarios it is a lot more convenient or reasonable to use Excel. Wouldn’t it be handy if there was an Excel function like =GEOCODE(<Some Address>)? Well, here it is. This uses the Bing Maps REST services and synchronous VBA and XML.

This is similar to asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) but in this case it would be SVAX. This code is provided without warranty, etc. You will need a Bing Maps key (See: Getting a Bing Maps Key), Excel, and an internet connection. Option 1: Create your own module Expose the Developer tools (See: Show the Developer Tab) Click the Visual Basic button Insert a Module Paste in this code and modify as you see fit: Comersis - Cartes de France.

Blog - Mapping. GeodesiX. GeodesiX is an addin for Microsoft Excel which allows you to display maps, perform forward and reverse geocoding, compute distances (Great Circle, driving, bicycling and walking) and verify your results in Google Maps, all within Excel.


Features Multi-place display dynamically creates maps with any number of items, each with its own custom icon and popup menuShow on Map context menu displays the place or route with GoogleMaps in an Excel Task PaneOffice-finder shows the nearest items to a location on the map. Relative distances are highlighted by line thicknessHeatmap uses KML files to colour areas according to cell values. KML for all the world’s countries are builtin.Travelling Salesman Solver computes the shortest route to visit a set of places. PowerPivot. Microsoft PowerPivot pour Excel est un complément que vous pouvez utiliser pour effectuer des analyses de données puissantes dans Microsoft Excel 2010, en bénéficiant du décisionnel libre-service sur votre bureau.


Dans cet article. Sparklines for Excel® XY Chart Labeler. XlExe. Excel Plugin.