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Wysihtml5 - A better approach to rich text editing

Wysihtml5 - A better approach to rich text editing

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ZURB Ink: Responsive HTML Email Framework Ink is an open source framework that will help you quickly build responsive HTML emails for all major email clients. Even in outdated and notoriously problematic ones like Outlook 2000. Ink just launched today. Crossfilter Fast Multidimensional Filtering for Coordinated Views Crossfilter is a JavaScript library for exploring large multivariate datasets in the browser. Crossfilter supports extremely fast (<30ms) interaction with coordinated views, even with datasets containing a million or more records; we built it to power analytics for Square Register, allowing merchants to slice and dice their payment history fluidly. Since most interactions only involve a single dimension, and then only small adjustments are made to the filter values, incremental filtering and reducing is significantly faster than starting from scratch. Crossfilter uses sorted indexes (and a few bit-twiddling hacks) to make this possible, dramatically increasing the perfor­mance of live histograms and top-K lists. For more details on how Crossfilter works, see the API reference.

Critical render path and pagespeed: An in-depth look Since most webpages have many different components, it is not always possible to just remove everything to make a page load faster. If you have ever wondered "What else can I do to make my pages fast?" or "How does Google expect pages to load in one second?" then this concept is for you. What is the critical render path? Range object JavaScript Browser support: Represents a contiguous part of the document. Note: The Range object is supported in Internet Explorer from version 9. The Range object supports properties and methods for several activities.

Datepicker for Bootstrap, from Twitter Example Attached to a field with the format specified via options. Attachet to a field with the format specified via data tag. As component. Start with years viewMode. Online SVG image converter Online image converter This free online image converter lets you convert your images to the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format (experimental). You can either upload a file or provide a URL to an image.

Responsive Design is Not About Screen Sizes Any More In March 2012, Guy Podjarny ran a test comparing the performance of hundreds of shiny new responsive websites across four different screen resolutions. The results were very dissapointing. (1) Two years into the rise of Responsive Web Design, after every imaginable sort of designer and developer had jumped into the train, it took a test to almost rock the theory to its foundations. Guy proved that almost every known responsive site was overweight. We've made the internet in our image… ObeseJason Grigsby

getRangeAt method (selectionRange) JavaScript Browser support: Note: The selectionRange object and its getRangeAt method are supported in Internet Explorer from version 9. The selectionRange object represents the current selection and every Range object that belongs to the selectionRange object represents a contiguous part of the selection. In Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox before version 3, at most one Range can belong to the selectionRange object, because text selection is always a contiguous part of the DOM hierarchy. In Firefox from version 3, multiple areas of text can be selected by holding down the CTRL key while selecting.

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