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Link Library. DbMyadmin. Advanced Page Manager. WP-Appbox Plugin: Apps aus App Stores in Artikeln anzeigen. Pricing Table. Plugins ‹ EDV-Technische Arbeiten aller Art - B. Burk — WordPress. WP Listings. Top 60 WordPress Plugins of 2014. WordPress powers over 150 million blogs online.

Top 60 WordPress Plugins of 2014

It’s the fastest and easiest way to create your own website online. In fact, some of the biggest companies in the world use Wordress. Including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, People Magazine, and Yahoo. Celebrities are doing the same. CM Download Manager at WordPress Plugin Archive. VoucherPress. Ceceppa Multilingua. I created Ceceppa Multilingua to let WordPress have an easy to use interface for managing a fully multilingual web site.

Ceceppa Multilingua

With "Ceceppa Multilingua" you can write your posts and pages in multiple language. Here are some features: Features Separated posts and pages for each languages, so you can use different SEO and url for each languages.Translate your theme ( Plugin let you translate strings and will generate the .mo file for wordpress )URLs pretty and SEO-friendly. ? Widgets. BirchPress Scheduler - Appointment Booking & Online Scheduling. BirchPress Scheduler is an appointment booking and online scheduling plugin that allows service businesses such as spas, yoga studios, contractors and photographers to take online appointment bookings.

BirchPress Scheduler - Appointment Booking & Online Scheduling

Merchants can embed a booking form in a page or post on the website, and customers can see service availability and book an appointment online directly. It is an effective tool to manage appointments and staffing schedules. Features: Desired Businesses. My Content Management. LiveHelpNow Help Desk. WP Media Cleaner. Multimedia Customer Feedback. Easy Sign Up. This plugin generates a customizable HTML thank you email that is sent to the visitor, the visitor's email and name are sent to an email address of your choosing.

Easy Sign Up

Possible use is collecting email address for a newsletter, or leads for your sales force before redirecting to a brochure. Main Functions Email address collectionUser redirectionAuto-responderLead collectionSqueeze Page Extending Easy Sign Up. Map pins. Double Opt-In for Download. The Double Opt-In for download plugin is ideal for building your email list and improving your customer outreach.

Double Opt-In for Download

You simply upload your free download using the plugin admin interface. Once your file is uploaded, just add the generated shortcode to the pages or posts where you would like to show the sign up form. When the subscriber signs up to receive your free download an email with a verification link is sent to their email address. For the subscriber to receive the free download they must click on the link in the email. The link returns the subscriber to your website where the plugin verifies the information and provides the subscriber with a button to retrieve the download.

A link to your download is never revealed. Features The free version of Double OPT-IN For Download comes with all the basic features you need to get your empire started. Unlimited number of products you can upload. Double Opt-In for Download. AnsPress - Question & answer system. Visualizer. WP SlimStat. Feedweb. Related Posts.

WP-FlyBox. WP-Appbox. Info: Although the plugin supports multiple languages, the app stores, however, are designed only for German users.


If the app stores of other countries are to be used, the URLs must be adapted himself. See the F.A.Q. or this blog article for more informations. CP Google Maps. Google Map features: ► Insert a Google map in the best position within your blog ► Deal with large volumes of dots or markers on the Google Maps ► Uses Google Maps to discover additional entries related to the post ► The location can be defined by physical address and point coordinates ► Map markers customization ► Allows to embed Google Maps in multiple languages ► Allows several Google Maps controls and configuration options CP Google Maps allows to insert a Google Maps in a post or in any of the WordPress templates that display multiple posts.

CP Google Maps

The Google Maps inserted in a single post displays a marker at the position indicated by the geolocation information pertaining to the post, but also shows markers of the last posts published in related categories. The number of markers to display on the Google Maps can be set in the plugin's settings. BreakingNewz - One of the best news & magazine WordPress theme. Affiliate Power. Affiliate Power tracks your affiliate income per post, so you can focus on things that pay!

Affiliate Power

All data is saved on your server only. If you have questions, just leave a comment on the Plugin Page. I'm glad to help Premium Version. Publicly Submitted Content. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) displays pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current entry, introducing your readers to other relevant content on your site.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Now you can mix and match YARPP Basic and YARPP Pro to get the best of both features, beneath articles or in the sidebar! Use the combination that works best for you. YARPP Pro for Sponsored ContentCreate a variety of native units, including Content Recommendation or In Feed displayMake money by displaying sponsored content, at the bottom of your posts, in the sidebar, or both.Easily promote your product or service on thousands of blogs and websites.Advertisers are now able to bid by CPC and/or CPMSupport for more granular advertiser targeting such as IAB category and geo-targeting by DMA Learn more about the new YARPP Pro enhancements!

This plugin requires PHP 5, MySQL 4.1, and WordPress 3.3 or greater. WP Bulletin Board. Metro Buttons. This plugin allows you to display catchy looking Metro style button using shortcode in your posts, pages and widgets.

Metro Buttons

Use it for your call to action button to catch your visitor attention. More info Usage [button] ... [/button] Optional arguments: * link: button link * size: tiny, small, large (default: medium) * color: lime, green, emerald, teal, cyan, cobalt, indigo, violet, pink, magenta, crimson, red, orange, amber, yellow, brown, olive, steel, mauve, taupe * type: radius, round (default: square) * align: left, right (default: none) * target: _blank (default: _self) * title: link title attribute.

Social Login, Social Sharing, Social Commenting and more! Install this plugin to enable Social Login, Social Sharing, and Social Commenting on your WordPress site. It also captures users’ social profile data, store them in WP database and automatically creates profile. Based on the user data and activities, you also get a unique Social Analytics. See the screenshot section for visuals on social login, social sharing and social commenting features.

Tweet Manager. Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget and shortcode) Evergreen Post Tweeter. Fünf nützliche Plugins um ein WordPress Blog abzusichern. Account Lock Lite für WordPress. Rating-Widget. How to Add a News Ticker in WordPress. News tickers sometimes referred to as slides are located at the bottom of most television news networks to highlight breaking news, daily trends, etc. You can use a news ticker on your WordPress website to highlight special deals, popular posts, or anything else. In this article, we will show you how to add a rotating or scrolling news ticker in WordPress. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Ditty News Ticker plugin. Upon activation, the plugin adds a News Ticker menu item in your WordPress admin. Bring your mouse over to the menu item and click on the Add New link to add a news ticker.

On the next screen, you will have the ability give this particular news ticker a name, ticker text and link. If you want to adjust the behavior of the news ticker, then scroll down to the Scroll settings panel. The plugin generates a shortcode as well as a PHP function for each news ticker you create. Once you insert the ticker shortcode or PHP function, then it should work. WP Clean Up. Image Store. This plugin was created because there was a need in the WordPress community to have an images store that did not required the installation of multiple plugins.

Enjoy!! And please support the plugin. :@) The plugin fully integrated with the WordPress database it only creates a post_expire column on the posts table. so you will not find extra tables on your database(Cool!.. At least for me, I hate extra tables). NextGEN Gallery alternative. Features Payment notification.

WP-Appbox. jQuery Colorbox. Advanced WP Columns. 15 nützliche ShortCode-Plugins für WordPress. UpdraftPlus Backup. NextGEN Scroll Gallery. Document Gallery. This plugin allows the user to effortlessly create a gallery of documents and other attached media, much like the gallery option already available for image attachments. Watch the following video for a brief demonstration of Document Gallery in action: Read more in the Installation tab! Translation. jQuery Fullscreen Image Gallery WordPress Plugin - WordPress.

Fullscreen flexible jQuery image gallery with deep-linking for WordPress sites. Flexible jQuery image gallery for photographers who want an interactive gallery that users on all devices can see. It includes deep-linking for an enhanced browsing experience, and search engine crawling. Built for flexibility, it can even be used as a simple background changer for your current website. jQuery Version The jQuery only plugin of this WordPress plugin is available. Total Slider. Total Slider is a plugin for WordPress from Van Patten Media that helps web developers build sliders that can be easily managed by non-technical users. Build your own templates in HTML/PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, and Total Slider will supply a WYSIWYG interface designed to blend seamlessly wit the WordPress core.

Contact Form Manager. For WordPress - Facebook-Entwickler. J Shortcodes. Arconix Shortcode Collection.