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Story Spheres

Story Spheres

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Ferguson firsthand: Walk around the shooting scene in this bold virtual-reality experiment This is an interactive experience that explores Michael Brown’s death using a combination of graphic journalism and virtual reality. It allows you to move through an immersive recreation of the Ferguson shooting—and view the events based on eight eyewitness accounts. The witnesses’ stories, all given shortly after the August 9th shooting, have been interpreted in comics form by the graphic journalist Dan Archer. Eyewitness accounts are notoriously fallible and contradictory.

E M I L I O V A V A R E L L A MEMORYSCAPES, 2013-2015. Multimedia installation (holographic prints, immersive audio installation, digital photos, book); variable dimensions. MEMORYSCAPES investigates how memory and reality affect one another, through notions of architecture and related mental images, resulting in a complex body of work that includes immersive audio installations, multimedia documentation, and cutting-edge holographic technology. In 2013 I started looking for Italians living in New York City who would allow me to interview them; specifically ones who expressed an emotional link to the city of Venice. I wanted to explore how an objective 3D model of Venice could be altered and glitched by the collective memories of its former residents. Through the interviews I gathered large amounts of architectonical data (structures, distances, descriptions, dimensions, details) as well as stories and memories that were audio-recorded, creating a memory archive.

Thinglink : 7 façons pour les journalistes d’utiliser l’image interactive Toute l'actualité Bloc Une salle de sport sera construite ici Bloc maintenance et Brigadier General Marshall B. "Brad" Webb, Assistant Commanding General, Joint Special Operations ThingLink launches Virtual Reality Lessons App For Education We are excited to launch VR Lessons, our first virtual reality content app. The app is designed for elementary school students, their teachers and parents. VR Lessons by ThingLink is a collection of interactive, 360° image and video journeys on a variety of topics including science, language, and arts. The first stories take students to visit different kinds of ecosystems from the French Alps to a jungle in the archipelago of northern Australia. As students turn their heads to look around, they can spot details and unlock additional information of each habitat in a narrated virtual reality environment.Virtual reality can take students to places they could only dream of visiting, but it is also an open canvas for students to imagine and build new worlds and experiences.

Talking Avatar and Facial Animation Software - CrazyTalk Transform any image into a starring animated talking character for any video project. Make fun talking family video photo albums, or create uniquely animated e-cards, e-mails, and online greetings. Let virtual representatives vividly deliver your business, branding, or training (e-learning) services. Turn your drawings and static images into life-like characters for any comic story. Export 3D heads and talking scripts from CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline to iClone 6, Character Creator, or any other 3D tools to work with full-body character animations. A Rogue State Along Two Rivers Aleppo: Ejected by Other Rebel Groups In 2013, ISIS emerged from the remnants of Al Qaeda in Iraq and began to operate in Syria. The vacuum created by the country’s civil war provided a place for ISIS to rebuild. Syrian rebel groups initially welcomed ISIS as an ally, but soon realized that they did not have the same goals. ISIS was more interested in forming an Islamic state than in toppling the Syrian government — and had no problem with killing other insurgents to make it happen. These tensions culminated in a revolt against ISIS.

DADAMETER - Christophe Bruno (2002 - 2008) Imagine a world of transparency where all desires are negotiated on a global market and their risks are evaluated and optimized. The Dadameter is a tool for the profiling of language at large scale and the historical tracking of artistic and literary movements. It brings about a new alliance between art, science and global finance. We use up-to-date 2.0 trend analysis and data visualization technologies, neural networks, graph theory or quantitative structural linguistics in order to be able to predict the next artistic craze.

jQuery TwentyTwenty Plugin Need to highlight the differences between two images? TwentyTwenty, a visual diff tool, makes it easy to spot them! Download TwentyTwenty The Problem We recently needed a way to showcase the visual differences between two images. Folks tend to typically place two images next to each other in hopes that it'll be clear exactly what changed. 10 Best Apps for Talking Photo (iPhone/iPad) We use own and third party cookies to improve our services and your experience. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

iPad Comic Creator: Updated Features from Comics Head Last year I shared Comics Head, an engaging app for storytellers. Students of all ages can create their own comics, storyboards, and presentations with the iPad app Comics Head. With the new update to Comics Head (version 3.0) students and teachers have access to handful of new exciting features in this iPad comic book creator app. Comics Head 3.0 includes an Asset Store where you can download more art assets of your choice anytime. Users can now access a variety of new filters with textures and other custom features. The image editing options are now easier to use, and students have a new undo and redo button to use as they design their comics. America's Allies Are Funding ISIS A mother-daughter duo are on trial in Tennessee for allegedly inciting the murder of a couple that unfriended one of the women on social media. The scene was a nightmare: a young couple shot to death in their rural Tennessee home. Their 6-month-old baby boy, left for dead, was found unharmed in his mother’s arms. Days after the January 2012 slaying, relatives of victims Billy Jean Hayworth, 23, and her fiancé, Bill Payne, 36, pleaded for help. The Johnson County sheriff’s department had no leads. “I didn’t know a soul that didn’t like them,” Hayworth’s mother, Martha, told a local paper.

What Does the Western Look Like? — The Outtake I watched 50 westerns and compressed them into single frames of form and light. Not too long ago, I watched 50 westerns. The montage above represents 16 of them. The massive montage a few paragraphs down shows the rest. Each image within the montage is a sum image of every 10th second of each film — that is, one frame from every 10 seconds of a western was extracted and summed with the others to create a real image (math, basically). 22 Awesome Sites with Stunning Free Stock Photos Death To The Stock Photo Death to the stock photo is an email subscription based service that sends you free stock photos every month. The images are licensed for commercial use so they can be used wherever you like; they are mostly made up of general lifestyle shots.

Talkify - Make a picture talk! ABCya is the leader in free educational computer games and mobile apps for kids. The innovation of a grade school teacher, ABCya is an award-winning destination for elementary students that offers hundreds of fun, engaging learning activities. Millions of kids, parents, and teachers visit each month, playing over 1 billion games last year.