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HTML Tip: Centering Images Is Harder Than You Think HTML Tip: Centering Images Is Harder Than You Think by Larisa Thomason, Senior Web Analyst, NetMechanic, Inc. We frequently get questions from subscribers who are having problems centering images - particularly when they're mixing the ALIGN attribute with style sheet properties. Best practices for creating and managing team sites What is governance? An important but often invisible part of any site is its governance model—the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that you establish to determine how the people in your group use SharePoint. Many organizations have a governance model in place for sites at the Central Administration or site collection level, which may be created and maintained by an Information Technologies (IT) department or team. If you’re a site owner for a sub-site in a site collection, such as a team site, it’s a good idea to create your own additional governance model to address your specific issues.

Comment faire pour allonger la période d'évaluation de Windows Server 2008 This article describes how to extend, or re-arm, the Windows Server 2008 evaluation period. The evaluation period is also known as the "activation grace" period. These instructions apply to any edition of Windows Server 2008. "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied." error message may appear This article helps you resolve the "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied" error message. When you run the Net View or Net Time command at the command prompt in Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, you may receive the following error message:

Microsoft in Education News The Power of OneNote in the Classroom OneNote makes classroom organization, collaboration and sharing across any device -- online and offline -- fun and easy. Hear what educators are saying about why they love using OneNote in the classroom. Because the OneNote Class Notebook and Staff Notebook apps are both part of Office 365, and fully integrated in the cloud, virtually everything that happens in the school can be tracked and shared in one place and accessible across any device (including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows).

Permissions In FreeBSD, every file and directory has an associated set of permissions and several utilities are available for viewing and modifying these permissions. Understanding how permissions work is necessary to make sure that users are able to access the files that they need and are unable to improperly access the files used by the operating system or owned by other users. This section discusses the traditional UNIX® permissions used in FreeBSD. For finer grained file system access control, refer to Section 14.9, “Access Control Lists”. In UNIX®, basic permissions are assigned using three types of access: read, write, and execute.

Atomic Learning: Office 365 - Basic User Training Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to login Beginning of dialog content User Settings End of dialog content Impossible d'ouvrir l'aide créée au format d'aide Windows (WinHlp32.exe) When this problem occurs, you receive one of the following error messages. Expand to see the full error message The Help for this program was created in Windows Help format, which was used in previous versions of Windows and it is not supported in Windows Vista. The Help for this program was created in Windows Help format, which depends on a feature that isn’t included in this version of Windows. However, you can download a program that will allow you to view Help created in the Windows Help format. The Help for this program was created in Windows Help format, which depends on a feature that isn't included in this version of Windows.

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