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How to hide files in JPEG pictures If you’re looking to hide files on your PC hard drive, you may have read about ways to encrypt folders or change the attributes on a file so that they cannot be accessed by prying eyes. However, a lot of times hiding files or folders in that way requires that you install some sort of software on your computer, which could then be spotted by someone else. I’ve actually written quite a few articles on how you can hide files and folders in Windows XP and Vista before, but here I’m going to show you a new way to hide files that is very counter-intuitive and therefore pretty safe! Using a simple trick in Windows, you can actually hide a file inside of the JPG picture file! You can actually hide any type of file inside of an image file, including txt, exe, mp3, avi, or whatever else. Hide File in Picture In order to accomplish this task, you will need to have either WinZip or WinRAR installed on your computer. Create a folder on your hard drive, i.e. Now here’s the fun part! And that’s it!

 Log Files and Linux. Log Files and Linux. by Isaac Ok. Adrian asked me to write up a quick synopsis of the "lecture" I gave at the first meeting. This is pretty basic stuff. So if you already know how Linux log files work, don't expect to learn anything new or enlightening here. Most versions of Linux, as far as I'm aware, use syslogd as their logging utility. syslogd is a fairly easy tool to learn and use. *.info;mail.none;news.none;authpriv.none;cron.none /var/log/messages If you do a man on syslog.conf you'll get a lot more information about this. authpriv.* /var/log/secure All this means is log everything that authpriv does to /var/log/secure. Now, if you are curious about which log files are important, feel free to look in your /etc/syslog.conf (May have a different location. Now, another thing. My first log location is this. CustomLog /var/log/httpd/access_log combined. This shows any hit to the main website that isn't being redirected to a customlog. Pretty basic but shows some of the logging features.

Sony Nextep Computer Concept for 2020 by Hiromi Kiriki In 2020 We Can Wear Sony Computers On Our Wrist Our present need for internet connectivity is so profound that secondary devices like the Nextep Computer are bound to happen. Developed to be worn as a bracelet, this computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility, make the concept plausible. Ten years from now is not too far away, so how many of you think we’d be buying such gadgets? Designer: Hiromi Kiriki remore exploit The GNU Awk User’s Guide This file documents awk, a program that you can use to select particular records in a file and perform operations upon them. Copyright © 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996–2005, 2007, 2009–2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is Edition 4.1 of GAWK: Effective AWK Programming: A User’s Guide for GNU Awk, for the 4.1.1 (or later) version of the GNU implementation of AWK. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with the Invariant Sections being “GNU General Public License”, the Front-Cover texts being (a) (see below), and with the Back-Cover Texts being (b) (see below). A copy of the license is included in the section entitled “GNU Free Documentation License”. “A GNU Manual” “You have the freedom to copy and modify this GNU manual. Short Table of Contents Table of Contents Foreword Arnold Robbins and I are good friends. Preface

Orange 173 - Le webmagazine des diplômés de l'UQAT Chronique énergie L’indépendance au pétrole : Quand capitaliste et environnementaliste ne font qu’un. Pierre-Antoine St-Amour, diplômé de l’UQAT, le 6 juillet 2011 Utopie pour les pays producteurs de pétrole, Klondike aux énergies vertes pour nous. Malgré sa forte avance dans le développement des énergies dites propres, le Québec a longtemps dormi sur ses lauriers en développant l’hydro-électricité vendue à bas prix, freinant du même coup le développement d’énergies vertes parallèles et complémentaires. Aujourd’hui, le réseau est sur le point d’atteindre son apogée lors des grosses pointes hivernales. Sacrilège diront les environnementalistes et Roy Dupuis! Le beurre et l’argent du beurre Une course folle est commencée pour exploiter les sources d’énergies vertes qui sont dites « gratuites » telles que le vent, l’eau, la lumière et la terre. Bien que louables, nous devons enlever nos œillères afin de ne pas limiter nos horizons à la mode du moment. Une nouvelle économie Donquichotte

Back¦Track-fr sécurité réseau & intrusion grep () NOTE: click here if you get an empty page. grep, egrep, fgrep - print lines matching a pattern grep [options] PATTERN [FILE...] grep [options] [-e PATTERN | -f FILE] [FILE...] Grep searches the named input FILEs (or standard input if no files are named, or the file name - is given) for lines containing a match to the given PATTERN. By default, grep prints the matching lines. In addition, two variant programs egrep and fgrep are available. -A NUM, --after-context=NUM Print NUM lines of trailing context after matching lines. A regular expression is a pattern that describes a set of strings. Grep's behavior is affected by the following environment variables. Normally, exit status is 0 if selected lines are found and 1 otherwise. Email bug reports to

10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck: Pt.1 Powerpoint has produced more bad design in its day that perhaps any other digital tool in history with the possible exception of Microsoft paint. In this post we’re going to address the epidemic of bad presentation design with ten super practical tips for designer better looking and more professional presentations. Along the way we’ll see a number of awesome slide designs from Note & Point along with some custom examples built by yours truly. Let’s get started! Also be sure to check out 10 Tips for Designing Presentations That Don’t Suck: Pt.2! Not a Designer? Most of the content on this site is targeted specifically towards professional designers and developers, or at the very least those interested in getting started in this field. You’ve chosen a visual tool to communicate and should therefore take the time to learn a thing or two about visual communications. Follow the ten tips below and see if you don’t start getting comments about your awesome presentation design skills. Kuler Piknik

Top 100 Network Security Tools Transport Layer Security protocol Updated: June 12, 2014 This topic for the IT professional describes how the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol works and provides links to the IETF RFCs for TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2. The TLS (and SSL) protocols are located between the application protocol layer and the TCP/IP layer, where they can secure and send application data to the transport layer. Because the protocols work between the application layer and the transport layer, TLS and SSL can support multiple application layer protocols. TLS and SSL assume that a connection-oriented transport, typically TCP, is in use. The protocol allows client and server applications to detect the following security risks: Message tampering Message interception Message forgery The TLS and SSL protocols can be divided into two layers. TLS and SSL protocol layers The Schannel SSP implements the TLS and SSL protocols without modification. RFC 5246 - The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.2 This additional functionality:

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