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Cats in dollhouses amuse me.  Fantastic Pictures Of Female Skateboarders From The 1970s. The magical and disturbing dream-like nude oil paintings of Erik Thor Sandberg. The magical and disturbing dream-like nude oil paintings of Erik Thor Sandberg A curious oil painting by artist Erik Thor Sandberg.

The magical and disturbing dream-like nude oil paintings of Erik Thor Sandberg

Try to look at these photos of doll factories without screaming. What it’s like to be a part of the world’s richest 1 percent, in 15 incredible photos. A man floats in the 57th-floor swimming pool of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with the skyline of the Singapore financial district behind him.

What it’s like to be a part of the world’s richest 1 percent, in 15 incredible photos

(Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti/Institute 2013) How much do we really know about the world's wealthiest people? We often think we understand the rich because we read tabloids and watch celebrities on TV, says Myles Little, a New York City-based photo editor who has put together a new collection of photographs on the richest 1 percent. But actually, most people know surprisingly little about the world's wealthiest. For example, many people assume the world's top earners are movie stars or athletes — like boxer Floyd Mayweather, who ranked as the top-paid athlete with a respectable $300 million in 2015.

The Kinky Ink of Apollonia Saintclair. Paintings by Alexandra Rubinstein. The Surreal Photographs of Hugh Kretschmer. Two Medieval Monks Invent Bestiaries. Previously in this series: Two Monks invent dinner parties.

Two Medieval Monks Invent Bestiaries

MONK #1: do birds have meetingsMONK #2: absolutely they have a Meeting Hat and everythingMONK #1: what do they have meetings aboutMONK #2: mostly who gets to wear the meeting hat. Conventional Wisdom: Anthrocon - Cool Hunting. “This is the highlight of my year,” Thumpie Bunny Eve shared with photographer Arthur Drooker, while sat atop a piano, wearing high heels, exuding sexuality—and wearing a rabbit costume.

Conventional Wisdom: Anthrocon - Cool Hunting

This was just one scene at Anthrocon, the world's largest convention for anthropomorphics, the humanlike animal characters more commonly referred to as "furries. " Anthrocon is the latest stop on Drooker's Conventional Wisdom tour, during which the photographer has brought his lens—and his audience—into the weird and wonderful world of eccentric conventions, from Santas to sexual explorers. We've been following him for a year now, as he accrues imagery for a book-in-progress, and Anthrocon is most certainly one of the highlights. During the 4 July holiday weekend, furries made their way from around the globe to Pittsburgh's David L. Lawrence Convention Center and, according to Drooker, turned it "into a wild kingdom. " CityLab. Teenage Wasteland: Photos of rebellious youth in Japan, 1964. Why Dating In SF Is Different Than Anywhere Else. Flickr/dewet Proper dating etiquette is not a thing No one's getting picked up and dropped off at their house for the “date” and there isn't an implied commitment for dinner.

Why Dating In SF Is Different Than Anywhere Else

Instead, it’ll be more of a, “Hey, wanna grab a drink after work” type of thing and then you’ll Uber there separately and have to awkwardly find each other in the bar and depending on how it goes, maybe get food after a couple of drinks, and then Uber home separately, and yes he is 100% leaving you alone on the sidewalk if his Uber shows up first. The dudes (usually) don’t pay Dudes in the South, and the East, and the North (?)

Chivalry is extra dead here. JOSEPH WOLFGANG OHLERT - Photographing the Drag Queens of San Francisco. Berlin-based photographer Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert recently went to San Francisco to photograph drag queens and trans people for his first book of photos.

Photographing the Drag Queens of San Francisco

By day, Joseph met queens at their homes for quiet portrait sessions. At night, he followed them to such hallowed institutions as Trannyshack, Midnight Sun, the Stud Bar, and Moby Dick to document them in full bloom. This gallery of photographs is dedicated to the memory of Cookie Dough (pictured below), a pillar of the San Francisco drag scene who passed away last week. See more photos by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert on his website. See more of his recent contributions to VICE here, and follow his instagram @jwo_studio. 37 Names You Can Give Your Child To Honor Their History. 13+ People Reading Poorly-Chosen Books In Public. Reading is an excellent activity that not nearly enough people engage in regularly, but you should always be aware of what you're reading and where you're reading it.

13+ People Reading Poorly-Chosen Books In Public

Here's a list of hilarious and awkward photos that will show you why situational awareness is key when reading in public! If you've snapped a photo of a commuter or stranger reading a bizarre book in public, we'd love to see it. And whether or not you have, you can vote for your favorites, too! Show 6 more Add Image Drag Image.

My Photos Of Crazy Cat Lovers. My name is Andréanne Lupien and I’m 23 years old.

My Photos Of Crazy Cat Lovers

I’m also known as Lupy and I live in Montreal, Quebec. I believe in fairy tales, happy endings, magic and cats. I wanted to make a series of photos, but I didn’t know about what. I thought about it for a moment until I found an old self-portrait (with my cat) that I made a few years ago. Spine-Chilling Photos of Grotesque Clowns (NSFW) For Clownville, Rome-based photographer Eolo Perfido constructs an underground realm ruled by jesters and fools, grotesque humorists that he admits no child would ever hope to encounter.

Spine-Chilling Photos of Grotesque Clowns (NSFW)

Here, the whimsical facade of funny business is stripped away to reveal the monstrous manifestations of human fear, heartache, and prurience. The project, explains Perfido was influenced in large part by silent film stars like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, who used their bodies to exaggerate emotional truths that could not be conveyed through speech. For the artist, clowns embody the universal yearning both to entertain and to be entertained, to conceal our insecurities beneath a disguise of wit and merriment.

Ultimately, the clowns’ menace lies in their vulnerability, their depravity in their humanity. All images © Eolo Perfido. Meet The Family: A Series Of Altered Cabinet Cards From 1900s. Cabinet cards are early photos from 1900 or so.

Meet The Family: A Series Of Altered Cabinet Cards From 1900s

Each photo is hand painted with acrylic paint to create a whole new image. In 2014, 100 images were painted and featured in a show called “Meet the family” by Colin Batty at the Peculiarium in Portland Oregon. Andy Goldsworthy Digital Catalogue: Browse the Catalogue. 20+ Shocking Photos Showing How Bad Pollution In China Has Become. China has some stunningly beautiful natural landscapes, but they may not count for much when, in other parts of the country, pollution runs totally unchecked. These shocking photos show what severe pollution people have to deal with in some parts of China. Beijing and other parts of China have already become notorious for their incessant clouds of smog, which present very real health risks to anyone not wearing dust masks.

Unregulated dumping in various rivers throughout China is fairly common, as many of the photos in this series help illustrate. Chinese leaders have vowed to get serious on air pollution, but change will be difficult in a country whose industry has expanded so rapidly. If you have any photos illustrating these difficulties, please add them to this list. I Photograph Abandoned Buildings During My Travels Across Europe. As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by abandoned places, so there’s no surprise that after a few childhood explorations, I decided to take a camera with me to bring back memories of my trips.

I started giving more and more importance to the place I was shooting to get the satisfaction of perfectly capturing the spirit of the spot I was visiting. It has been nearly three years now that I travel around Europe to find and capture these amazing locations. Japanese Sculptor Shows How He Transforms Wood Into Surreal Statues. These surreal wood sculptures by Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki will become so much more impressive once you see how much work it took to make them! For one of his latest sculptures, an otherwise-ordinary girl with 12 faces, Kanemaki created a series of progress photos that show the sculpture’s progress from crude log to finished work of art. Thanks to the reference lines he draws on the log as it’s gradually whittled down by chisels and saws, we get to see how the strange girl depicted emerges from an otherwise formless mass of wood.

TheCoolist - The Modern Design Lifestyle Magazine. Eizo X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar Just when you thought models could not possibly get any skinnier… Eizo, a manufacturer of medical imaging equipment, has released a revealing new calendar to promote their wares. The Eizo X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar is at once hilarious and inventive, a most creative way of promoting their brand to their clientele and beyond. Hat’s off to BUTTER, the Berlin-based advertising agency who came up with this little stroke of genius for Eizo. John Baizley and Baroness. Photographing Thrifting State by State. In her series “All Thrifty States”, photographer Jenna Isaacson made it her mission to create a visual survey of thrift culture across America.

Juxtapoz Hyperreal: Joel Rea. "Transfiguration” by Ben Hopper. The Haunting Works of Marco Rea. Inspired by dreams, mental inspiration, and the loss of intimacy, the Italian born Marco Rea has been able to keep his works recognizable and original. Rea’s work rises from a glossy image, created in order to sell a product, full of messages of desire and fascination, which stir people to material fetishism for mass culture products. Till Rabus' Surrealist Sensualism. From orgiastic tangles of limbs to anthropomorphic still lives, Till Rabus' hyperrealistic paintings are uncanny yet titillating. The photography of Shomei Tomatsu. Shomei Tomatsu who passed away only two years ago was an influential black and white Japanese photographer, who created one of the defining portraits of postwar Japan. Aside from having a prolific career that included countless exhibitions and published books, Tomatsu founded the publishing house Shaken and the quarterly journal Ken.

Dirty Bandits » Yo Yo, Wanna Bang? : Brooklyn Designer Annica Lydenberg. The Rainbow Collection. I Can't Stop Staring at Cyber Woman With Corn. 1191. Joey The We Are Become Pals book is here! You can buy it right now, for $16 in hardcover! It is a book that feels nice to read, and feels nice to hold in your hand. In hardcover it makes the perfect gift for your own best friend. Highlights from the Private Collector - Western Neighborhoods Project - San Francisco History. Sky Tram. Wounderland: Surreal World Of Imagination, Nightmares And Taxidermy. My girlfriend and I are Mothmeister. We create Wounderland – a weird and wonderful universe. We portray anonymous, ugly masked creatures as a reaction against the dominant exhibitionism of the selfie culture and beauty standards marketed by the mass media. Here's a snail eating grass.

Geoffrey EllisGeoffrey Ellis Photography. Martin Schoeller’s Offbeat Portraits Give Stars a New Turn. Technical improvements to the daguerreotype in the early 1840s took the world by storm as portrait galleries opened everywhere to meet demand. Toybot studios: Exploding Heads by SMITHE. Best of 2014: Drawings of Men Farting from the Japanese Edo Period (1603-1868) 5 + (- sqrt(1- x^2- (y- abs(x))^2))cos(30((1-x^2-(y-abs(x))^2))), x is from -1 to 1, y is from -1 to 1.5, z is from 1 to 5. 1900-1909 : (2) The elite in platinotypes - Mr. History - Notes towards a theatre of memory.

Pin by Fran Columbine on Poetry in Motion. Before it was cool - skateboarding in central park 1965. The Body and Soul of Choi Xooang. Vintage photos of Sideshow circus performers. Just another weblog. Will Cotton’s New Confectionary Paintings of Cotton Candy Skies. Danila Tkachenko / Projects / Escape. Subtly Strange and Dreamy Oil Paintings by Alex Roulette. Dietmar Eckell’s Abandoned Planes. The 38 Most Unexplainable Images On The Web. How We Look When We Look at a Painting. Open Space — Looking at People Looking at Rothko. Michal Pudelka: Girls, Girls, Girls. 1143. 1133. What to Do During Leather Week. Cat toy protests against internet censorship with Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin scratch posts.

The Gordon Parks Foundation. 1142. The simple image sharer. 21 Photos Of Nature Winning The Battle Against Civilization. Flowers Portraits by Duy Anh Nhan Duc. Fan Xiaoyan's Flesh and Steel. Nadezhda Illarionova's Dark Fairy Tales. Daily Odd Compliment - Page 1 of 108. Medicalmuseum's Photostream. Civil War Portraits of the Broken Bodies Sent Home. Russian Criminal Tattoo Police Files @ Grimaldi Gavin, London. 19 Before And After Photos Of Butterfly And Moth Transformations. 5069dbfdfb04d60a59000756._w.500_h.333_s.fit_.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 333 pixels) Things What Make Me Squee on Pinterest. Nezart design. Innocent Seductions by Audrey Kawasaki. "Improbabilita" by Giuseppe Colarusso. Nezart design. Design Inspiration. Elizabeth Amento — SHE/FOLK. The Gordon Parks Foundation. Loveyourlines on Instagram. 3 best paper airplanes, step by step guide. All of these fly very well and are scaled easiest to hardest.

Indifferent cats in amateur porn. 10 Tree Roots Winning Their Battle Against Concrete. The voice actors of many of the characters in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" (Ed Wynn, Kathryn Beaumont, Richard Haydn, Jerry Colona)... also served as live-action models for the animators back in 1951. The World's Best Photos of mp9c. You Laugh, You lose. 22 Parents Who Are Definitely Funnier Than Their Kids. Stock photos that don’t suck. Why you have to make your own rules for love and sex. 1001. 1113. 1090. National Geographic Found. We really do live on an amazing planet with amazing creatures.

Just wildlife.