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Italian furniture - Arper Italian furniture

Italian furniture - Arper Italian furniture

Manhattan - Patrick Norguet Subscribe to E-news Library HD/3D - Log in Request documentation colophon disclaimer search Mobles 114 Javier Mariscal Javier Mariscal, València 1950. Image creator, designer, draftsman, illustrator and artist. From his carrer we must remark furniture that has transformed into icons of design, a great number of expositions, the creation of Cobi, mascot of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic games and lately in 2010 the animated cartoon for the movie “Chico & Rita” from Fernando Trueba. Has been recognized for Premio Nacional del Diseño 1999, Premi Nacional de Cultura 2011 and as a Honorary member of the Royal Design Industry, as well as several Selecciones y Premis Laus and Delta AdiFad. Mobles 114 Martín Azúa Martín Azúa, Vitòria 1965. Graduated in Fine Arts and Design by the University of Barcelona. Designer of products, ephemeral spaces and graphic identity. Has developed a constant investigation work for the research of experimental forms, textures and images, resulting from the observation of nature and tradition, to the modernity of the artistic expression and the design of objects. Has participated in both individual and collective expositions and his work forms part of the MoMa collections, Vitra Desgin Museum, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, etc.

Mushroom P - Pierre Paulin Subscribe to E-news Library HD/3D - Log in Request documentation colophon disclaimer search #005 SitTable | Prooff People communicate in a variety of ways. The design for the SitTable understands this and caters to the needs of these divergent varieties. It allows for it to become a thinking place as well as a social meeting ground while creating new possibilities by mixing the limitless options of functionality. For instance, it may become a quiet reading table found in a library or a work & relaxation place located in an airport lounge. The hybrid form of the SitTable combines two pieces of multi-functional furniture offering a great variety of space-creating authority to its users. The SitTable is produced by Arco Contemporary Furniture.

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