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Copyright and Fair Use for Student Projects

Copyright and Fair Use for Student Projects
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15 Copyright Rules Every Student Should Know You might think that liberal arts students are the only ones who need to understand copyright law, but future photographers, animators, writers, and artists are actually the ones who might be suing students one day. As students rush to complete assignments, one of the last things on their minds is copyright law. The temptation to pluck resources from just about anywhere is often too great for some students, and others are simply unaware that rules and regulations protecting the use of art and content even exist. But the fact is that these rules do exist, and regardless of knowledge, students are expected to play by these rules. We’ve highlighted 15 copyright rules that are the most important to students, and also the most often ones misunderstood. Fair use This is a big one for students, and we’ll hit on more details further, but first, you must know the basics of fair use for students.

Copyright & plagiarism for students Copyright & plagiarism for students Copyright infringement Copyright infringement is when an individual, who does not possess the copyright of a work, violates one or more of six rights (reproduction, adaptation, distribution, public performance, public display, digital transmission of sound recordings) of copyright owners. There are three types of copyright infringement: innocent, standard, or willful. Fines from $750 - $250,000. Criminal prosecution is possible when something has been copied and distributed on a large scale, such as pirating music and movies on file sharing sites. For more information about copyright infringement and what students can do to comply with copyright laws please review the video below. * If you want to download a PowerPoint file for this video, please click here. For more information about methods of preventing plagiarism, please review the video below.

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Overview | Teaching Copyright As today's tech-savvy teens become increasingly involved with technology and the Internet for learning, work, civic engagement, and entertainment, it is vital to ensure that they understand their legal rights and responsibilities under copyright law and also how the law affects creativity and innovation. This curriculum is designed to give teachers a comprehensive set of tools to educate students about copyright while incorporating activities that exercise a variety of learning skills. Lesson topics include: the history of copyright law; the relationship between copyright and innovation; fair use and its relationship to remix culture; peer-to-peer file sharing; and the interests of the stakeholders that ultimately affect how copyright is interpreted by copyright owners, consumers, courts, lawmakers, and technology innovators. Unit Goals Educate students about copyright law, including the concepts of fair use, free speech, and the public domain. Objectives for Students Assessment

Purple Planet Royalty Free Music How to promote safe, responsible and ethical use of Technology by Caitlin Riley on Prezi

This video explains copyright and fair use for student projects and is one that can be shared in the classroom. by annambaker Feb 5

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