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9-11and other False Flags

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Is the Dallas Police Shooting Another False Flag? By The Great Marduck, contributor for July 7th, 2016 Dallas Texas, There is no way to tell who the actual shooters are, even if the police arrest some patsy; for all we know the real snipers could be Mossad, CIA, any sniper team really.

Is the Dallas Police Shooting Another False Flag?

Setting up Obama’s Race-Riots with the UN Peace Keeping Force called into Texas, to keep the peace (i.e. confiscate arms from Americans), Obama gets his third term he has been joking about lately. Elections suspended and no Trump in power, even with massive vote-fraud, getting Clinton elected won’t be easy. Yes Trump and Clinton are cousins, but the last thing the globalists want is America First. They are in a big panic to get Clinton in the Executive Branch, to destroy America faster. Remember in 1984 (Interesting Year) the movie Red Dawn, about a Russian invasion of the USA, but Red Dawn could also be code for the Red Flag of China.

The Dallas sniper was one fantastic shooter, he should have tried out for the Olympics. AV7 - Field McConnell - Hillary Clinton's connection to 9/11... revealed! Magnetometer on 9/11 Shows Exotic Weapons Evidence. On the days prior to September 11, 2001, the earth's magnetic field was quite stable, as Hurricane Erin tracked directly up the -15 line of that field toward New York City as a category 3 storm.

Magnetometer on 9/11 Shows Exotic Weapons Evidence

Then on 9/11, the magnetic field readings went all over the place in 100% correspondence to WTC 1, 2, and later WTC 7 going largely to dust. Shortcut url: by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Dust to Dust Last December, I published a fairly lengthy Part I of a report I wrote regarding Dr. Some of the highlights from that report include showing photographs of an ambulance parked about 30 feet in front of World Trade Center (WTC) building 1 essentially undamaged with a clear spot of sidewalk next to it, standing higher than the rubble around it, even as most of the WTC buildings around it were largely obliterated. It wasn't just buildings 1, 2, and 7 that turned to dust that day. 9/11: Don't Believe Everything You See. 9/11 WTC 7; The Unexplainable Collapse.

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding 9/11 WTC 7; The Unexplainable Collapse Amerika, Big Brother, Conspiracy, Die Off Watch, Revisionist History, shadow government April 20, 2017 Leave a comment Share this: Like this: Related A Six Pack of Flat Out TruthIn "Conspiracy" What If?

9/11 WTC 7; The Unexplainable Collapse

Ron Paul: "Zero Chance" Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag. Editor’s Note: If Trump goes along with this ridiculous fairy tale as a pretext for more war or intervention in Syria, he will be no different than Obama.

Ron Paul: "Zero Chance" Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag

According to former Congressman Ron Paul, the chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun that killed 30 children and has led to calls for the Trump administration to intervene in Syria could have been a false flag attack. As Paul Joseph Watson details, pointing out that the prospect of peace in Syria was moving closer before the attack, with ISIS and Al-Qaeda on the run, Paul said the attack made no sense. “It looks like maybe somebody didn’t like that so there had to be an episode,” said Paul, asking, “who benefits?” “It doesn’t make any sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a sudden use poison gases – I think there’s zero chance he would have done this deliberately,” said Paul.

Texans Preparing and To Take On Local Radical Muslims. HUGE STAGED EVENT UNDERWAY, CHAOS AT MALLS IN 10 STATES. Oregon Shooting Exposed: No Gun Shots, No Blood, No Victims, Crisis Actors, Drills. Everything Is Scripted! (Media, Mass Shootings, NASA, JFK etc.) John Perkins 2015 “9/11 As Catalyst For 14 Years of US and Global Domination” Oakland Hoax - Crisis Actor Forgets He's In Pain! Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole. BOOM! Soros Behind Busing In 'PAID PROTESTERS' for Nationwide Anti Trump Protests. Flat Earth: 9/11 NO FLOORS - Destroying the Evidence. R.F.B & ANTHONY PATCH WEEKLY UPDATE ep 9 PSY-OPS 101. 028 Hell-ooo 911 Operator: Hi, I’d like to Report a World Wide Mind Rape.

WTC 9-11 Biggest Gold Heist In History. Please continue to scroll down for multiple articles on this topic.

WTC 9-11 Biggest Gold Heist In History

Uploaded by GalaxyGarden on Sep 26, 2008 Loose Change documents the true purpose of the “False Flag” 9-11 attack on America, perhaps the greatest treasonous crime in modern history. Turns out is was also likely the biggest gold heist in history… crimes which are all quite familiar to the Bush Crime/CIA Family.

Including bank & S&L bailout scams… How Much Gold Was Under WTC Complex? August 27, 2011 By Keith Johnson – Earlier this year, a coin dealership ran a television ad for a 10th-anniversary 9-11 commemorative coin that was allegedly “clad in .999 pure silver actually recovered from vaults beneath the ashes of Ground Zero.” That commercial provoked retired New York Police Department Capt. He said the operation began on Oct. 16, 2001 and lasted for two days.

According to The New York Daily News article, “We never recovered any other precious metals,” said DePrisco. 911 was a Distraction for stealing $166 Billion in GOLD 1. How Much Gold Was Under WTC Complex? By Keith Johnson Earlier this year, a coin dealership ran a television ad for a 10th-anniversary 9-11 commemorative coin that was allegedly “clad in .999 pure silver actually recovered from vaults beneath the ashes of Ground Zero.”

How Much Gold Was Under WTC Complex?

That commercial provoked retired New York Police Department Captain Tom DePrisco to tell New York’s Daily News in late January, “That’s just pure bullshit.” In the aftermath of the devastating attacks on 9-11, DePrisco was assigned to the Office of Emergency Management to assist in recovering precious metals buried in a two-story vault beneath the rubble of World Trade Center (WTC) Building 4 and transfer it to another vault at the Brooklyn Naval Yard World. He said the operation began on October 16, 2001 and lasted for two days. 5 and 6 World Trade Center. Some reports suggested that explosions were responsible for the holes in WTC 6 and WTC 5. 1 The depths of the holes have been cited as evidence of this, as have their clean profiles.

5 and 6 World Trade Center

However, it does seem plausible that falling pieces from the breakup of the North Tower could have created the holes. The steel in just the upper half of the Tower's northeast wall weighed several thousand tons. It can be imagined, given the degree of mushrooming in the Tower collapse, that Building 6 received most of the weight of the Tower's northeast wall. Thousands of tons falling from a thousand feet could have crushed all eight stories of such a building. Moreover, the rectangular shape of the hole, and the fact that it runs the length of the Tower's northeast wall (whose remnants can be seen in the left side of the photo), suggests that it corresponds to the region of heaviest steel fallout from that wall.

Europhysics news twin towers destroyed by controlled demolition. John Lear - 9/11 Holographic Projector. 9/11 AND TESLA DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS - DARK JOURNALIST & DR. JOSEPH FARRELL. The Current US/Russia Conflict Is a Staged Event. Continuity of Government Police State - The Day After. By Marc Ambinder April 11, 2011 from NationalJournal Website On the morning of September 11, 2001, after terrorists toppled the World Trade Center towers, rammed a jet into the Pentagon, and were thought to be in control of an unknown number of additional planes, the National Security Council ordered the government to act as if the apocalypse was now.

Continuity of Government Police State - The Day After

A series of secret orders, known collectively as Continuity of Government, or COG, zipped across the government’s classified computer and phone networks. On cue, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Alternate National Warning Center in Olney, Md., sent emergency action alerts. The 1st Helicopter Squadron (code-named “Mussel”) swooped down to the National Mall from Andrews Air Force Base, grabbed congressional leaders, and rushed them to the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center in Bluemont, Va. The Secret Service spirited first lady Laura Bush to a bunker beneath one of its buildings. 911: The Alarm Clock of Human Consciousness. 5th September 2016 By Irwin Ozborne Contributing writer for Wake Up World “Make no mistake about it – Enlightenment is a destructive process.

911: The Alarm Clock of Human Consciousness

It has nothing to do with becoming better or becoming happier. What Really Happened to “World Trade Center Building 7” on September 11, 2001? September 11th, 2016 By Andy Whiteley Contributing writer for Wake Up World Today, on the 15 year anniversary of 9/11, there is so much evidence and information available that debunks the official narrative of September 11, 2001, it is hard to believe the U.S. people have not yet revolted.

What Really Happened to “World Trade Center Building 7” on September 11, 2001?

What is the Hegelian Dialectic? Introduction: Why study Hegel? "...the State 'has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State... for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.'" Author/historian William Shirer, quoting Georg Hegel in his The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1959, page 144) In 1847 the London Communist League (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels) used Hegel's theory of the dialectic to back up their economic theory of communism.

Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure. The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. Hegel's dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action. When we understand what motivated Hegel, we can see his influence on all of our destinies. ... BUSTED! Omar Mateen is an ACTOR Who Appeared in "The Big Fix" - Pulse Shooting Hoax. Orlando Shooting HOAX: Crisis Actor Returns Gun BAN Agenda EXPOSED (Redsilverj) 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money. Behold the Power of 1. Ebola, Swine Flu, Zika, SARS – The Anatomy of a False Flag Disease. 6th April 2016 By Paul A.

Philips Guest Writer for Wake Up World. Brussels Bombing Security FAIL THEY GOT TRICKED. CIA Named in Brussels False Flag Bombing Attack. NEW BLACK CHEMTRAILS REPORTED WORLDWIDE. New 911 Footage - THERE IS NO PLANE - From Another Helicopter. Crisis Actors and False Flag Attacks. ( So Many false flag events. All on occulted numeroligcal days. 3/11, 9/11, 11/13….. So let’s meet some of the crisis actors who appear over, and over, and over again at all the staged gov’t psyop events to program fear into the masses and allow further confiscation of what little rights we have left in this country. Credit: Modern Gnostic Mmmmmm……

Smoking Gun Proof Holographic Planes Used on 9/11 - Left Wing Disappears Before Plane Hits Building! (Before It's News) Glenn Canady (Friend me!) LIKE my Facebook , Truth Warriors Page , VT Truth, Twitter , Tsu , Pinterest and LinkedIn! Watch the first video on to open a Doorway to God! Those who join Project Nsearch will discover ways to make extra income and get free ebooks on natural cures, free energy and spreading more truth! I teach others how to make real extra income on my Newsletter. Trump Exposes Bush Bin Laden 9/11 Connection. Clinton Slips Says "Pentagon Bombed" 9/11 Truth. Support Surges to Declassify 28 Pages of Secrets Showing Foreign Government Involvement in 9/11. By Joseph Jankowski Have you heard of House Resolution 14? It is a bill that urges the president to declassify the 28-page finding on foreign government involvement in supporting the 9/11 hijackers. Support for the bill has surged with seven more House members adding their names to the resolution just last week.

That support sits on top of the fifteen members who have joined since December 9, bringing the total members on board to 35. MH17 & MH370 FLIGHT AIRLINE CRASH FALSE FLAG - FULL CIRCLE. Balloon boy hoax flight 370 connection!!!!! NEPAL HOAX. 9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars. Caravan To Midnight - Episode 369 A Methodical Deception. How The US Government And A PR Firm Made Fake News To Promote War In Iraq. By John Vibes. 1 Witness Interviewed At All 3 False Flags! - Impossible Odds. How Illuminati Leave Signatures On Hoax/FalseFlag Events! (2015) French president says on national TV that the Illuminati is attacking Paris.

French Government Knew The Terrorist Attack Would Happen In Paris! Bases 12-1 Where Did The Towers Go Section One. San Bernardino Mass Shooting – A False Flag with Hallmark Shooter Drills? 3rd December 2015 By Makia Freeman Guest Writer for Wake Up World A mass shooting just occurred hours ago in San Bernardino, California, around 11:00am local time on December 2nd, 2015. As sad as this loss of life is, with all these events it’s important to question everything right from the start. 911 WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! See with your own eyes. Emergency Drills Took Place on Morning of Paris Terror Attacks: Report. By Brandon Turbeville. False Flags. Though it goes unmentioned in America’s government-issue school textbooks, documents and recordings have been declassified and released through Freedom of Information Act requests proving that America’s entry into WWII was another calculated event, not the result of a surprise Japanese attack.

Why Are The Elite Orchestrating Such Amateurish False Flag Shootings? 9th September 2015. Trump: Bush Knew in Advance 9/11 was Coming! I am not a big fan of but their article below was kind of interesting. I am somewhat surprised to hear Donald Trump say on public TV that Bush knew in advance the USA was going to be attacked in September 2001. Be ware that by reposting this article, I am not supporting Donald Trump or any candidate.

I do not support politicians because nearly all of them are working for the UNITED STATES, which is NOT a country but a criminal and foreign corporation. CNN caught using crisis actor operative to attack Donald Trump. UNBELIEVABLE! MSM Using SANDY HOOK FOOTAGE AGAIN for Oregon Shooting Hoax. 9/11/2001 Attacks Occur 'By The Numbers' Oregon Shooting: 13 Troubling Signs Of Potentially Yet Another False Flag. S.K. Bain. Yeah, I was wrong about Black Christmas, and I’m glad of it—and I hope I’m wrong about what I’m going to present to you now, too. Unfortunately for us all, however, I may have only been half wrong (and only off by eight months or so, at that): Phoenix, AZ, may well remain the globalists’ target, with my having missed the intended date by only a little over half a year. Higherside Chats 53: The Occult Scripts of 9/11, Aurora, & Sandy Hook.

You Haven't Seen This! Free Speech Outlawed at 9/11 Ground Zero. U.S. Government Denies Claims of Toxic Exposure to 9/11 First Responders. 5 Hard Facts Americans Forgot About 9/11 After Being Reminded Every Year to “Never Forget” BUSTED: Videos of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax Were Separate Takes! The 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Hoax Exposed - NASA Space Shuttle Deception. 19 Intriguing Coincidences Surrounding the Virginia Shooting. 2015 Unfortunate Truth JFK, 9/11, and Beyond - The World We Live in. Project Constellation: Connect the Dots, See the Big Picture (2006) via Meria Heller. Home · September 11 Digital Archive.

Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots. Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing - The Real Deal - Jim Fetzer. Pt.1/5 The 9/11 WTC Attack Paradox ~ Secrets Not Meant to Know + One Step Beyond Judy Wood. 9/11 Exposed – 2015 Edition Documentary Film. SKYGATE: Pilots For 9/11 Truth Prove “Inside Job” EXPOSING THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT BEST DOCUMENTARY EVER MADE- Ring of Power - ~E.G.PlottPalmTrees.Com. The Killing of Osama bin Laden was an “American Hoax” HOTEL HELL: Attack at Luxury Hotel in Libya Reveals ‘False Flag’ Event. Alleged Use of False Flag Attacks by Intelligence Agencies: Alleged US False Flag Attacks. Even More Admitted False Flag Terror Incidents Come to Light Washington's Blog. Why Did Navy Staffers at the Pentagon Fail to Respond to the Attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11? Washington's Blog.

Fukushima reactor meltdown was a man-made disaster, says official report. UPDATED: More Hard Proof the Oklahoma City Bombing was a Hoax - NODISINFO. Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit Filed to Prove Sandy Hook Staged. False flag theater: Boston bombing involves clearly staged carnage. Charleston Massacre: Racial Tension Ploy to Conceal TPP Deal and Derail Mass Strike Momentum.

Wolfgang Halbig: A Lot Of People Have Gotten Very Wealthy Since The Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax!" “False Flag Terrorism” to Sustain America’s “Humanitarian” Agenda. War is always by Deception. New Documentary on September 11, 2001 “False Flag”: “9/11 in the Academic Community” Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers. Rebekah Roth exposes israeli involvement in Sept 11 attacks. WHAT REALLY IS THE MATRIX - the movie you didn´t see. Killuminati The Movie. Over 2200 Architects & Engineers Crush The ‘Official’ 9/11 Commission Report.