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9/11 - Judy Wood (part two)

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Carfires. Locations of burnt cars several blocks away from the towers on FDR drive How did cars so far away from WTC catch fire?


Flipped and burned vehicles This is thought to be the exit ramp at the Brooklyn Bridge and FDR drive. Many burnt cars, yet 2 under the bridge are dusty but unharmed, why? Corner of Broadway and Barclay, Building 7 is on the right, USPS is on the left. In the background you can see WTC5 on fire on the left and WTC 6 on the right. Here we have stepped back one block from the previous photo and are now at 30 West Barclay. Here we are looking at the front of the bus from the previous photo, 30 W. Here we have stepped back a little more, 30 W. Burnt postal truck at 100 Church St. 9/11 The EVIDENCE Theo Chalmers Interviews Dr Judy Wood. 9/11 Hypothesis: AE911Truth vs. Judy Wood. Dr. Judy Wood ~ Evidence of Breakthrough Energy on 9/11. The Billiard Ball Example. Appendix A: For those concerned about momentum.

The Billiard Ball Example

Conservation of Momentum and Conservation of Energy Conservation of Momentum: The amount of momentum (p) that an object has depends on two physical quantities: the mass and the velocity of the moving object. p = mv where p is the momentum, m is the mass, and v the velocity. If momentum is conserved it can be used to calculate unknown velocities following a collision.

(m1 * v1)i + (m2 * v2)i = (m1 * v1)f + (m2 * v2)f where the subscript i signifies initial, before the collision, and f signifies final, after the collision. If (m1)i = 0, and (v2)i = 0, then (v2)f must =0. The WTC 6 Truth Movement. Dr Judy Wood : Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11. Directed Energy Weapons Used In Iraq. Dr Judy Wood at New Horizons - Where Did the Towers Go - Part 1. Dr Judy Wood at New Horizons - Where Did the Towers Go - Part 2. What Happened to the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: AS IT HAPPENED (PART 4) (NBC) Controlled Opposition Promotes Demolition. Index of /ANIMATED GIF FILES sept clues research. BBC Censors 9/11 Forensic Investigation. Dr. Judy Wood and John Lash The quintessential talk on 911 - September 06, 2011. IRREFUTABLE - Adam Dwyer. Spingola and Friends, #93. 911 Photo leaflet 2014. 9/11 amateur video by Dr. Mark Heath. BBC Censors 9/11 Forensic Investigation.

Defense Contractor Attempts To Conceal Advanced Weaponry. Albuquerque, NM (TFC) – Meet Applied Research Associates, Inc.

Defense Contractor Attempts To Conceal Advanced Weaponry

(ARA), a leading international defense contractor that works with governmental and corporate bodies across the world, including the United States government’s Department of Defense (DoD). This company serves many purposes for governments, including weapons testing, development and manufacturing, as well as psychological operations. ARA has been developing advanced weapons systems since its inception in 1979.

This cryptic organization uses equivocated terms across their website to describe their function as a defense contractor, such as “technology services” and “ mission-critical solutions:” ARA is one of the fastest growing technology services companies in the country. On March 1, 2007, ARA posted the information below concerning a certain weapon, which has since been removed from its website, the “Prototype Disruptor.” Source: In addition, ARA was a primary Respondent in Dr. Comments. 9/11 Foreknowledge Caught on Computers that Measure Global Mind.

Rady AnandaActivist Post Fascinating research into a “global mind” picked up startling data in the days and hours before the 9/11 attacks, indicating widespread foreknowledge.

9/11 Foreknowledge Caught on Computers that Measure Global Mind

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) uses electromagnetically-shielded computers located throughout the world that generate random numbers. In its 13-year history, these computers show statistically significant deviations during global events that affect humans. DEBAMBOOZLED.COM. Click for Full Size Description.


WHAT IS SOLID? Resonance at Tacoma Narrows and Material Specific Reactions. "War is a Thousand Infernos" by Nikola Tesla. Boyd Bushman On The Hutchison Effect and Antigravity. What is dielectric material? - Definition from A dielectric material is a substance that is a poor conductor of electricity, but an efficient supporter of electrostatic field s.

What is dielectric material? - Definition from

If the flow of current between opposite electric charge poles is kept to a minimum while the electrostatic lines of flux are not impeded or interrupted, an electrostatic field can store energy. This property is useful in capacitor s, especially at radio frequencies. Dielectric materials are also used in the construction of radio-frequency transmission lines.

In practice, most dielectric materials are solid. Examples include porcelain (ceramic), mica, glass, plastics, and the oxides of various metals. An important property of a dielectric is its ability to support an electrostatic field while dissipating minimal energy in the form of heat. Dr Judy Wood talks about the TV weather reports in NYC on 9/11. Dr Judy Wood discusses magnetometer readings taken on 9/11. Magnetometer on 9/11 Shows Exotic Weapons Evidence. On the days prior to September 11, 2001, the earth's magnetic field was quite stable, as Hurricane Erin tracked directly up the -15 line of that field toward New York City as a category 3 storm.

Magnetometer on 9/11 Shows Exotic Weapons Evidence

Then on 9/11, the magnetic field readings went all over the place in 100% correspondence to WTC 1, 2, and later WTC 7 going largely to dust. by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Dust to Dust Last December, I published a fairly lengthy Part I of a report I wrote regarding Dr. Some of the highlights from that report include showing photographs of an ambulance parked about 30 feet in front of World Trade Center (WTC) building 1 essentially undamaged with a clear spot of sidewalk next to it, standing higher than the rubble around it, even as most of the WTC buildings around it were largely obliterated. It wasn't just buildings 1, 2, and 7 that turned to dust that day. The September 11 Hurricane That Missed New York City - Visible satellite image of Hurricane Erin off the Northeast seaboard on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10:39 a.m.

The September 11 Hurricane That Missed New York City -

EDT. Inset square in upper-left shows smoke plume from the World Trade Center attack. (NASA) John Hutchison Live In Studio at the Kevin Smith Show. ANTIGRAVITY HISTORY & 9/11: ANDREW JOHNSON - FIELD INTERFERENCE 012. John Hutchison - In Other News 02 Jan 2012 - An Overview of his Life and Work. 9/11 & the Hutchison Effect - Dr. Wood, A. Johnson, John Hutchison and A. Lane - Jan. 18, 2008 (2/2)

A Quote from Nikola Tesla: The Art of Telautomatics (Foretelling Use of Directed Energy Weapons) National September 11 Memorial & Museum. 9/11: Explosion in WTC1 when the plane hit WTC2? - NIST FOIA Map, Archive. Search this page using Ctrl + F key combination. - NIST FOIA Map, Archive

Please send additional photo and video links to matt(at)911conspiracy•tv. UPDATE 2015: NIST WTC Investigation Video List now embedded below, obtained by FOIA in "NIST FOIA 11-218 Aug_24_2011. " Links will be added as time permits. UPDATE 2013: The following materials are largely available for download online at Some links to their materials will not work unless you click Continue and agree to their terms. Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive. WTC037.jpg Photo by 911conspiracytv. NYC Transit Auth. 9/11 Documentary. WTC1 Core Inside Ground Zero . NIST FOIA Release 10.

Hutchison Effect 2/2. Hutchinson Effect Explained. 9/11 - World Trade Center - Steel Column turns to Dust. Dr. Judy Wood - "The Spire" Where did the Towers Go? WTC - Flight 175 "Crash" - What Caused the Puff and Flare? Nonlinear warfare: A new system of political control [Adam Curtis] 2015. Untitled. John Lear - 9/11 Holographic Projector. 9/11 Pictures Archive. Chapter 7 - Peripheral Buildings - The WTC Report. 7.1 Introduction In addition to the WTC buildings and Bankers Trust building, a number of other buildings suffered damage from the projectiles and debris resulting from the deliberate aircraft impacts into WTC 1 and WTC 2 on September 11, 2001, and the resulting collapse of WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7.

Chapter 7 - Peripheral Buildings - The WTC Report.

As discussed in Chapter 1, Section 1.4, on September 12, 2001, the first round of building inspections were contracted for the New York City Department of Buildings (DoB) and the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC). This chapter is based on the field observations made by the Building Performance Study (BPS) Team, the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY) summary presented below, and Life Safety Reports prepared by LAZ Technology/Thornton-Tomasetti (LZA 2001). The building assessments were compared and coordinated with a parallel inspection performed by DoB and are summarized in Figure 7-1 and Table 7.1 according to the following color coding: Full Collapse.

Chapter 7 - Peripheral Buildings - The WTC Report. The Manhattan Power Spot: A Shamanic Understanding - The Power Path. By José Luis Stevens A trip to visit our son Carlos brought my wife Lena and I to New York City in late November, 2011. He recently moved to Manhattan to work as the Creative Director of a computer design and animation company and we wanted to see where he worked and visit his apartment where we stayed for a few days. His apartment building on the West Side has a roof with a fabulous view of the entire city and we spent some time up there in the cold November wind getting to the know the city from that vantage point. Wall Street and the World Trade Center where Ground Zero is now being rebuilt and reshaped is a few subway stops away.

911 Occult Ritual: The Geomancy and Ley lines of New York City. Explore eddyde115's photos on Flickr. eddyde115 h… DUSTIFICATION of the WTC on 9/11-part1 (Dr. Judy Wood; Empirical Evidence) 911 Weather Reports - Hurricane Erin. 911 Weather Reports - Hurricane Erin. 911 Evidence and Theory - A Response to Red Ice Radio. Hurricane Erin and 911 - Dr Judy Wood - May 29 2008. Dr Judy Wood - New Hiroshima - Madison - Aug 4th 2007 - Part 2. Dr Judy Wood - New Hiroshima - Madison - Aug 4th 2007 - Part 1. New World Trade Center 9/11 aerial images from ABC News.

By Philip Delves Broughton Updated: 00:01 GMT, 12 February 2010 We have seen the Twin Towers collapse hundreds of times on TV. The steel and glass skyscrapers exploding like a bag of flour, the dust and smoke pluming out across Manhattan. But never like this, from above. Nine years after the defining moment of the 21st century, a stunning set of photographs taken by New York Police helicopters forces us to look afresh at a catastrophe we assumed we knew so well.

You know but cannot see the 2,752 men, women and children who died at the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. Terror: A tidal wave of dust and debris roars through lower Manhattan as the World Trade Centre collapses on September 11, 2001. 911. My 9/11. Chapter 5 - WTC Seven - The WTC Report. World Trade Center Seven collapsed on September 11, 2001, at 5:20 p.m. There were no known casualties due to this collapse. The performance of WTC 7 is of significant interest because it appears the collapse was due primarily to fire, rather than any impact damage from the collapsing towers. On the contrary, it appears the collapse was primarily due to a controlled demolition. Prior to September 11, 2001, there was little, if any, record of fire-induced collapse of large fire-protected steel buildings. The Taboo of Disclosure by Andrew Johnson.

Boyd Bushman On Antigravity. Dr. Judy Wood on Coast2Coast - May 3, 2011. INFINITE ENERGY - But NOT for the Masses [Andrew Johnson] Lifting the veil conference Leeds 2013. The Case For Antigravity - by Andrew Johnson. 9/11 & SEISMIC EVIDENCE: FIELD INTERFERENCE 017. No Thermite on 911! REALLY! Kurt Sonnenfeld: Complete World Trade Center Photos. 911: The WTC Vehicle Massacre – Part-3. 911: The WTC Vehicle Massacre – Part-2. 911: The WTC Vehicle Massacre – Part-1. Part 2 - Dr Judy Wood - New Hiroshima - Madison - Aug 4th 2007. DIRECTED FREE-ENERGY TECHNOLOGY USED ON 9/11: ANDREW JOHNSON - FIELD INTERFERENCE 002.

AE911TRUTH - FAILURE BY DESIGN: THOMAS & SARAH CORRIHER - FIELD INTERFERENCE 013. Check The Evidence - Paul Hellyer Begins to Break the Taboo Of Disclosure. 13 May 2015 Background Since at least 2009, I have documented that there is a taboo in what might be called “the Disclosure movement.” That taboo is any discussion that either “free energy technology” or “black technology” played a role in the destruction of the WTC Complex on 911. The fact that someone’s “directed free-energy technology” was used to destroy the WTC Complex on 911 can be concluded by a careful study of Dr Judy Wood’s research, which was published in book form in very late 2010 and became available in quantity in 2011. I have written quite a lot about how those whom I expected to be the first to openly and sensibly discuss these conclusions have, by and large, done no such thing.

The Journal of 9/11 Research and 9/11 Issues. The Taboo of Disclosure by Andrew Johnson. 9/11 amateur video by Dr. Mark Heath. Jim Marrs in Toronto (22-06-2014) March 31, 1958. Wilbert B. Smith Ottawa Ontario Canada I have been actively engaged in the investigation of the group of phenomena known as flying saucers for over several years. During this period I have read most of the available literature on the subject, interviewed a great many people who have seen unusual things in the sky, examined many pictures and physical objects, made observations with scientific instruments, and carried on a series of communications with intelligences with intelligences claiming to be extraterrestrial.

I started the investigation out of curiosity, and as an extreme sceptic, fully expecting to find the phenomena to be due to man-made or natural causes. I have tried as far as possible to use conventional and standard methods and equipment, and to investigate all possible angles before drawing any conclusions. Let us take a look at a few facts. Let us take a look at a few more facts. Wilbert B. Smith: Gravity Control ~ Binding Force ~ Caduceus Coil ~ Letters ~ Circuit Diagrams. Wilbert B. Smith. Wilbert B. Smith: Gravity Control ~ Binding Force ~ Caduceus Coil ~ Letters ~ Circuit Diagrams. Wilbert Smith Ottawa Address - 31 March 1958. NIST FOIA: WTC1 Collapse (CNN Roof Camera #2)

What Really Happened at 911? - 9/11 Conspiracy Truth Video, 9/11 TV Archive. Showing Photos 1-23 of 23. 911: The Steel of the WTC Subway Sagged. Ground Zero WTC Debris Field 9/11, 9/12, & 9/13.