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AAC- Switch Assessible Activities

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Index - Communication Matrix. HelpKidzLearn. HelpKidzLearn. Speech Language Pathologists. Site of the Month: Core Word Classroom : PrAACtical AAC. Looking for materials that you can use to support AAC in educational settings?

Site of the Month: Core Word Classroom : PrAACtical AAC

AssistiveWare’s newest venture, The Core Word Classroom, may be just what you are looking for. While the materials align with their AAC app Proloquo2Go, the concepts, activity ideas, and planning tools have broad applicability. Jennifer Marden and Amanda Hartmann, who created most of the content for this new venture, introduce us to the site. The AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom is a resource for anyone who is implementing a core word-based AAC system.

The materials focus on teaching using core words, as well as expanding communication beyond requesting to all the reasons we communicate, and helping AAC users use the full grammatical possibilities of language. Framework called the 3W’s: WORDS – the core words that could be used for an activity WHYS – the many different reasons why we communicate (e.g. You can learn more about the site here. Happy exploring! Filed under: Featured Posts, PrAACtical Thinking. Online Switch Activities (for Special Needs) Power Point Switch Books. I am fond of using software nearly every one has to create accessible learning activities, if for no other reason than I can e-mail them to parents as an attachment and the parent can run the activity without expensive software or downloading anything special.

Power Point Switch Books

Power Point is one of my favorite media to use for creating adapted books and activities. Although I have Sense Factory (freeware) and Switch It Maker 2 (about $110.00) which do the same basic things I want done in an adapted book I generally end up using Power Point. (One of my chief complaints about both programs is that they reset the display on my laptop.)

My students also love making Power Point Books. Just last week when two students came in with news of new puppies at home, a couple of my students worked with a paraprofessional and made an switch run slide show of different kinds of puppies to share with the class. Power Point is a great tool for the special needs classroom with a few adaptations made. All Together We Can. Do you have enough books?

All Together We Can

Would you like some more? How about links out to over a thousand books? Here is a books launcher that was presented as part of the ISAAC 2008 pre-conference presentation I collaborated on with Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite titled, Writing Books for Beginning Readers . . . and Using Them to Support Real Reading. Download the accessible-books-launcher in PDF Format Link to a Two Switch Step Scan Capable Online Version If you enjoy this resource and have other book websites, please email them to me at

Also, it is good to consider Dr. Freebooksforyou. Augmentative Communication, AAC Evaluation, Speech Devices, AAC Apps Simplified: AAC TechConnect. Supports for language learning. How can I transfer and restore a vocabulary backup using WiFi? Using Proloquo2Go's Connect to Computer feature (requires Safari or Firefox web browser and a WiFi network), you can transfer and restore a Proloquo2Go backup file from any computer to a device.

How can I transfer and restore a vocabulary backup using WiFi?

You can use this to reload a customized vocabulary if Proloquo2Go is deleted or transfer a customized vocabulary to a different device. Proloquo2Go's Connect to Computer feature offers organizations that restrict access to iTunes on their computers a great alternative for transferring and restoring backups. In addition to the below instructions, please see these resources that will walk you through transferring and restoring a Proloquo2Go vocabulary: Rudolph watches while the christmas tree pulls a butterfly from a christmas stocking - switch activated game. Fun Switch Accessible Christmas baubles baseball game for learning switch timing skills and making helpers sing.

Fun Switch Accessible Christmas Turkey Baasketball game for learning switch timing skills. Books for beginning readers of all ages. Games. software list QIAT.pdf. Free Online Switch Activities - Updated. Updated 11/09/2015 This is an update of the post listing online switch activities for learners with multiple or significant special needs.

Free Online Switch Activities - Updated

The activities listed are chosen because they can be used with switches, they are simple and they are enjoyable. The activities listed are free. Some activities may require set up by an assistant before switch use. Although care has been taken not to include switch activities with any violence or graphic images teachers and others still need to check activities for age and general appropriateness before use. Cause and Effect (and Press to Play): Single Switch Scanning/Timed Single Switch Response (sites may include some cause and effect games as well): Two Switches (unless otherwise noted you must click in the area of the game and then use tab and enter to play): Chrome Apps and Extensions iPad Apps Note: using the Puffin Browser app makes many switch accessible websites work on the iPad!

Subscription Sites with Free Trials. For Kids. OWLIE BOO - Educational games for toddlers, babies and young children - Owl games.