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How to Send Text Messages (SMS) Via Email. Home » Best of, Frugality, Lifehack & GTD Last updated by G.E.

How to Send Text Messages (SMS) Via Email

Miller on January 4, 2016 Email This may not be news for a lot of people, but I just discovered that you can send text messages via email to most major cellular providers. This tip is stellar in that it is part stupid frugal trick (save money on texting from your cell phone by emailing for free), part productivity (you can probably type faster from a normal QWERTY keyboard than a phone), and part tech geek. How to Send a Text Message (SMS) Via Email: To send a text message via email, you must use a SMS to email gateway. Stopping and Restarting Asterisk From The CLI. Destinations Groups - Kolmisoft Wiki. From Kolmisoft Wiki In order to make use of destinations and managing prices easier, destinations are grouped.

Destinations Groups - Kolmisoft Wiki

It means that one price applies for a group of destinations, rather than for destinations separately (a group can contain one destination also). [edit] Who can configure and use destinations? Destinations Groups are only used by users. It does not affect providers, because providers need to have very exact rates for each destination. Go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> Directions –> Groups: Here you can see the list of already created Destinations Groups. You can add new destination by clicking New destination group. Untitled. From Kolmisoft Wiki Transfers by default are not available in MOR because Asterisk cannot guarantee correct CDRs with Transfers.


In other words - it is possible to dial for free using Transfers with Asterisk (MOR). If you really want transfers and do not care about possible loss, here is the way to enable them: In file /etc/asterisk/sip.conf change line allowtransfer = no. White_Paper_Concurrent_Calls_%28Kolmisoft%29.pdf. Ports which should be opened - Kolmisoft Wiki.


White_Paper_Concurrent_Calls_%28Kolmisoft%29.pdf. SIP Addressing Issues. SIP Addressing Issues SIP procedures are a standardized way to setup sessions (mostly phone calls) over the Internet.In the world of Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), each phone is addressed using a digit string, e.g. a phone number, internationally agreed according to ITU E.164.

SIP Addressing Issues

Users are used to dial digits to setup a phone call. SIP uses an email like format to address SIP endpoints (e.g. soft client or desktop phones). SIP uses usually SIP URIs in the format of ''. As we like to make phone calls from SIP phones to POTS and vice versa, we need to find a way to map those identities. Providers with own PSTN gateways and numbers Those providers often hide the SIP addressing to end users. Traditional POTS providers who add SIP access to their portfolio often even do not allow incoming calls from other SIP providers, incoming calls must come from the PSTN and go via the providers gateway. How does SIP addressing work technically in this case? Spaxtel - Crystal Clear International Calls. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. VoIP Provider. Mebibyte Per Second Conversion Chart (Data Transfer Rate Converter, Byte-based Transfer Rate Units (older, 1024-based))

Auto-Dialer Addon - Kolmisoft Wiki. From Kolmisoft Wiki Auto-Dialer addon lets you call an array of numbers automatically.

Auto-Dialer Addon - Kolmisoft Wiki

When call is answered, receiver hears the audio message or he is in standby mode, it depends on what is set in Auto Dialer actions (PLAY / IVR / WAIT). This functionality can be used in telemarketing. When Auto-Dialer (AD) is installed, every user can use it and only users can create Campaigns. Admin cannot create Campaings. [edit] From User The user can find the AD menu under PERSONAL MENU -> Various -> Auto Dialer. The main window shows the user's campaigns: The user can Activate or Stop the Campaign by clicking the or button near the Campaign's status. A Campaign can only be Activated if it has free (not-called) numbers AND some Actions.

So please, before activating a Campaign, import some Numbers and create Actions. NOTE: Auto Dialer starts in 5 minutes, so when you are starting this add-on, you need to wait 5 minutes before it starts. [edit] Campaigns Add new campaign allows you to add a new campaign: Click. News SwitchRay Inc. Quick Test Result - Hyperspin Network Tools. Quick Test Result - Hyperspin Network Tools. Development Overview (Sprint #111) - Kolmisoft Blog. Short development overview for the last 2-week Sprint #111.

Development Overview (Sprint #111) - Kolmisoft Blog

Apart from various small fixes some major highlights which could be interesting for our Clients: MOR integration - Kolmisoft Wiki. From Kolmisoft Wiki This page is dedicated for programmers who are integrating MOR into other products or modifying MOR GUI.

MOR integration - Kolmisoft Wiki

[edit] Facts about MOR [edit] Technologies used.