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Super Dollfie (SD) & Mini SD (MSD) Patterns

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MSD Loose Top & Flower Skirt. BJD (MSD) Sweater From A Sock Tutorial. BJDs (MSD 45 cm.): Jumper Dress & Shirt. Cute BJD (MSD) Summer Dress Pattern Tutorial. MSD Simple Witch Dress. Simple Mini SD Lolita Dress (PDF) BJD (41 cm) Simple Emperor Dress Tutorial & Pattern. BJD (52 cm) Ball Gown With Jacket Tutorial & Pattern. BJD Boy (60-65 cm) Collared & Cuffed Shirt Tutorial. Free Patterns For 60cm BJD Clothes. BJD (67.5 cm) Battle Costume Tutorial & Pattern. A Simple Skirt For Super Dollfie. Welcome!

A Simple Skirt For Super Dollfie

Many new Super Dollfie owners are very happy with their dolls, but soon find that it's not always easy to find clothing for them. While they do have beautiful body sculpts, sometimes they need to go out, and for that they really do need to be dressed! The answer for many people is to sew their dolls a wardrobe. BJD SD (1/3) Pants - Tutorial & Pattern. BJD SD (1/3) Simple BJD T-Shirt Tutorial. BJD SD (1/3) Shirt - Tutorial.