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First Kumihimo Braid

First Kumihimo Braid
I had a go at using this Kumihimo plate the other night and found that the instructional pictographs were a bit difficult to understand. As you can see they were a bit daunting. The Kumihimo package came with five strands of synthetic yarn to start you off, and this is the first braid I did. I must admit that I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I pulled 60” of gold ribbon, purple orlec and navy orlec to braid. The ribbon I used singly but the orlec was tripled to match the ribbons thickness. This is a close up of the braid. Accepting this award means following some rules:1. And pass the awards on to: Charlotte at Strikke-og vevebloggen Susan at Thrums Cindie at eweniquely ewe Deanna at A Winding Thread Trapunto at The Straight of the Goods Magic Stix FibersDeborahbee at Swifter Than a Weavers Shuttle My Days Have Passed Weaving WordsDuring the 13th century, a woman weaver was called a Webster.

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Monterey Pop Monterey Pop Bracelet InstructionsDesigned by Cynthia Kimura Add a splash of seaside sunset color with this beautiful bracelet. The cheery colors and bold dimension ensures that summer stays a part of your everyday style! Step one: Cut eight strands of blue Super-lon bead cord approximately 24 inches long each. The length should be about three times longer than your desired length of bracelet. Kumihimo tutorial: flat braid with hearts I got the pattern for this braid from a friend of mine, who found it here: . It makes a flat braid, with a heart pattern running up the center. I am using 10/2 Uki red cotton weaving yarn for the background of this braid. What a Knit and Kumihimo too! Kumihimo Project Kits September 12, 2011 at 8:47 pm Karen’s Kumihimo Corkscrew Bracelet

How to: Wedded Bliss Beaded Kumihimo Necklace Project N666Designer: Julie Bean Make a stunning necklace for your special day using Swarovski Crystals and the ancient Japanese braiding technique of Kumihimo. The colors are subtle and muted, perfect for a wedding or any day you want to feel beautiful. Variations Summer bracelets DIY When M. came home from her camp with school, she showed me this yellow bracelet she made with 'scoubidoo' strings. One of her friends taught her how to make these and of course I wanted to have a go at it too. Instead of scoubidou string I used strips of fabric for one and leather - what did you think?! Seed Bead Sizes, Conversion charts for your seed beads. Seed bead sizes, for your seed bead project check out these conversion charts to help you determine the number of beads required for your design. When creating your seed bead jewelry remember when measuring the length of your finished item allow for your spacer beads and for your jewelry clasp. Don't be afraid of combining different seed bead sizes such as size 6 seed beads and size 8 in the same project, mixing and matching the different colours as well as different sized adds to the beauty of your seed bead jewelry. Kids just love being creative and easy projects for them to start on are beaded safety pin patterns, mixing and matching the beautiful colours to make a simple necklace or bracelet on thread or wire and then advancing to creating their favorite animal. There are many designs where you need to add bulk or fill in and these tiny ones will be perfect as they come in a large range of colour, shapes and material.

Design your own kongoh gumi friendship bracelet Send us your design with or without a photo of your finished braid. Link to your design - share your pattern with your friends Remember pattern (requires cookies) You should be seeing the kumihimo braid design tool here. If you are seeing this text after the page has finished loading, either javscript is disabled or your browser does not support some features required. Go to original (Java) version of Kongoh-gumi (Friendship Bracelets) Craft Warehouse Blog Supplies 3-4 colors of 2MM satin cording 24ft total (4 strands 6ft long each) C-Lon cording Tex 210 size .5 MM in diameter (in coordinating color) 8 styles of top drilled Czech glass, and or top drilled seed beads in varying sizes and shapes, 32 of each color and style of bead, for a total of 256 beads. (model uses 3 colors of Long Magatama seed beads, 1 style of 8MM top drilled flat coin, 2 colors of 5x9MM tear drops, 1 color of 9x14MM tear drop, 1 style of top drilled leaf (leaf style bead was difficult, tear drops much easier). 1 Kumihimo Toggle clasp with cone ends 8MM wide in diameter 2 Large Cones 10MM or so in diameter 6 -8 inches of 22 wire gauge 3 jump rings (heavy duty 6MM) General Supplies: Scissors, Chain nose pliers, Round nose pliers, Side cutters, E6000, Bead fix Glue (used to turn end of C-Lon cording hard like a needle and to prevent fraying), and one rubber band. 8 Re-usable bobbins for cording, (*optional but highly recommended).

Modern DIY Bracelets 28 Jun As a girl, I spent a lot of summer days lounging around making friendship bracelets of one form or another. It started simply with trios of embroidery thread and eventually evolved into more intricate creations involving beads and other such adornments. Lately, all sorts of inspiring DIY bracelet posts have cropped up around the web and it’s made me nostalgic for those uncomplicated summers. So today I’ve rounded up a dozen wonderful bracelet crafts.

All About Nylon Beading Cord: S-Lon, Superlon, C-Lon - Kumihimo Disk & Plate What is S-Lon, Superlon, C-Lon? S-Lon, Superlon, and C-Lon are brand names for the same product, a plied and bonded nylon string that is very popular for use in kumihimo and other jewelry braiding. S-Lon and Superlon are the brand names used by The Beadsmith/Helby bead distributors, and C-Lon is the brand name used by Caravan Beads bead distributors. Both companies supply bead stores around the world, so your local bead store probably buys from one or the other and that determines which brand they stock. Heart Kumihimo Pattern. Friendship Bracelets. Bracelet Patterns. How to make bracelets We will need: 16 strings (13 black and 3 pink) about 20 cm longer than your wrist circumference + some for tying the bracelet. How to make a kumihimo bracelet you can take a look here. 1. Start making your kumihimo according to this pattern:

Craft Warehouse Blog Thursday, August 23, 2012 Buddy's Dog Collar Supply List Para Cord -5 colors or a total of 40 feet (5 colors 8ft each) Recommend 5 different colors for pattern to show Reflective Para Cord Survival Dog Buckle w/ D-ring Kumihimo Flat Plate Scissors, pencil E6000, and or Needle and thread (for finishing) Lighter, fast drying glue (for melting/sealing the ends of the cord to prevent fraying) 1 German silver Dog Tag and 1 heavy duty jump ring Metal Complex Stamp Embossing Set Hammer, Chasing Hammer or Rubber Mallet Bench Block (nylon and steel recommended) Guilder Paste Black *Optional – Metal Embossing Templates and Big Kick Embossing Machine (for background design)Notes: This makes a large/ X Large sized dog collar 21” around, increase or decrease length of cording to fit your dogs’ neck