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A little Brit of us

A little Brit of us

Michelle Henry 1. The British flag - What is the name of the flag of the United Kingdom ? ...It is made up of 3 crosses : - St Andrew's for ... - St George's for ... - St Patrick's for ...- What creature can you see on the Welsh flag ? ...- What is the title of the National Anthem ("hymne") ? ... 2. 3. Lis ces petits textes Puis fais ce qui t’est demandé : Où se trouvent les Maisons du Parlement ? Qui a été le premier roi à être couronné à Westminster Abbey? Trafalgar Square est une place en forme de rond / de carré.A son centre se trouve la statue de Napoléon Bonaparte / l’amiral Nelson.Elle commémore la bataille de Waterloo / Trafalgar qui a eu lieu en 1805 / 1905 Qui sont les gardiens de la Tour de Londres? 4.

Little Bird Tales - Home English Day by Day Help your child's reading with free tips & free ebooks | Oxford Owl Oxford Owl Reading has 250 free eBooks for you to share with your child as well as simple ideas, top tips, activities and games to help your child with their reading at home. Highlights 250 FREE eBooks in our library.Book recommendations from our experts, along with information about our best-selling Biff, Chip and Kipper series.Phonics help from experts in teaching children to read.Storytelling videos.Julia Donaldson's top tips for reading with your child.Help with spelling.Fun ideas to support your child's learning.Information on teaching methods and what will be expected of your child at school. You’ll also find advice from educational experts on many areas including grammar, punctuation and spelling, motivating boys and how to help a child who is struggling with their reading. Helping your child to learn to read and learn to love reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give them… and Oxford Owl is here to help you every step of the way.

Classroom Games for Intermediate & Advanced English Learning, Teaching a, an, & Articles, Singular/Plural Practice A an the spin using this ESL fun Game. Adjectives vs. Adverbs with -ly Practice Adjectives adverbs ly using this ESL fun Game. Adjectives & Adverbs Fun Game Practice Adjectives adverbs using this ESL fun Game. Adjectives Ending with -ing & -ed Practice Adjectives ing ed using this ESL fun Game. Adverbs ly space classroom game Practice Adverbs ly using this ESL fun Game. already, yet & Present Perfect Tense Practice Already yet present perfect using this ESL Game. Articles & Nouns Fun Quiz game Practice Articles nouns using this ESL fun Game. Compound nouns game Practice Compound nouns using this ESL fun Game. if - Conditionals Sentences Game Practice Conditionals review using this ESL fun Game. Confusing Words A - D, Game 1 Practice Confusing words using this ESL fun Game. Confusing Words E - H, Game 2 Confusing Words I - O Game 3 Confusing Words P - Y Game 4 Countable / Uncountable Nouns & a, an Practice a an Countable uncountable using this Game. Low Level Games

Find a book There are so many wonderful books, but how do you know which ones to choose? Browse through our library of 250 FREE eBooks to find an engaging book for your child. All our eBooks are tablet friendly, simply register and enjoy a world of reading and fun activities. Whether you’re looking for a book to share with your youngest child or something to keep your ten year old motivated, we’re here to help. If you’re not sure which books to start with, take a look at the different series below... Learning to Read at Home Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper The UK’s favourite home reading series. Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper has been created by educational experts to help you support your child’s development as a reader and complement what they are doing at school. Phonics books provide valuable practice for your child, especially as they prepare for the new reading test for six year olds being introduced by the Government. Why is Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper so popular? Read Write Inc. ProjectX

Rituels de début de cours et activités orales Les rituels de début de cours constituent un moment d’échange et de pratique orale authentique de la langue en classe. Ils sont structurants, valorisants et rassurants. Ils permettent à tous les élèves de s’exprimer librement sans craindre l’évaluation. Dix minutes maximum seront consacrées le plus régulièrement possible à ces activités d’expression orale. Ces activités d’expression orale seront menées par les élèves (effacement du professeur) en expression orale en continu, mais surtout, et dans la mesure du possible, en expression orale en interaction, afin de faire participer un maximum d’élèves lors de chaque séance. On pourra donner aux élèves en début d’année la liste des activités possibles. 1. a. Placer les élèves par deux en associant de préférence des élèves qui ne se connaissent pas bien. Après deux ou trois questions simples, on préférera des questions ouvertes qui nécessitent une réponse développée. What’s your name ? How old are you ? Where and when were you born ? b. c. 2.

Home Segregation - Plan du scénario - Le blog de Dimanche 29 août 7 29 /08 /Août 15:35 The lack of rights of black people. Travail à partir d'images montrant les différents domaines de la vie courante dans lesquels les noirs n'avaient pas les mêmes droits que les blancs. Expression de l'interdiction, de l'obligation, de l'impossibilité au passé. Rosa Parks, Mother of Civil Rights. Travail à partir d'une vidéo de youtube Coretta Scott King, First lady of Civil Rights. Travail sur une écoute élaborée à partir d'une vidéo trouvée sur le site Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream". Travail de C.O sur le discours de Martin Luther King en salle multimédia à l'aide du site Travail de C.E et de méthodologie à partir du texte du discours : comment le discours est-il construit ? What American people are dreaming of. Black Dolls and White Dolls. Travail à partir d'une vidéo de youtube Tâche finale. Total sur 20 :

Spelling Stars K I D S I N C O Free Playscripts for Kids! - why use playscripts in school or in the classroom? K I D S I N C O presents…. Welcome to a world of stories, fairytales, witches… to a world where anything can happen! Will Cinderella fulfill her dream of becoming a princess? Will the good fairy turn into an evil witch? Kidsinco, is the short name of “Kids Incorporated”, and was founded on July 3, 2008, by Dina R. A place for ESL teachers, drama teachers and students, and for those who enjoy plays, and reading. – Help less talkative or shyer students to speak in class. – Improve communication and fluency. – Promote cooperative learning. – Provide practice for real-life experiences. – Allow children and students to be creative and express themselves. – Give students the opportunity of imagine themselves in a situation outside the classroom. – Encourage reading through dramatic material. – Promote understanding and retention of language. •Some of the stories are public domain or anonymous, and were edited and adapted by ©KIDSINCO for dramatic purposes.

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