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Free Knitting Patterns: Stuffed Animals & Toys

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EXTERMIKNIT! Dalek Knitting Pattern. Even the Doctor might feel differently about Daleks if faced with one of these cuddly monsters.

EXTERMIKNIT! Dalek Knitting Pattern

This pattern will let you knit your very own plushy Dalek, to keep for yourself or give away. Knit a whole army and prepare for world domination! If you use this pattern, I would love to hear from you. Comments encourage me to make more geeky patterns! The pattern is available in Word, PDF, or plain text format. 11/8/07 - ERRATA: Row 23 of the body had an extra k2 that should not be there. 11/22/07 - ERRATA 2: Row 6 of the shoulders should be knit in body color, not contrast color.

EXTERMIKNIT (.doc) EXTERMIKNIT (.txt) EXTERMIKNIT (.pdf) (Thank you to jenviolet for the new, improved PDF!) If you have questions about the pattern, feel free to ask and I will try to answer. ContactHomeCopyright "Penwiper" '07. Vintage + modern design for kids and the home. Ollie O'Owl Knitting Pattern.

Category: Knitting Type: Toy Item: Animal Skill Level: Beginner Basic Skills Necessary: knitting in the round with dp needles.

Ollie O'Owl Knitting Pattern

Pattern Description: A gift to you, I hope you enjoy making Ollie! The "owl" is one of the most popular and beautiful birds in the world. "Ollie" is knit in the round, so the only sewing will be his eyes, beak, and on his feet. Gauge: is not crucial, but the knitted fabric needs to be firm. All of my patterns are for knitting with dp needles and knitting in the round. If you have questions, I have also added a couple of how to videos to my blog at: Copyright (c) 2010 bjfromnv all rights reserved. Knitting: White Fluffy Chick Easter Pattern. This knitting pattern shows you how to knit a little fluffy white chicken using powder puff or similar fashion yarn.

Knitting: White Fluffy Chick Easter Pattern

This chick measure 6 inches. What you need Size 6 Us (8UK) (4 mm) needles 50 grams of white powder puff baby wool 25 grams of white feather soft baby wool Small amount of orange felt. Toy Filling/wadding Instructions Begin with the bottom of the body – cast on 13 stitches. 1) knit into the back of every stitch 2) knit twice into every stitch (26 stitches) 3) knit 4) knit 5)(knit 2 knit twice into the next stitch) to the end ( 34 stitches) 6) knit 7)( knit 2 knit twice into the next 2 stitches) to the end (50 stitches)

5 Knitted Easter Bunny Projects. Rainbow Bunny Pattern: PDF Download. Free 45 Teddy Bear Knitting Patterns. Free Knitting Pattern For Stuffed Cuddle Teddy Bear. Knitting Toys & Ornaments. Free 143 Toys Knitting Patterns. Buddy Doll Toys. Boy Buddy Body With smaller needles and A, cast on 48 sts.

Buddy Doll Toys

Proceed in stocking st (knit on RS and purl on WS) until work from beg measures 5½ ins [14 cm], ending with a purl row. With MC, cont in stocking st until work from beg measures 8½ ins [21.5 cm], ending with a purl row. Shape shoulders: 1st row: K9. 2nd and alt rows: Purl. 3rd row: K8. 5th row: K1. 6th row: Purl. Shape head: 1st row: K1. Beg with a purl row, cont even in stocking st until work from marked row measures 4 ins [10 cm], ending with a purl row. Next row: K1. Next row: *P2tog. Break yarn and thread through rem sts. Arm (make 2) With smaller needles and MC, cast on 10 sts. 1st row: (RS). Beg with a purl row, work even in stocking st until work from beg measures 4 ins [10 cm], ending with a purl row. Cast off knitwise.

Fold Arm lengthwise. Finishing Sew Back seam of body. Sew bottom closed. Shirt Front and Back (make alike) With larger needles and A, cast on 26 sts. With A, work 2 rows in stocking st. Sleeves (make 2) Hat. Toys To Knit.