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Paperweight Granny African Flower

Paperweight Granny African Flower
[Update April 13, 2012: I made a purse out of this motifs, tutorial is here.] [Update August 11, 2011: Thanks to Mia again for providing more information to answer some questions at the comment section. Please find the information of the type of yarn, hook size and the resulting flower size at the pattern section.] This is the first time I come across African Flower… well, accurately speaking, this is the first time I know that this crochet block is “African Flower”. Just like Granny Square, African Flower is a crochet block but in hexagonal shape, it can be joined next to each other to become a bigger piece and make into blanket, afghan, shawl, bag, table runner, cushion cover, soccer ball toy, coaster, pincushion, dress etc…. you name it! I am putting this into my to-do list Get the step by step photo and written crochet pattern after this jump. Thanks to Mia, who shared her African Flower crochet at Pinterest – one of my favorite stop-overs when I needed inspiration. Pages: 1 2

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Piggy Bun Pattern Amigurumi: Piggy Bun PatternSpecial thanks to my friend, Margaret Richard Mason, for designing this amigurumi piggy bun pattern after being inspired by one of my personal photos while dining in an Cantonese DimSum Restaurant. See her version, here.Difficulty Level: Easy, need some crochet/amigurumi experiences, must know how to crochet ch, sc, dc & slstFinished size: approx. 2 1/2″ (D) (light worsted yarn or baby yarn)Gauge: Not essential as long as the hook size matches the yarn weight for amigurumi.Materials & Tools: 1. Baby Soft Yarn, Lion Brand, White (for body), Melon Pink (for ears), and, Pink Lemonade or Creamsicle (for nose) 2. Crochet hook: 2.5mm, please refer to this tutorial on choosing the right hook size for the yarn on amigurumi 3. 6mm safety eyes, 1 pair 4. Poly-fill or light color stocking for stuffing 5.

DNA Scarf Pattern US 2 (2.75 mm) and US 4 (3.5 mm) Gauge: 12 stitches and 18 rows per 2 inches in seed stitch (see below), using larger needles Dimensions: Cabled region is ~23" long and ~6" wide, neck ribbing section is ~12" long (ribbing will be slightly narrower than the rest of the scarf) Seed stitch: On an even # of stitches: Row 1: k1, p1, repeat till the end Row 2: p1, k1, repeat till the end Right twist mini-cable, aka Classic Mock Cable: Row 1 (right side): K2 Rows 2 and 4 (wrong side): P2 Row 3: Knit the second stitch (leave the 1st stitch on the needle and work around it), then knit the first stitch, slip both stitches off the needle Left twist mini-cable, aka Tamerna Stitch: Row 1 (right side): K2 Rows 2 and 4 (wrong side): P2 Row 3: Knit the second stitch through the back loop (leave the 1st stitch on the needle and work around it), then knit the first stitch through the front loop, slip both stitches off the needle

Valentine Teddy After making the little fuzzy white bear with brushed fur, I wanted to make another teddy bear, but this time a bigger one using thick brown yarn that I had picked up. I took inspiration from Pepika's absolutely adorable bears with big fuzzy heads and limbs of a different colour. We did a very rough sketch of what the bear would look like and thought it would be sooo cute to give the big bear a tiny bowtie. I made up my own pattern for this bear and excitedly began… I started off by crocheting a big round head, placing 12 mm safety eyes, and then stuffing it. Free Crochet Patterns and Designs by LisaAuch: How to Crochet The Star Stitch and Crochet a Warm Cosy Blanket I came across a pattern for a baby blanket using the "star stitch" not only had I never heard of this crochet stitch before, but I had never tried it. SO I taught myself a new stitch. The star stitch is also known (as I have since found out and hence probably why I haven't hear of it before) the Margarite stitch, daisy stitch and star stitch. Very easy to pick up and not only makes a beautiful stitch and pattern, it is lovely to work, especially in nice thick Aran Yarn.

Happy Mom's Day Spa Slippers Free Pattern By AnnooCrochet Designs Adult Slippers Pattern By AnnooCrochet Designs You will Need: Crochet hook : 3.25mm Crochet Frog Child Hat If you tell others about my work, please only link back to my blog, but don't copy my patterns to your site. Also you can sell anything you make from my patterns, but don't sell the free pattern. Thank you! I love this crochet Frog hat pattern for my baby! She looked so cute wearing this crochet hat pattern. I wanted to make a crochet frog hat after seeing such adorable hats made online.

How To Amigurumi I heard friends and readers asking me how to do amigurumi, including patterns, materials, tools & tips etc…. you will find all the answers in this post: How-To Amigurumi!!! Frankly speaking, just like all other crafts, to make a decent looking amigurumi is not easy but it is not hard as you thought too. You need skill, skill comes from knowledge and practice…. and to success in crafting, you need patience and the “never-give-up” attitude – do it again and again until you are satisfied with the result. Amigurumi (編みぐるみ?, lit. crocheted or knitted stuffed toy) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. Free Hats Knitting Patterns Everyone loves a nice warm knit hat. A hat is a fun project that doesn't take a lot of yarn or time. Hat patterns can vary in their complexity, from simple beanies and toques, to complex lace slouches and cloches. In this directory of hat patterns, we have noted the complexity of the pattern from beginner knitter to advanced.

Bulbasaur Trio Here's the first of my Bulbasaur evolution series. Naturally, the first one up is Pokemon #1: Bulbasaur. One of my difficulties in making these patterns is that I had a lot of difficulties finding the proper shades for these guys, which is why he is the color he is. I couldn't wait though, since he is my favorite. One day, I hope to find the right color for him and I'll put new pictures, but for now, this will do.