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Middle School Ipad

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40 Most Awesome iPad Apps for Science Students. Posted on Wednesday June 15, 2011 by Staff Writers The iPad has found its way into hospitals, retail stores and homes across the nation, but it’s also making a big splash in the classroom, even with some of the best online colleges.

40 Most Awesome iPad Apps for Science Students

With a great selection of apps focused on everything from word processing to keeping in touch with classmates, the tablet computer can be an invaluable tool for learning — no matter your age. Online science students haven’t been left out, of course, and there are a wide range of applications offering help with chemistry, biology, astronomy and even the math that comes along with certain fields. If you’re a college student looking to supplement your science studies, these apps are some of the best for learning, sharing, researching and just plain having fun.

Chemistry Get beautiful photographs of the elements or explore what happens when you design your own molecules using these great iPad apps. Biology Astronomy Reference Tools Miscellaneous. Top 5 Free History Apps. With Apple’s App Store and the Android Market have come a world of curiosities for those who love their history.

Top 5 Free History Apps

Good free history apps have been a little slow in arriving on the scene, but finally there’s enough to justify a blog post counting down the top five. All five are available from Apple’s App Store and one is available from both the App Store and the Android Market. Best of all, they’re all free! 5. History: Maps of the World In at five is ‘History: Maps of the World’. Highlights include ‘France Under Louis XI’, ‘The South Pole 1894’, ‘Revolutionary Paris’ and ‘Wytfliet’s Map of the Southern Continent, 1597’. 4. Stepping things up a notch in the ‘scans of historical documents’ category is the British Library’s own ’19th Century Books’. Note that these are not OCR scans of the text but full, high-resolution facsimiles of beautiful books, complete with plates, scribbled dedications and various stamps on the fly papers. 3. 2. 1.

100 iPad Apps Perfect For Middle School. Middle School iPad Apps. Create and publish your own wikis and blogs.

Middle School iPad Apps

Use these web services to communicate and collaborate with your friends and coworkers. It's easy to edit this page and create new wikis. To edit this page, click the Log In (lock) button, log in as a wiki administrator and click the Edit (pencil) button. To create a new wiki, log in, then click the Add (+) button and choose New Wiki. iPad Apps. How do I get Apps to this device?

iPad Apps

Or If you are new to the mobile world, what is an App? App or an application is a program that can be installed on to the device. The app will have an icon associated with it. An app can be purchased through iTunes App Store on your computer or through the App Store app on the iPad (If you need to download iTunes, click here). An iTunes account/Apple ID will be needed to download apps. Science Apps. Cloud Browse - Use Flash and Java on iPhone and iPad. Cloud Browse Playing Flash Video on iPhone Only $2.99 for the basic app with 10 minutes browsing sessions.Runs on any iOS device, even iPhone 2G.Play games or use applications through Flash and Java plugins.Full video and audio support.Browse in complete security and privacy.Multi-tasking support on iOS 4.and more… What the Press is Saying “The Cloud Browse App works just about anywhere on the Web” USA Today “If you download a single app this week, I recommend Cloud Browse.”

Cloud Browse - Use Flash and Java on iPhone and iPad

App Chronicles “AlwaysOn Technologies rides to the rescue with an impressive solution” iPads in middle school: One parent’s positive experience. My daughter turned 13 this past summer and we just celebrated her Bat Mitzvah last month.

iPads in middle school: One parent’s positive experience

On her actual birthday, her Father and I gave her an iPad 2 to mark this milestone year (we don’t normally give huge birthday presents like that). A few weeks after 8th grade began in September, she asked if she could start bringing it to school. My first reaction was “hell to the no!” She kept asking. Middle School iPad Apps. iPad Curriculum. iPads in the middle school. iPads in Science - by Al Gonzalez.

Middle School Matters by Troy Patterson, Shawn McGirr. Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Co... Using the iPad with Middle School Students. How might students use the iPad?

Using the iPad with Middle School Students

The following reflections come from a middle school teacher in a blog post he made (after giving his iPad to some students and getting their input/opinion). In his previous post he was commenting about how the iPad had changed his life and wondered: So now I wonder, if this has really changed my game, how might it change the game for a student who is able to go through the school day with it?

One-to-one initiatives are popping up all over (finally), and the iPad may be one solution for students. An iPad is a consumption device more than a creation device (we still need laptops or desktops), but the types of input and resources available make it a real possibility for student use. So here is what he came up with after hearing the feedback from the students he gave the iPad to.

These are his first thoughts. So that is just a glimpse of what could be.