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Past to Present / DROPS 205-1 - Free knitting patterns by DROPS Design. INCREASE TIP-1 (evenly spaced): To work out how to increase evenly, count the total number of stitches on the needle (e.g. 58 stitches) and divide by the number of increases to be made (e.g. 10) = 5.8.

Past to Present / DROPS 205-1 - Free knitting patterns by DROPS Design

In this example, increase by making 1 yarn over after approx. each 6th stitch. On the next round knit the yarn overs twisted to avoid holes. INCREASE TIP-2 (for mid front/back + shoulders): Work to the stitch with the marker, make 1 yarn over, knit 1 (marker in this stitch), 1 yarn over. Then work the new stitches in stockinette stitch (= holes). Increase a total of 8 stitches on each increase-round. DECREASE TIP-1 (for sides of body and sleeves): Work until there are 2 stitches left before the stitch with the marker, knit 2 together, knit 1 (marker in this stitch), slip 1 stitch as if to knit, knit 1 and pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch. From my Angle / DROPS 172-24 - Free knitting patterns by DROPS Design.

GARTER ST (worked in the round): 1 ridge = 2 rounds. * K 1 round and P 1 round *, repeat from *-*.

From my Angle / DROPS 172-24 - Free knitting patterns by DROPS Design

PATTERN: See diagrams A.1 to A.4. Pattern is worked in stockinette st. The diagrams show all rows in pattern seen from RS. NOTE: When diagram is worked back and forth, work as follows: If the strand to be worked with is in the wrong side of piece, move sts back and work 2 rows from the same side or cut the yarn if needed.


Purlsoho. Our Classic Knit Jacket embraces the Japanese aesthetic principle of kanso. Kanso is the idea that a sense of grace and calm emerges from designs that are pared down to their most basic forms. To keep our Jacket simple, we knit up a timeless silhouette in smooth stockinette stitch. Our no-fuss approach highlights the unique beauty of Purl Soho’s Lanecardate Feltro, a super cozy and sturdy blend of superfine wool and angora. Knit from the top down with set-in sleeves, we also kept our Classic Knit Jacket’s construction as easy as can be.

Simple, elegant, and refined… Kanso! Materials Gauge 10 stitches and 14 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch. Purlsoho.

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Maybe someday. Crochet. Blankets. Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf in Lanecardate Feltro. Several eons ago Joelle designed her Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf, still one of the most popular projects from our archives.

Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf in Lanecardate Feltro

It struck me then and it strikes me today as a beautiful and modern use of knitted lace. This new version follows the same basic pattern as the original, but this time we used Purl Soho’s Lanecardate Feltro, a thoroughly sumptuous wool-angora blend. And at a big 2 1/2 stitches to the inch, the lace pattern is oversized and fresh, the scarf is warm and toasty, and the knitting is fun and quick! All these years later, our Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf still resonates with originality and beauty.

In bold Lanecardate Feltro, it’s a true classic! Yo (yarn over): Review this technique with our Yarn Over Tutorial. Sl1, k2tog, psso: Slip 1 stitch purlwise, knit 2 stitches together, pass the slipped stitch over the k2tog and off the needle. Knitting Daily TV: Tubular Cast-On. Punto entrelac, dominó o ajedrez (Parte 3: segunda ronda de cuadrados) Creative Knitting BlogCreative Knitting Blog. Tabla de medidas para saquitos y vestidos 2! (para bebés y niños)

DROPS jumper in “Muskat” with short sleeves. Size S - XXXL. DROPS MUSKAT UNI COLOUR (50g) 4.25 USD DROPS 152-155 are now available in the stores for $2 per catalog – no yarn purchase required!

DROPS jumper in “Muskat” with short sleeves. Size S - XXXL

The catalogs are printed in a limited edition, so visit your local DROPS store today! Find the DROPS Spring & Summer 2014 Collection here! The DROPS knitting and crochet experts are also working full time making new tutorial videos for this new collection! The videos show how to work the techniques used on the patterns.

Sewing on Double Fold Binding. Binding is the crucial last step in making a quilt.

Sewing on Double Fold Binding

It not only ensures that the edges of your quilt are protected, it also refines your quilt with a neat and tidy finish. Double Fold Binding is a traditional technique for finishing quilts and is one of our favorites. Its two layers of fabric make this binding wonderfully durable, and its mitered corners make it refined and simple. In this tutorial we show you all the steps for sewing your double fold binding onto your quilt. (If you’d like to learn how to make the binding itself, please check out our Making Double Fold Binding tutorial!) Sew to the Front Trim each end of the binding strip at a 90-degree angle. Lay the quilt right side up. Trinity Hospice Charity Shop - Victoria. First to Review I went here twice.

Trinity Hospice Charity Shop - Victoria

The second time was immediately after the first because I'd dropped my mitten and had to go back and fetch it. This charity shop has got a unique characteristic that may be of interest to some people, but it hammered no nails for me. About 1/4 of this shop is chock full of yarn. Perhaps people buy it for knitting, but I'm inclined to think the the workers at this shop like to twine themselves into different colored balls and run around the streets saying "boo! " Besides yarn, there are the usual charity shop staples - clothes, shoes, house goods and cheap (in both senses of the word) jewelery.

Kaisou. Knit & Purl Stitches. Laine et Tricot : Boutique de vente en ligne de laine à tricoter, catalogues et accessoires tricot. Knits and Crafts: Mystic Forest shawl pattern. Inspired by nature itself, with its mysterious tree leaves and unknown undergrowth plants of a dark green forest, this lace shawl is just waiting to be knitted and become the best companion for chilly summer nights.

Knits and Crafts: Mystic Forest shawl pattern

The shawl consists of the main section and the lace edging that is knitted onto the centre part using circular needles. Digitalnabi. The culmination of Design Series, Nancy & Judy emerge as a shawlette of sisters.


Stitch patterns from Barbara Walker’s Treasuries inspired and transformed into alternating sister sections of a shawl. Both made from the same essential twisted stitches but expressed quite differently. Judy is straight arrow, clean crisscrossed lines over a field of simple stockinette. Nancy is the wild child, open and free. Follow the journey from inspiration to published pattern: Nancy & Judy. StellaLuna. There are two things that I do not really enjoy in lace knitting: sewing on a lace edge and casting off a million stitches at the bottom of a triangular shawl.


StellaLuna was designed in response to those feelings. The knitting starts at the bottom of the shawl and the piece decreases as it goes. Yes, it is true that you will have to cast on a million stitches (249 to be precise), but at the end you knit 3 together and you are done!

QUICK KNITTING PATTERNS. Baby knitting patterns available in Quick Knit, Double Knitting Pattern Type: 2/3 ply/Quick Knit.


Zig Zag Lace - knit lace pattern quite suitable for edges of pillow slips, towels or scarf ends. Free Knitting and Crochet  Patterns from Crystal Palace Yarns. With Crystal Palace Yarns retirement we are no longer keeping the several hundred free knitting patterns on the web site. But, the Wayback Machine at has the history of Straw Into Gold's web site back to its beginnings in 1995! Fill in the blank at the top of the archive with "" and choose a year from 2015 and earlier from the calendars.

Patterns. Toscana shearling trapper hat - scarves, hats & gloves - Women's accessories. Set consists of: Crochet DROPS hat and mittens in ”Eskimo” or “Andes” with flower in “Karisma” DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.60 USD DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) 4.15 USD DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) 4.50 USD DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) 4.50 USD DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) 4.50 USD DROPS ANDES UNI COLOUR (100g) DROPS Alpaca Party! / 25% OFF! 7.95 USD 5.95 USD DROPS ANDES MIX (100g) DROPS Alpaca Party! / 25% OFF! 7.95 USD 5.95 USD Our designers have traveled south for the photoshoot of DROPS Spring and Summer 2014 - with more than 200 new designs in the suitcase! Remember to share pictures of your Christmas projects with us all on Facebook and Instagram. Did you know that our skilled, international knitting and crochet experts follow up on all patterns with useful instructional videos and are constantly developing new ones specially tailored for each pattern?

Catherine hirst contemporary crafts. Free Knitted Sweater Patterns. Tutorial: Reading your lace knitting 1: Horseshoe Lace. This is my first tutorial. I decided to do this after someone on Ravelry got in touch to ask for some help with the Swallowtail Shawl, after seeing my completed one. I advised her to learn how to read her knitting, and then realized that I couldn’t find a single tutorial on it. One of the most useful things I ever learned to do was read my knitting, and I pretty much figured it out by accident. I’m sure a lot of people do. Grandma Twinkle Tutorial. Grandma Twinklewatching so near,you are my treasuremy comforting dear...I miss you at Christmasmost of all,but that's when your lightshines brightest of all... As I can imagine there would be a lot of tutorialsand ways of makingChristmas Stars...This is just the way I do mine There is a edit at the end of the tutorial with a link...I use 8 ply wool and 3.5 crochet hookStandard Australian terms used...Conversion for our Americanfriends in brackets...(...)...

Fall 2007. Lacy Yoke Blouse. Over-the-Top Top. Up the back, over the top and down the front… That’s how I knit my very first garment. I’ve since graduated to more complicated designs, but the over-the-top construction will forever be in my knitting arsenal (see Cap Sleeve Lattice Top, Cable Back Shell, and Bamboo Shell). Classic Knit Jacket. Our Classic Knit Jacket embraces the Japanese aesthetic principle of kanso. DROPS 100-28 - DROPS short top with stripes and raglan sleeve in “Vivaldi” and “Alpaca”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design.

Choose your language: Free Knitted Sweater Patterns. Lumberjack Sweater. Printer-friendly version Send by email. Shoulder Lace. Faux Woven Cowl – The Warmest in the World! – Free Knitting Pattern and Instructions at Hands Occupied. I knitted up a version of this cowl in dijon mustard yellow for my husband for Christmas this year, and he loves it so much! Design Page. Chatain Sport Angora Blouse Pattern. Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version Size 14. Soft Baby Alpaca coloris Rozé Royale - 500 meter/cone. Tiny Stripes Hat. Our Tiny Stripes Hat alternates between our classic Line Weight merino and our brand new Linen Quill. A toothsome blend of fine highland wool, alpaca, and linen, Linen Quill’s earthy vigor plays the perfect foil to Line Weight’s downy softness. Two yarns that reside at opposite ends of town meet in the middle for an luminous conversation!

A simple pared-down design allows this hat to take center stage, but other little decisions also add to our Hats’ beauty. Its delicate rolled edge is soft and pretty, and crisp Centered Double Decreases make a nice detail at the crown. It’s also a great decrease to know, if you don’t already, and we clearly explain it in our new s2kp video tutorial!