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POP!! blanket tutorial. MMMmmmm polka dots on the brain!

POP!! blanket tutorial

Do you want to join along with me and knit yourself a POP blanket? Did you download the pattern only to find that it is gibberish to you? Are you are getting ready to send me a nasty email about how you don’t know any of the techniques required? Please don’t send me that nasty email. Or do if you like! Because the squares are all made the same way, you can use weight of yarn (and needles to correspond), and your squares will all turn out the same size. Effortless Cherry Wine Afghan. Grandma's Favorite Holiday Afghan. There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service").

Grandma's Favorite Holiday Afghan

As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. Any individual or entity that wants to use the Service must accept the terms of this Agreement without change. 1) Eligibility. 2) Definitions. 3) License Grant for Materials. Ma première couverture Rice Seed Blanket by Lalylala. Free Afghans & Blankets Knitting Patterns. Knit Mermaid Tail Blanket For All Beginner/Intermediate.

Free Afghans & Blankets Knitting Patterns

When I made a tessellated fish afghan, I wanted to find a way to join the pieces together that was prettier than a whip stitch. I settled on this f… Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Cozy Nook Throw (Knit) Sand Drift Blanket. Modern and minimal, earthy and sumptuous, our Sand Drift Blanket spans all six shades of our new undyed organic cotton and alpaca Sweetgrass yarn.

Sand Drift Blanket

It may look like seed stitch, but you actually make this blanket without the trouble of purling (yup!). Holding two strands of yarn, you just work a very simple slip stitch pattern, alternating colors every third row. Doubled yarn and a super-tactile texture, the warm landscape of the Sand Drift Blanket has an incredibly satisfying weight and heft.

Plus, the full tour of the Sweetgrass spectrum lends a barefoot-on-the-beach kind of pleasure. We love the study in nature, the celebration of subtlety, and the beauty of undyed fiber! Designed for Purl Soho by Jake Canton. Materials. Rainbow Knit Blanket pattern with an YouTube video too! Reliquary Arts: Corrupting the Common Craft: New Knitting Pattern: One Skein Shoe Rug. This is a fairly simple pattern with enough variation to keep it interesting.

Reliquary Arts: Corrupting the Common Craft: New Knitting Pattern: One Skein Shoe Rug

It’s also a great stash busting project, especially for that extra skein of cheap bulk yarn. DETAILS:* It is a charted pattern. For those of you who aren’t fans of charts, I tried to make it as easy as possible to read (even color-coding the different sections so it won’t be necessary to follow the chart stitch-by-stitch).* It is only available as a PDF download.

Finally, it's finished! This pattern was actually pretty fun to write up. And, while I was at it, I went ahead and converted the other patterns Lyzard and I have posted into PDFs as well. Colorful Corner Blanket. Plaid Baby Blanket. I find that baby blankets make perfect gifts for baby showers, especially if parents are trying to make every effort to not tell you who they’re expecting.

Plaid Baby Blanket

Although blankets are a bit tedious to make (I mean, you’re knitting a 3×3 feet piece of fabric rather than whipping up 2-inch little booties), I can’t think of a more versatile gift for a newborn. So here is another blanket for you to consider – I made it for my friends’ baby boy. Yarn and Needles You will need 3 different colors of yarn. I picked brown as the main color and green and yellow as matching colors for the stripes. 3 skeins of brown (taupe) – 85g/3oz each1 skein each of yellow (beige) and green (jade) – 85g/3oz eachNeedles US size 6 (you can buy these here) You will end up with a little bit of leftover yarn of every color, enough for smaller projects like baby booties or a baby hat. Aubrey Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern. This baby blanket would be a great hand-made shower gift for a mom-to-be and her bundle of joy.

Aubrey Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

The Aubrey Baby Blanket is a pleasure to knit and is sure to be treasured for years to come. The pattern is simple and reversible, and the broken rib stitch creates a great texture with lots of dimension and visual interest. Every baby and mom will love the Aubrey Baby Blanket – adorable and endlessly-useful, it is the perfect gift to give or receive. Dakota Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern. Double Knit Blanket. Our Double Knit Blanket is, indeed, double knit!

Double Knit Blanket

Double knitting is a simple way to create two layers of stockinette fabric at once by slipping every other stitch as you alternate yarn colors each row. The result? One yarn on one side and another on the other… Needle magic! What’s more, we took a page from the quilting books and threw in tiny tacks (created while you knit!) , critical little details that truly set this blanket apart. One of the opportunities our Double Knit Blanket gives us is to explore our favorite stew: the one where we throw rustic and refined into the very same pot.

Une couverture à la manière de Vasarely. Quand une copine m’annonce sa grossesse, je me réjouis désormais à l’idée de réaliser la couverture que je pourrais offrir à son nouveau-né, pour peu que la maman apprécie le fait-main, évidemment !

Une couverture à la manière de Vasarely

(parce que concrètement, dans le commerce, tu peux trouver 5 fois meilleur marché C’est devenu une petite habitude qui a beaucoup d’intérêt à mes yeux. Si en effet je prends beaucoup de plaisir à me lancer dans des projets longs, nouveaux, reproduits ou imaginés, j’apprécie énormément tous ces moments passés à oeuvrer pour ce petit être pour qui j’ai, pour chaque maille montée, des semaines durant, une petite pensée ! Hudson’s Bay Inspired Crib Blanket. We love the Hudson’s Bay Blanket for its classic simplicity and beauty.

Hudson’s Bay Inspired Crib Blanket

And maybe more, we love the underlying belief that, even in the midst of the great Canadian wilderness with its arduous cold and haunting vastness, the Hudson’s Bay Blanket will protect us. Originally, the Hudson’s Bay Blanket’s lightweight warmth and insulation made it common barter for Native American goods, like beaver pelts, buffalo robes and moccasins. But in the last three hundred years the Hudson Bay Blanket has come a long way. Now it is practically a national symbol to many Canadians, and to the rest of the world, an unmistakable design icon.

I love the idea of a handknit version, borrowing the iconography of the original and lending it a little homemade twist! For this special project we turned to Anzula’s absolutely gorgeous For Better or Worsted. How To Knit Scarf/Blankets using This Beautiful Lacy Pattern - 4 RIGHTIES. How to Knit SEA FOAM WAVE DROP Stitch Pattern. Knitterati Afghan - patterns. Slip Stitch Knitting #2: Diamond Honeycomb. Stained Glass Afghan. Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket. Our Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket embraces the simplicity of garter stitch and throws in the diversion of simple short rows. Mitered Squares Throw With a Fabric Lining. This is one of my favorite projects ever. This pattern has been around for a while and I was late to the game on it. It is the Mitered Crosses Blanket that Kay Gardiner made for Japan tsunami relief a couple of years ago. There are over 900 project pages for it on Ravelry. Простой узор спицами. Purple Love / DROPS 167-40 - Kötött DROPS takaró lustakötéssel és négyzetekkel "Fabel" és "Delight" fonalból. - Ingyenesen elérheto minta a DROPS Designtól.

Lustakötés oda-vissza. Minden sorban sima szemekkel kötünk. 1 borda= 2 sima szemekkel kötött sor. Rectangular Colorblock Bias Blanket. It’s become clear over the past year that for some of you bigger IS better! Wanting, requesting, longing for more to knit… How could we not honor that? And so, I am thrilled to introduce the Rectangular Colorblock Bias Blanket: our beloved square Colorblock Bias Blanket stretched and extended into an adult-size rectangle! Four of Purl Soho’s own yarns went into this texture-rich blanket: Alpaca Pure, Worsted Twist, plus Flax Down and Line Weight combined to add a playful marled stripe to its neighboring fields of crisp colors and subtle heathers. Pick up all these yarns together with our Rectangular Colorblock Bias Blanket Bundle, available in three classic palettes: this cool Blue, sweet Pink and warm Yellow. I can’t claim this one is better than the original, but it’s at least equal and certainly bigger! Update. Henry's Baby Blanket. Anonyknits: Seaming: Better Than You Remembered.

So, y'all know I've been on this mission to end all seaming. I had utter faith that my path was the righteous one. Optic Blanket. Knitting a large blanket can be like climbing a mountain: some preparation, a lot of hard work, and at the very end, a tremendous sense of pride, accomplishment, and beauty! Our Optic Blanket makes the climb as rewarding as the summit. You cleverly work each square in the round from the periphery inward, decreasing with simple central double decreases. And to begin each square, you pick up stitches along adjacent squares, saving you from the dreaded task of sewing everything together at the end!

WEB Caron OnePound K LumberjackKnitBlanket. WEB C SS K CabledCubedThrow. WEB Bernat Blanket K AngledEyeletsBlanket En. Festive Fish pattern by Paula Levy. Warm Hug - Knitted DROPS blanket with squares in different structured patterns in ”Nepal”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design. PATTERN: See diagram M.1 to M.4. Diagram shows the pattern from RS. GARTER ST (back and forth on needle): K all rows. Creative Knitting with Barb. Easy Breezy Afghan - JoAnn. Beautyberry Blanket. On the cusp of our first frost, it couldn’t be a better time to introduce our newest yarn, big and cozy Gentle Giant, and with it, this cuddly Beautyberry Blanket! Mosaic Blanket. What a joy it is to discover those moments in knitting when something seemingly intricate turns out to be very easy! Those are the moments that knitting legend Barbara Walker strove to find as she first learned how to knit. Finding color work’s bobbins and multiple strands of yarn cumbersome, she developed a slip-stitch technique she called “Mosaic Knitting,” a clever way to create elaborate, colorful patterns using only basic stitches (knit, slip and occasionally purl).

Soon, she was staying up late into the night inventing hundreds of original mosaic motifs, guided solely by her imagination. With a motif from Walker’s Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, we created our Mosaic Blanket, made in Purl Soho’s incredibly soft Alpaca Pure in vibrant, almost glowing Super Pink, and anchored by the sturdy smoothness of Worsted Twist in creamy Heirloom White. Materials Here are four palette ideas, including the one knit up here! WEB-Patons-Canadiana-IrishLaceAfghan-ENG.pdf.

P00506. P00090. P00153. WEB-Bernat-Blanket-K-HorseshoeCableBlanket-En.pdf. Простой узор спицами. Waffle Blanket pattern by Alexis Layton. Reyna pattern by Noora Laivola. LacyChunkyThrow. Patons_Astra500927_02_kn_blanketpillow.en_US.pdf. Ten Stitch Blanket pattern by Frankie Brown. P00400. Bernat_SatinSport003_kn_blanket.en_US.pdf.